Japa Ireland: Toxic spirituality involving sexual-assault, “my breasts were massaged”.

Here is the testimony of an ex-Japa Ireland member:

Japa Ireland promise a happier life through “meditation, spirituality, personal-growth [and] philosophy”.

You are in a small meditation group somewhere in Ireland. It’s a two hour window for yourself a week, prayer & singing and you get a sense of peace and wellness afterwards. The people are friendly, kind and you build friendships over a cup of tea afterwards. However, this is where you get sucked in.

Then you’re told you must advance yourself. That means attending every Sunday night. All the therapists and meditation leaders push you to visit the big group in Kildare. Then you are pushed to do multiple courses and they encourage a trip to India that can change your life.

It’s an investment in your spiritual growth.

What does a man who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing mean?

The phrase comes from Oscar Wilde.

To be so materialistic that one is unable to gauge or recognize something’s true value.

This quote was used by Dennis Curran to give the impression that he was very spiritual and the followers materialistic. In fact, he was grooming people to hand over the loot.

The Japa Ireland itinerary for the recent tour which departed Friday 14th April 2023

You have to meditate and recite a mantra for many hours a day and read and study. Your life becomes consumed with this. You are asked in the group session how many hours you have done and shamed if you’re not putting in the hours. They claim they have magical powers, can see your aura and that they can see that you are having a negative effect on the group.

They then manipulate you to believe the master is suffering by taking all the negative energy on himself. He is a Christ figure who takes the sins on himself… He takes all the negative energy from others is what you are told. In reality you are being brainwashed.

They play everyone against each other, teachers played against each other. Who has the biggest group had the biggest energy. Then the teachers became Masters by this sordid manipulation. Imagine masters of spirituality? Is that possible?

Can you get a certificate to make your soul more advanced then others? Where is God in all this?

No you can’t and God is not in this at all.


People started to open up in these courses about personal struggles and family secrets. However, a lot of the time their personal information was repeated back to them and used as a control mechanism to influence them.

There were major boundary issues as your personal and confidential information was shared and you were shamed publicly.

They used it to shame you when you questioned them. You were seen as disobedient in having your own opinions.

They wanted you to only be connected to them so they tried to break your contacts outside Japa by calling them all toxic and they polluted your energy.

It was all about energy – negative and positive. If you failed in what they wanted you to do then your mind and your behaviour was negative. They took your vulnerabilities and they used them to fill you with fear and the only protection from those toxic people outside Japa who polluted your energy was to stay connected to them.

I was asked to stand up in front of a large group where I was criticised and belittled for going through a difficult time in my life.

They literally used my vulnerability to shame me. You know in your heart this is all wrong but you are so humiliated you can’t think straight.

Your spirit is completely destroyed. You are looking around at 100 others just mesmerised and incapable of action.

No one says Stop! 

So you question yourself not the big bully in the room calling themselves a Master.

However, you were told when you joined this type of meditation it would change your life and give you all you ever wanted. It didn’t. It destroyed people until they couldn’t think for themselves any more and it broke up families. Couples broke up and children lost their parents. Some families lost their savings, homes and security. Then people became more vulnerable and more susceptible to control.

This is an open-night for anyone interested in learning about meditation, spirituality, personal-growth and a philosophy that can help you live a happier life” – Dennis Curran

There were also personal “healings” that you attended and readings on how to live your life. The personal “healings” consisted of a tongue being put into your mouth and an intimate massage to release your energy.

I was told the energy in my chest – the heart chakra – was blocked and that I needed release or healing which meant my breasts needed to be massaged as part of the healing. I find it very strange that the energy in any other part of my body, like say my feet, were perfectly balanced. LOL

Shashi Dubey claimed to have a qualification in “sexual healing”.

This was not the case, he was just using mystical manipulation to abuse women – period.

Dennis Curran and other male teachers picked up the tricks of the trade from Dubey and they basically groomed women to relieve themselves sexually under the guise of spirituality and healing.. sickos.

Shashi Dubey’s collage on LinkedIn featuring himself reading a yoga-journal and Sathya Sai Baba who was accused of “sexual abuse, money laundering [and] fraud“.

They said if a person had been sexually abused as a child that the sexual acts would heal them. But in fact it just caused me more pain and trauma. I never once heard of a man receiving this healing from any of these so called “masters”. I have heard from other women receiving these “healings” in India but also here in Ireland. Usually this occurred in their bedroom in India as part of the trip, or at one of the sessions held at the group-centres in Ireland – always when they were unsuspecting.

They had put so much fear in me that I was told if I didn’t allow the “healings” they couldn’t help me any more and that I didn’t trust my “Master”.

“Do you trust me?” would have been said before the healing started. Afterwords you just felt dirty and you know in your heart it was all so so wrong. But you are so frightened you just succumb. 

Looking back now, I cannot understand why I was so frightened of them, and about my future, and why I stood frozen in front of them during that healing.

Was this just a complete breach of my boundaries and evil? It was intimidation and in fact a most serious crime!

So what do I need to do?

I need to go to make a report to the Gardai. I need to make sure to bring someone to support me and find a Gardai station where I am not known to them, or go to the Sexual Assault Unit.

If I was Dennis Curran I would not be “sleeping well”. There are a lot of women who are getting their act together.

I am a very well educated woman and I am respected at my work place. You can come from a very well-educated family, but intelligence does not protect you from abuse. Most cult victims are highly educated and accomplished.

At first I thought I was stupid for tolerating this abuse, but I realised it was not my intelligence but that this sordid abuser had manipulated me. The problem was his alone.

For years I questioned how I could have been so stupid?

I am trying to get my life back together. I am now very angry but waiting to see these evil men brought to justice.

I hope other ex-members of Japa do what I have done and share their stories here. I hope others come forward and report these criminal activities, both to the Gardai and here on this website, in an act of rising up against this evil group called Japa.

So that’s why I have written this piece.

What should I do if I have been sexually assaulted, bullied, financially scammed or brought under undue influence in Japa?“, 21st March 2018

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