The Buddhist organisations that are thriving during the debt crisis by Mary Finnigan in The Guardian

In times of financial hardship, meditators are still willing to pay large fees to hear the teachings of high-profile Buddhists

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Introduction to ‘Going For Refuge’ BBC (East) by DI Buddhist consultant

This video, ‘Going For Refuge’ was made by BBC (East) and  broadcast in the Eastern region of the UK on 12 November 1992, as part of BBC East’s ‘Matter of Fact’ series. It is about a controversial organisation formerly known as The Friends of the Western Buddhist Order (FWBO), which was renamed in 2010 as the Triratna Buddhist Community (TBC). Its leader is Dennis Lingwood, known as Sangharakshita. FWBO/TBC was founded in London in 1967, but now has centres in many parts of the world, including The Dublin Buddhist Centre. Continue reading

FWBO commentary by BBC. Insight into their ways!

Analysis of Criticisms Levelled at the Friends of the Western Buddhist

Order, with Particular Reference to Claims Made in Relation to

Activities at the FWBO’s Dublin Buddhist Centre
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The Dublin Buddhist Centre revisited

Dublin Buddhist Centre

The DUBLIN BUDDHIST CENTRE, or as it was formerly known THE DUBLIN MEDITATION CENTRE, is a part of the “The Friends of the Western Buddhist Order,” who are usually known as the FWBO. Some friends and family members of current and ex-members of the FWBO have compiled the following report. Dialogue Ireland as is its practice publishes the web sites of both sides of this debate. Continue reading

Dr. Eileen Barker Correspondence (1)

Dear Eileen,

I know you are at DCU tonight Monday, 2nd November, 1830 (Q303): Professor Eileen Barker (London School of Economics)
Evil Cults and/or New Religious Movements? An up-to-date appraisal by an objective, value-free LSE sociologist

and are going to Canada for Academy of Religion meetings so might not get back back to me for a while.

I had planned to write to you to brief you concerning Dialogue Ireland’s exclusion from the Maynooth conference. As Ireland’s only centre for the study of NRMs I was appalled by the fact we were not invited to be part of this conference but was aware of the reasons from a very early stage. However, following the intervention by Michael Farrell during your talk last Saturday at the very end of the Conference felt I needed to to write to you with my reflections concerning our relationship  which goes back nearly thirty years. I would like to host this discussion on our blog. I would like to follow up this mail with one’s on a number of topics I have to alluded on our blog where people who were at the conference can leave their comments. Also articles will be posted.

Issues to be addressed not in any order: Continue reading

Interdisciplinary Conference on Alternative Spiritualities, the New Age & NRMs

Interdisciplinary conference on alternative spiritualities, the New Age and new religious movements in Ireland:               Maynooth, 30 – 31st Oct 2009

Dialogue Ireland is going to facilitate ongoing commentary on the two day event.

The reason for this is that the Maynooth event will be the end and the organisers have made this clear:

“This website will be kept updated until the conference, but not subsequently.” Continue reading

The material associated with the Dublin Buddhist Centre is on the Dialogue Ireland web site.

You will be able to evaluate Laurence Cox’s views as you look at his views in light of this material. Continue reading

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