David Miscavige opens Scientology’s ‘Non ecclesiastical,’ Community and propaganda Centre in Firhouse, Dublin. The wealth and power are overwhelming. A photographic display:

Miscavide by Satelite




David Miscavige speaking to an audience of Scientologists mainly bussed in for the occasion


Irish society seems to be unaware of the massive resources that the SO are making available to penetrate Irish society. It is important to realise that they have already co opted people into their activities and will stop at nothing to use their massive resources to get a hold. Ireland following the collapse of the Catholic and other mainline churches is also a disaster zone. The Evangelical Christian groupings are showing signs of losing numbers and for the first time they have begun to lose numbers as shown in the 2016 census. It is also ironic that the Victory Church which was located on this site through its greed and gross abuse of the gospel by turning it into a Ponzi scheme have handed this facility over to the SO. We noted these Christians decrying the presence of the Scientologists but not a whimper was expressed about the Victory situation. This church was not a victim of the crash, they actually drove this church over the cliff.


Great pic

Generally the Scientology Organisation, (S.O.) do not communicate with the public very well. The opening of the new community centre was no different. However, since it has opened they have changed their strategy and are answering their phones and of course are inviting the community in. Continue reading

How Pete Griffiths sued a Scientologist and ended up being vilified by former friends by Tony Ortega

           [Pete Griffiths]


Dialogue Ireland will be reply to this article in due course. We will be looking at how we protest and respond to the presence of the SO in the current context. If the protest movement wants to function  properly, it must be subject to the law and agreement must be reached before protest actions occur. We will be comment on the issue of assault and battery and not just the term harassment. The fact that John McGhee was found guilty of assault and battery means that anyone consorting with him will be in breach of the law as Pete was. In fact it will likely not just be a civil issue but if he refuses to amend his action it is likely to become a criminal one. In other words he is continuing to flaunt the law and says he is not subject to it. Also we will look at the video in which John McGhee filled with ideological hatred gets in a woman’s space. When the judge viewed this material he needed to take a break so upset was he by what he saw. People can again see this video themselves as a result of it now being in the public domain again, as a result of Pete having had the injunction lifted. We also need to see how we treat women in light of Harvey Weinstein’s outing. We will look at John McGhee’s definition of assault as it relates to how we should respond to women. He keeps saying he did not hit her as if that narrow definition of assault. Finally, John Duignan has come out with a furious article against Pete as well. As we are concerned with cultism and not just cults we will be focussing on undue influence. We are clear that Scientologists are subject to undue influence, but we are likely less willing to see how undue influence also finds a home in the anti Scientology movement as virulent as that posed by those under the control of Scientology. I can only see that the Pied Piper John McGhee has seduced a whole group of ex Scientologists as the Edinburgh protest entering into the Scientology building demonstrates. You will note that Pete was still under the influence then as he was still participating in these actions.

Finally we need to ask how John McGhee’s financial independence might explain those that suddenly appear at protests with him. As an embalmer he has access to a lot of liquid cash. Is that a part of the reason he has a following?

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What is Scientology up to at the Ideal Org in Firhouse, Co. Dublin?

What we know so far about Scientology’s operation here in Ireland. The Mission on Abbey St has been closed and Ger Collins has moved to the Ideal Org in Firhouse known as the Victory Centre. His wife who was in a defamation and assault case in the courts under the name Zabrina Collins, has reverted to her maiden name of Shortt so no one connects her to the case. She is the daughter of the framed nightclub owner Frank Shortt from Donegal who was imprisoned. He was set up by the Garda and was totally innocent. This was the failed Prosperity Gospel Victory Church which was a total fraud and conned thousands of its members before the place was taken from them. It was sold by the receiver.  We are talking about €18m spondudles. The irony is this dead again rather than born again baby was picked up by the Scientologists for a song and added to their property portfolio and though here for 50 years they have no charitable status in Ireland. However, a donation in the States will bear fruit through the IRS. The reason this building was empty was this type of mega church building is not economically viable here. Their delusional prosperity doctrine made monkeys of them and they gifted the Scientologists not only a building but an evangelisation strategy. They are open from 9 AM to 10 PM. They have a Soccer pitch available for use and an auditorium. You will see the type of programmes available from the pictures. The National HQ on Merrion Square is where the infiltration of Irish society is planned. CCHR, The citizens campaign for human rights which is a front to attack psychiatry, the campaign against drugs which uses very well written material on the subject. Unfortunately it is just a way to be injected with the Scientology serum. Then we have the Applied Scholastics programme ostensibly to help kids with educational deficits. The word to keep in mind here is Ritalin. Usually when you phone a number you get dropped after a few seconds. Both people I talked to were pleasant and informative. Be sure if you are a Church leader expect a letter soon inviting you to be helped by them…

Scientologists at the TY Expo. Show: The Pat Kenny Show Wed, 13 September 2017



Here we have the front groups from Scientology. Anti Drugs, Applied Scholastics, and so called CCHR a totally anti psychiatric group. Then there was an attempt to understand what is happening in Firhouse with the Victory.


This gives you an idea what they are up from last years opening of their National HQ on Merrion Square.
They interviewed John McGhee without realising he was in the courts accused of assault trying to remove leaflets about the anti drugs work from Zabrina Collins.



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