What has happened to the AAO?

By Karl Iro, ZEG, Berlin.

Normally we print in English, but in the case of the following article we have found it appropriate to keep the German version, partly because the AAO is mainly found on the European scene, partly because of the nati of the statement, written as it is by one of the leadir figures in the former AAO in the very peculiar style of the “AAO”. Continue reading

AAO – An Anarchistic Organisation?

By Flemming Falkenberg Olsen

On the fringes of our subject, new religious movements, stands AAO, Action Analytic Organisation, which was founded 8 years ago. It is not a religious movement according to its own self-understanding.

Ideologically the movement is linked to the psyko-analyst Wilhelm Reich and the philosopher Otto Mühl, of which the latter has played and still plays a important role in the movement. AAO is a wellknown phenomenon in Germany and Austria, the main center is Friederichshof, near the Neusiedlersee, south of Vienna. In Denmark a group is established in Holbæk, in Sweden an attempt is being made to start a group in Stockholm. Continue reading

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