Bhagwan Rajneesh though dead has come back to life through Netflix movie Wild Wild Country

Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh


In light of the series on Rajneesh on the Netflix movie ‘Wild Wild Country,’ we are providing some background on this controversial figure.

Since the late seventies, I had become familiar with Rajneesh through the research of Dr. Johannes Aagaard a Profesor at the University at the Dialogue Centre in Aarhus Denmark. He and some members visited Pune, India and made some recordings there. I always remember they reported that over the door of the Ashram was the sign, “Leave your mind at the door.” Over the years we had a number of requests for help as the new spirituality seemed to be a total break with the members background. My last memory is of a call from the Department of Foreign Affairs concerning Bhagavan’s request for asylum in Ireland. It is clear that everyone would like to regard Rajneesh as the holy innocent and blame Sheela for all the criminal activity. It is clear that this group descended into criminality and that Rajneesh himself wanted to be at the heart of the personality cult along with all his Rolls Royces.

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