The Mind Body Spirit, Festival Dublin October 26 – 28 RDS

The The Mind Body Spirit, Festival is a veritable New or Next Age supermarket of spiritualities and services awaiting the post Catholic palate and post Celtic Tiger recession hunger.

mind body spirit

First we give the information about the week end and then we link to those groups on our blog to give the public an ability to evaluate the claims made to them by the purveyors of spiritual offerings.

Sai Maa European Community

Modern Mystery School

Amma Ireland TBC

We also recommend that before you buy a service or hand over any cash make use of the BIG G. No I was not referring to God but rather to Google. It is surprising how many people take at face value claims made at such events without checking them out!


We then publish a set of questions first published in Denmark over 30 years ago entitled

Choosing your Therapy

Many people have lost faith in established medicine. In recent years,
alternative healers have come up with many different proposals for
achieving wholeness and health. Their offers are for everybody and claim to
be able to relieve all diseases and defects. Persons who offer alternative treatment are many and varied. Some of them are influenced by eastern religions or spiritualities.

The following questions are offered with the aim of helping you to:
a) Evaluate any particular alternative medical practice.
b) Consider your own views about health and disease.
c) Make choices concerning traditional and/or alternative treatments that are
based on your own fundamental values.

Seven Questions for your Healer

1. What is the basis of your treatment? How do you make your diagnosis?

2. Are you using an “energy” when you heal? If so, where does it come from?

3. What are your qualifications?

Where did you learn about healing?

Who is your master and authority?

4. Are there any side effects of the treatment?     Physical and mental?     Spiritual and religious?

5. What is my role in the treatment? Do I have a responsibility myself? Is it my own fault that I have the disease? Can something good come out of it even if I don’t get well?

6. What do you mean by health? What do you mean by disease? Are they real or are they illusions? Does health and disease have a wider perspective and meaning? Does my disease have anything to do with God and faith?

7. What is the meaning of death?

    Is Death the end?

   What does it lead to?


12 Responses

  1. I can say without a doubt that the Sai Maa Organization is a sinister CULT ! And I stand by that 100%!!!!!!

    This organization is run by Sai Maa who’s has a tons of property in the US, she has been running a Ponzi scheme for years making Millions off the backs of innocent people and getting away with it cheating right under the governments nose when it comes to taxes and money .
    Each person that works for her gets an allowance of money and each person is a disciple of Sai Maa, they do what ever this lady wants and will kiss the floor that her feet walks on, and I mean kiss the floor, they are her humble obedient slaves. They each have a photo of her on there cells phones that comes up every time the phone rings and pray to tons of photos and gifts from this insane sick woman. They believe Sai Maa to be a divine being worthy of worship. Its totally madness & Bull Shit!

    Sai Maa with the help of these people have for many years ruined and the lives of tons of people and families that fall for her Ponzi scheme. Its a Cult that splits people up with brain washing and Hitler like disciplinary acts of aggression . There are many disciples from New York, Pennsylvania, Quebec, Florida, etc. All of them are geeky nuts who put on a show all in white to get people in and twist peoples minds that they have huge problems and that Sai Maa can fix there problems quickly. One of the main leaders who has been with the organization is for a long time “Swami Parameshwarananda” along with other main disciples of Sai Maa “Lucinda Hale Hanover “ “Shree Devi” “Oakley Ogden” “Jonathan Mitchell “ “Lalita Shree Dasi Brahmacharini “ “Anantananda Das Brahmachari” “Doug Fisher” “Reiko Dewey” “Mohan Das Brahmachari” “Dayananda Brahmachari” “Becky Morrison film producer” “Santoshdas Satuababa” “André Mounoussamy Jayendra-Das” “Joe Mitchell” “Laura Fontaine “ “Sheila Furth” “Harry Waranch Lmt” “Nicolas Viennot Sai Maa’s Son” “Jivananda Das Brahmachari” “Carla Sadoff” “Lela Henderson” and the list goes on !

    A good couple I went with to Naples Florida with for the Journey of Profound healing had a horrible experience. It started out interesting but quickly turn very dark. During the session the couple that i went with had hard questions for Sai Maa about there future and things they wanted in life. My friends wife was told by Sai Maa spoke to her privately and said that she felt the man she was with was not right for her and that she should flat out leave him and come and travel with her and the organization and promised her the man of her dreams. My friends wife quickly found this somewhat problematic and told me about it. I know this couple very well and they are both a very loving and caring couple so it seemed strange that Sai Maa would recommend this.

    Her husband told me when he spoke to Sai Maa she seemed to really hate him and even tried to put him in a bad light saying she could see problems for him and that he should accept what difficulties would be coming his way soon. It became clear to all of us that she was clearly trying to divide this beautiful couple. After we did research and ask many friends that went to Sai Maa what was there experience, almost all the people we spoke to found the entire journey and experience horrible and felt they were being sucked into a real Cult where everyone that was a member was watching you constantly and trying hard to brainwash you to spend more money and keep tabs on you everyday.

    These people and Sai Maa are a disease, any life with anyone who is a member of this Cult you are basically signing your name to be in the circle of Sai Maa who will en fact control you and always be in the way of any real good future you think you may have. She will take your life and your children away from you.
    Sai Maa needs to be banned from the country she is a danger to the people – especially easily influenced youth.

    Again the Sai Maa Organization is a sinister CULT!!!


  2. I see the Modern Mystery School has launched a new “product” called mini mi yoga. There is no direct link to MMS and clearly it’s purposely hidden tho spinoff material online clearly shows the link: eg, MMS to launch mini me yoga in france. No, the minimeyoga site is purposely deceitful. In south africa we have craig de gouvia, a longtime mms cultist whose “flame of light centre” is openly marketed as a mms centre with its weird, wonderful and, as we know, ever more expensive classes. The site is still up, however he says the centre is now closed on the minime site he is decribed thus: “He runs a lifestyle center in Cape Town where he teaches classes and offers private sessions that help people to live an extraordinary life.” So we see mini me yoga being used as a recruitment feeder programme for the other mms programs, which all lead to one place and one person. This rebranding and creating seemingly unaffiliated organisations is a tactic scientology uses too, creating other front groups that do not appear linked to the cult as a way to gain influence to people who would never have anything to do with it directly. Their narcanon programme being the most brilliant or insidious, depending on your point of view, since they gain access to vulnerable recoving addicts. There is also a reference online to a minime yoga recruit saying, I am so excited I just had my first sanctuary meditiation, which shows clearly how the setup is designed, and the other “team” members on the site are all MMS members. This is unethical, deceitful and very worrying. Young moms interested in fun yoga as an activity for their kids are an obvious target demographic for mms since they would be open-minded but mainstream enough to have access to extra cash and probably not exposed to too many weird ideas previously and likely networked to trusting support systems who could also be influenced easily. Ie sitting ducks (quack quack). All of this is aside from teaching children their mats are “magickal” and all rest of it, which you can see if u check out the site. Tho their london person, mms “initiate” Anne Riley does state that mini me yoga actually isn’t for children at all, which we know. More generally, iALL yoga groups need to be vetted thoroughly before going for some nice stretching and breathing classes, so let’s hope the mama ducks have their wits about them on this one. Having been a victim of mms’s deceit personally, I post this info in the hopes others aren’t similarly taken advantage of. Sally


  3. I Havenever been to the rds but was interested in seeing John Levine’s talk on coming off sleeping pills, now im begining to wonder if everything connected with this is a sham.


  4. I have noticed a huge advertising campaign going on for Vinyasa “Flow” Teacher Training. The main thrust is to get people to take a yoga ‘holiday’ away to train.
    In Wikimedia Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, also known as Ashtanga Yoga, is a style of yoga codified[1][2] and popularized by K. Pattabhi Jois, and which is often promoted as a modern-day form of classical Indian yoga.[3] Pattabhi Jois began his yoga studies in 1927 at the age of 12, and by 1948 had established an institute for teaching the specific yoga practice known as Ashtanga (Sanskrit for “eight-limbed”) Vinyasa Yoga.[4] Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is named after the eight limbs of yoga mentioned in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.[5]

    I recently spoke to someone who is taking yoga classes in Cork. She insists that it is only about exercises. She said “a man from India travels to Ireland to give classes”. Who is he and why does he not inform the students about the connection it has to an Indian belief system? All information I have found, so far, seems sanitized (without religious paraphernalia or philosophy) and geared towards western interest yet their advertisements ask that they go to a different country to train. In this type of environment for 4 weeks it is difficult for me to accept that it is only about physical exercises.


  5. Chris

    “She is , of course, worth millions and sells her blessed water for 40 dollars an ounce.”

    Sai Mai is some charlatan, no doubt about it and it is mind boggling that people buy it.

    Always helpful to hear about how the cults are connected!


  6. maria dohenny,

    It must have been quite shocking been left as sole parent responsible for the welfare of your children and to sort out the financial mess he left behind. Considering how irresponsible your husband is I can only hope that the pressures on you will lighten somewhat in the coming months. I’m sure you have already wracked your brain resourcing financial support for your sons’ education.

    The problem is too many who attend are oblivious to the techniques used by cultic groups when recruiting. The more under influence a person becomes, the easier it is to get them to pay for courses that hook them into the mind-set of the, so called, philosophical belief systems. It is very difficult to cope with a partner or any family member who is under cultic influence particularly when they are so ensnared they believe they need to do the courses, regardless of their financial situation, as if their life depended on them. If it is any consolation to you there is the possibility that one or the other will hit the ground with a smack when realisation dawns that he/she is being conned. Lets hope it is sooner rather than later!


  7. Sai Mai’s group goes also under the name of Harmony in Unity. They have also established Yoga for mothers and children, they are always ‘reinventing themselves’ to bilk the public out of money and recruit for their cult. a cult of Shakti love bombers. Sai Mai was a student of the notorious Sai Baba who was outed as a pedophile and a charlatan who performed for Indian audiences slight of hand miracles until his pedophilia and his charlatanism was exposed. Sai Mai continues in the tradition of the snake oil handlers of India. She is , of course, worth millions and sells her blessed water for 40 dollars an ounce.

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  8. In response to Angie yes my marriage broke up as a result of all the tension around his “spiritual practice’ & because i would not allow him to see clients for healing in our family home. He was constantly meditating & quoting the school of philosophy & ACIM. I think he was also into the modern mystery school & totally into ascended masters it was “all harmless & only goodness & truth”. He has danced off into the sunshine with “his twin flame & soulmate” leaving me to deal with all responsibility for the family & dealing with the banks while he is off chasing the next fix. Yes i am in control of the finances now but i have no idea how much has been diverted to these groups while i struggle to pay my two sons college fees. It all started at the Mind Body Spirit show…..


  9. Patricia

    Do you know which group it is?

    Reading your comment I take it your relationship broke down following your ex-partner being recruited. This, unfortunately, happens quite a lot. The focus is diverted on to the group and family lose out. As you are separated it does give you more control over finance so at least your money is not being used to enable him. I have also known people who were in the Tony Quinn centre who became addicted and “looking for the next big fix.”

    The certificates and diplomas they receive are not accredited and the only way to protect the public is to change the law to prevent charlatans from practicing or giving classes.


  10. I am in total agreement with Angie, my ex partner & father of my children attended one of these shows. We were in financial difficulty with the recession & this was a “day out ” an “escape for him”. He was preyed upon by some of these “exhibitors” who told him he had a “wonderful aura” “great healing energy ” and that he needed to “follow his path.”
    Follow his path he did, dipping from one mad therapy into the next, he became a “healer”. It became an addiction looking for the next big fix.
    The 7 questions you should ask your healer are so appropriate but does anybody ever ask them?? I would be frightened at the thought of anybody going to him for “healing”- a one weekend course & he is a healer??
    When I questioned him, I got what I know now is the standard line trotted out “healing comes in many forms and levels it is different from a cure”
    I am a healthcare professional working in a cancer related field, patients must always have hope but I have seen so many people being “promised health & healing” by these charlatans. They do not have to account to anybody some of them are making lots of money in their practice.
    This show has been widely advertised & happens twice a year how many more people will get sucked in today parting with money and to be told they have “a gift.”

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  11. It occurred to me also how alike they both are and how they benefit financially above all else as a huge part of both cults is to extract as much money as they possibly can from people who are under their influence. Meditation/relaxation is not harmful in itself unless done to excess, which is invariably the case, in a cult setting. There should be a mental health warning poster outside the RDS and leaflets about mental health issues such as psychotic breakdown brought about by cultic practices. Name and shame them. Most groups who set up stalls are cults who are there to recruit potential followers.

    Dialogue do what they can, however, since there is no protection or definite course of action for anyone who comes under influence I also would advise people to STAY AWAY from them. Cults do not take responsibility for their actions as I know only too well from dealing with so called therapists in the Tony Quinn centre.


  12. sai maa CULT is the modern version of an old-timey snake oil salesman, with the additional distinction of also being a snake oil salesman breeder..STAY AWAY

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