A course in Miracles with a little bit of grooming thrown in

CULT FOLLOWING Irish spiritual guru on sex charges in Ibiza said he heals cancer with sex and is ‘St Michael’

A Spanish psychoanalyst said: ‘Murray sought to control and gain power. Along with that, access to sex and drugs’

Irishman Michael Murray, a self-styled ‘spiritual guru’, denies the charges against him

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Michael Murray who was involved with a Course of Miracles was not involved with a domestic dispute but rather sexual assault.

Self-claimed ‘spiritual psychologist’ on sex charge

Michael Murray has spoken at spiritual conferences all over the world



An Irish man who claims to be a “spiritual metaphysical psychologist” has been charged with sexually assaulting a woman in Ibiza.

Michael Murray, 54, of Letterkenny, Co Donegal, appeared in court at the start of the month charged with assaulting the woman, who claims that he held her against her will for three days. Mr Murray, below, has lived on the Balearic island for two years.

A local newspaper reported that the woman claimed that she was subjected to “very harmful massages” that culminated in sexual assault.

A Spanish police spokesman said that she eventually escaped and took refuge in a shop, where she found a knife with which she cut herself on the wrists, neck and stomach. She had multiple wounds on her body, including her genitals, he said. She was taken to hospital.

A French man was also arrested in connection with the case. The newspaper Diario de Ibiza reported that this arrest was made based on Mr Murray’s testimony.

Mr Murray has previously divided his time between Dublin and Los Angeles. He has travelled the world to teach workshops and speak at spiritual conferences. He teaches concepts found in A Course In Miracles, a 1976 book that Helen Schucman claimed was dictated to her by Jesus.

In 2016 he published Wake The F**k Up: Life Is but a Dream, in which he claims that he survived four near-death experiences that led to his spiritual awakening.

When the book was published he gave an interview to the Donegal News in which he talked about his struggles with addiction and crime when he was younger. He said that he was given a suspended sentence after “obtaining money from a local bank, which I was not entitled to, by manipulating accounts”.

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Jehovah’s Witnesses and «Apostasy»: An expelled child by Svetlana Krilova


When you see this film this article will give you the background on the practices of the JW’s. They have developed a new word to cover up their abuse. “Disfellowshipping.” This was a very moving film, and the deadliness of the elders was mindboggling. The loss of feeling and love and the twisting of the principle of discipline is monstrous. A discipline to recreate fellowship is used as a torture machine and to kill all love. Here is an article by Svetlana Krilova from Latvia. She is a member of this organisation:


Svetlana is in Belfast and we met recently to see how Dialogue Ireland could cooperate with her.

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Michael Murray from A Course in Miracles involved with assault of his partner in Spain.

Michael Murray







MM asaults wife

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Terrifying Freedom, a novel by Linda Smith


Sometimes you need a novel to break through the cultist mental manipulation?

Linda Smith wrote recently,

I just read an article on your webpage regarding Catholic Lay Movements with cultist attributes. Some former members of these movements questioned why some bishops are so slow to take seriously their concerns about these organizations.

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The Mind Body Spirit, Festival Dublin October 26 – 28 RDS

The The Mind Body Spirit, Festival is a veritable New or Next Age supermarket of spiritualities and services awaiting the post Catholic palate and post Celtic Tiger recession hunger.

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