John Purcell makes a further reply to “Worker” post

Reply from a ‘Worker’ to the post, “Two by Twos” by someone who grew up and out of the movement.

If I look at the quotes here and the worker’s response, on the whole the quotes more reflect my own experience (from thirty years ago in the UK, and as far as I can tell not very much has changed since then). Mentioning the origin of the group is a big no-no; members here as far as I know are still generally unaware of it. I was always told “the meetings” have no Earthly founder, unlike other sects and denominations. People are discouraged somewhat from associating with outsiders (although I have never been shunned by my relatives in the “Truth”). Continue reading

Two by Twos, Cooneyites, Dippers and many more like ‘No Name,’ mentioned on Today with Sean O’Rourke

Southern Protestants and UCD Folklore Project
Friday 17 February 2017 12:00
Researcher Deirdre Nuttall of the National Folklore Collection and journalist and farmer from Wexford, Margaret Hawkins spoke to us this morning.

You can hear about Margaret Hawkins experience starting at 5:30 on the Report.

Then so that the public can study about them here is a link to them on our blog.
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DI Director meets with two workers of the Home Fellowship of Christians

Mike Garde the Director of DI met with Craig Fulton from Strabane in Co. Tyrone and a very new Worker called Richard Hughes from Armagh who are currently working in the Dublin region.
This meeting resulted from the book by Irvine Grey which described the “Two by Two’s,” as a very dangerous cult. Through my contacts on Skype I was introduced to Craig who agreed immediately to meet. We had a three hour session over a nice lunch at the Botanical Gardens in Glasnevin.
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2×2’s, Cult to Christ: The Church With No Name by Elizabeth Coleman


This is not a book about physical or sexual abuse. It is not a theological book. This is simply a story about my personal journey from complete faith and belief in one particular religious group to a personal faith in Jesus as Saviour.

Clearly Elizabeth has found a personal faith and found that her own upbringing did not assist her spiritual development. However, clearly she has accepted the logic that any group which does not agree with a particular theology which she believes in, is a cult. I suggest this definition is not adequate and is purely a theological one and does not conform to the notion of cultism which involves undue influence which is much broader than a purely theological definition. Continue reading

“Two by Twos”= “the friends”= “The Truth”= “The Way”= “The Gospel”= “The Meetings”= “Cooneyites”= “Christian Conventions.” The Origins, history and debate page:

Instead of taking space on specific posts which are directed to a particular issue, we are opening this page to anyone who wishes to discuss the origins  history and relevant issues here. Continue reading

Tommie Gamble ~ Let your word be……

{Photo changed as the wrong image was up.}

After only a day Tommie Gamble came back to me and on the most flimsiest terms turned down a dialogue about the issue of whether the 2×2’s were a cult or not. He must have known that I had disagreed with Irvine Grey on this subject, but he misused scripture to avoid meeting. Continue reading

Proposed meeting with 2×2’s and their Overseer Tommy Gamble

Having reflected on the correspondence resulting from my post yesterday

and the response it received which really became a diversion into what is Evangelicism I took advice and contacted their Irish Overseer Tommy Gamble. He kindly took my call and we discussed whether this dialogue would most fruitfully take place at a convention or after they were completed. He kindly agreed to allow me to visit him in Lisburn, Co. Antrim after the conventions are over.

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