Sarah Horgan has a sure grasp of cultism. Here she starts with a general preview of the issues in discussion with Mike Garde, Director of Dialogue Ireland.


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Dedicated to challenge cults

Mike Garde, Director of Dialogue Ireland, has devoted his life to tackling cults in Ireland by Sarah Horgan – The Echo.

A GLOUNTHAUNE man who dedicated his life to helping families torn apart by cults has warned of a guru type figure advertising his services in Ireland.

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Arthur Whyte minus doctor will make further attempts to heal your wallet and lodge for free in your head.

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Knowing how much Mr. Whyte realises he is breaking up marriages and creating a car crash in a lot of peoples heads, he persists in draining his smaller and smaller group of members of human and material resources. He seems to have learnt from his master Tony Quinn to use other peoples money – OPM Continue reading

Arthur Whyte rejects mediation meeting in a monastery to discuss his ‘healing?’

Arthur WhyteArthur as he was  a few years ago.

I phoned Arthur last night but it went to voicemail. I noticed that he was on Whatsapp. I tried again and he answered. He asked who was ringing and I said Mike Garde, the Director of Dialogue Ireland. He was hesitant, but stayed with it. I said I would like to meet him at a monastery. He seemed to want to seek space to get his thoughts together. I said I wanted to address with him issues connected to undue influence. He suddenly asked for time. I felt like he wanted to make a confession.
I said no problem and asked him to phone me back at 12 noon tomorrow.
He was very gentle and not at all defensive or like a cult leader. He seemed ready to engage. I said if we met he would be granted total confidentiality. We would agree on the text of a statement. If he walked away I said I would be free to publish this. He asked me for my phone number which I gave.

Now Arthur looks very worn out and is dealing with the memories of events like being on a bus which was blown up. Is he now a bombed out healer. Having started out as an ethical healer he has learnt from the master Tony Quinn who taught his disciples to UOPM Use Other Peoples Money.  His seminars now seem to be taken out of the Tony Quinn play book.

No call came at noon so I sent him two texts:
Whatsapp text: Just checking whether you are going to keep your word about phoning me at midday. More to follow…

Further to my call, here is my number again in case you wish to keep to your word to call me at midday today. Mike Garde, Director, Dialogue Ireland Trust.😁

As one former member wrote:
I didn’t think he would meet you as that would mean facing things which he doesn’t want to, but was hoping he would have.
My reply:
You summed it up well. What I thought was genuine turned out to be a rabbit caught in the lights
As you can see he has gone missing. He has removed voice mail. Will move to publish.

He phoned me for a second and then he can claim he tried to call back. Sorry Arthur that won’t wash.

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Japa Yoga: Fergal Cusack claims to have interviewed 200 women about sexual abuse and worked with about 10,000 clients. This video was made while driving a car.


There was significant action in regard to bringing Dennis Curran and Shashi Dubey to account.


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A counsellor speaks out and warns of the serious damage being done by Arthur Whyte

We are happy to publish a post based on a comment by a therapist who is trying to help a number of those under the influence of  Arthur Whyte.

Arthur Whyte if you are reading this; although we have never met I would ask that you STOP what you are doing STOP and pause be true to your gift of healing and cease this business/cult before more damage is caused which could lead to detrimental circumstances arising as some individuals may not have the mental capability or strength to seek help.

There is a lot of hurt. Families where a husband or wife and mother have gone missing emotionally, intellectualy and spiritually. Arthur Whyte has learnt the tricks of the trade from his old Guru Tony Quinn. He is about to implode and as he does he is taking his last disciples down with him. They are getting more fanatical as this day approaches.  You might think that nothing is happening but realise that people are learning how to recover their strength. Some have turned day into night and think they can get away with taking peoples cash and treating their family like dirt. We are training for a marathon as Arthur has so removed the critical faculties of his disciples who actually believe every word he utters. However, the family and its internal  love dynamic will succeed against the manipuation and cash sewer many have fallen into.

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Celebrity Brazilian healer ‘John of God,’ once featured by Oprah, surrenders on sexual abuse charges

        Denial is the name of the game?

What is the relevance of this post for Irish readers? First of all many people suffering from cancer having no hope in a medical intervention went to “John of God” for help. However, the type of sexual assault described here is going on here in Ireland and we have for over a year is trying to bring this to the surface. It is compounded by the fact that many who were involved were teachers and therapists who allowed themselves to buy in the transcendent trickery. They are hoping that the women who were affected will not go to the Gardai as they have suggested to them as if they do they themselves will have to answer simple questions. Why did you encourage this or that woman to go when you knew for many years these things were going on? Some got away with minor damage but some have very serious trauma. It sometimes is a very long wait but we will see the truth surface. Watch this space!

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