Adnan Oktar inter religious sham, Turkey’s answer to Rael? Or are we dealing with something much more dark state and sinster? A deep hole with no escape possible.

In an article penned for Israel’s Haaretz daily, this is how contributor Asaf Ronel, really gets to grips with Turkey’s own ‘’televangelist’’ Adnan Oktar. His article in Haaretz is a brave exposition of the cultist environment now gripping Turkey as the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has indeed produced an economic revolution and unlike other countries in the region knows how to run an economy and to bring in people from the countryside and integrate them into the cities. However, he has clearly now through popular election destroyed the secular constitution of Ataturk and has replaced it with a growing Ottoman style Caliphate. The TV  series on the Ottoman Empire shows a popular hunger for those days before modernity came to town. As in all Islamist takeover, the changes will be gradual and it will begin to see the end of the creative and entrprenurial Turkish economy as it gets taken over by ideology.



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