Terrifying Freedom, a novel by Linda Smith


Sometimes you need a novel to break through the cultist mental manipulation?

Linda Smith wrote recently,

I just read an article on your webpage regarding Catholic Lay Movements with cultist attributes. Some former members of these movements questioned why some bishops are so slow to take seriously their concerns about these organizations.

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MDM’s doomsday site closes down – after Mail On Sunday name those involved By Michael O’Farrell


Michael O’Farrell Investigations Editor.

You can follow Michael O’Farrell’s work by going to: www.newsscoops.org

Read the pdf of the article here:

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“MDM” closes shop; walks away from ‘vision’ business

by Mark Saseen, 30 March 2015

Author of “The Outing of Mary Carberry”


Step by step the four-year-old vision empire known as “Maria Divine Mercy” is crumbling. On March 27, one week after closing her website TheWarningSecondComing, the anonymous seer closed her companion Facebook page that served the visionary’s world community.

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Maria Divine Mercy: HOLY MARY’S PR PROBLEM Phoenix, February 2015y

001px Cover.inddhttps://midwaystreet.wordpress.com

Mary photo 2

Mary McGovern or is it Mary Carberry?

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Stephen Fry and Joe Duffy’s RTE Liveline goes dead last week.

2014-10-27Christina Airport1

It all started with Stephen Fry and his rant about a God he hates and who does not exist. Then Joe began to talk about Maria Divine Mercy and asked people to call in to his show to let him know who she was. This was bizarre for his colleague on The Mail on Sunday, Michael O’Farrell had scientifically proved beyond a reasonable doubt who this woman was. He then proceeded to go down the road of bringing Joe Coleman into the equation. Yes the guy who was involved with staring into the sun in Knock

Now the afternoon was moving into Ray D’Arcy’s return and still we did not know who Maria Divine Mercy was? Also we had the evidence as the blog Midway had all the information needed and Michael O’Farrell could have put Joe and his listeners out of their misery. Still no revelation.. Continue reading

Give me all of the newspapers says Maria Divine Mercy, Mary Carberry or is it Mary McGovern?

MonS 8215 2

By Michael O’Farrell February 8, 2015 Ireland on Sunday

Pdfs of the article:

Irish Mail on Sunday 2

Inside 2-1

The story this
woman doesn’t
want you to read:
PR guru linked
to Maria Divine
Mercy buys up
hundreds of Irish
Mail on Sundays
after we expose
doomsday sect

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