Senior members of Church of Scientology move into Co Kildare country home

Sect’s drug rehab spin out Narconon setting up 15 – bed centre in nearby Ballivor, Co Meath

SBP Senior members

BY BARRY, WHYTE AND ROISIN BURKE Sunday Business Post Sunday January 7th 2018

In he tiny village of Robertstown in Co Kildare population 669 is where the most senior figures in lrish Scientology are based according to company filings. Documents for the company behind the Scientologists’ enormous and expensive new community centre in Firhouse show that three of the four directors appointed in the last two weeks are living in a modern ten bedroom house called Mylerstown House in Robertstown. Continue reading

The Scientology Organisation, (S.O.) is using a PR company called ccipr here in Ireland

Scientology PR CCIPR

The Scientology Organisation generally runs its own semi military intelligence /PR Department called OSA. This is the Office of Special Affairs. It is strange but not surprising as Scientology is run more as an intelligence agency rather than a church.
We have already received news that this PR company is already very active in getting Scientology a better name in this State. Because the Scientologists are obsessed in being described as a church I am sure that will be one of their goals here to be recognised as such.


Their presence in Merrion Square shows that they are pointed towards trying to influence government. Also the drugs issue is extremely important and the news that they have already spoken with a Fine Gael backbencher Colm Brophy.
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How Scientology is trying to insert itself into Irish schools

Scientology: the church’s community centre in Firhouse in Dublin. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

Scientology: the church’s community centre in Firhouse in Dublin. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

The controversial church is giving out teaching materials that hide its involvement

December 16, 2017

Irish Times

Conor Gallagher

When the neat white package arrived at Rosmini Community School, in Drumcondra, three months ago, Chris Gueret was impressed. Inside it the religious-studies teacher found a complete curriculum on how to teach human rights to students, alongside posters, leaflets and a well-produced DVD entitled The Story of Human Rights. Continue reading

Cathy Schenkelberg sees the big picture in Ireland and it is not the cans

Cathy Schenkelberg in her short visit to Ireland has picked up the big picture about the Scientology Organisation. They are doing something very big, and she should know she was an insider.

Cathy Schenkelberg on TV3’s Elaine programme told her story but below that is her assessment of what is going on here in Ireland.

The biggest thing happening in the Scientology world is right here, right now in Ireland. [no, not Squeeze My Cans haha]
And any journalist who has missed this story is not worthy of the name journalist or the title.

It’s unbelievable what I’m seeing over here, what I’m learning over here in Ireland.

$20,000,000+ in investments in buildings, in hiring public relation firms, security firms, law firm‘s, lobbying probably.

They’ve stripped out staff from many other Continental liaison offices.
I’ve seen first hand for example…
Long term Sea Org
Janet Laveau
Angela Paris
Chloe Bulger
Margaret McNair
To my knowledge this has never been done in the history of Scientology!


                                                                                                    December 10, 2017
                                                                               Dublin, Ireland.  Firhouse Community Centre
                                                                                                    One show only! 
                                                                                               FREE admission  2pm

The Mission in Middle Abbey St is now closed and the National HQ on Merrion Square is really not open to the public. However, the community centre in Firhouse is in the middle of nowhere so the idea of holding her show in a nearby Community Centre was an inspired idea. It is the new way to communicate with the public. Her show was packed out. But it provides an opportunity with out strings attached to help educate the public what is really behind these massive investments. It is important for disciplined members of the public to go in and engage with their programmes and start a conversation.

Christmas at Xenu

The scoop:

This show is more than just an audition to be Tom Cruise’s girlfriend.  It is a trip down a volcanic rabbit hole, however the carrot labeled “spiritual freedom” eerily transformed into an a bit of an alien concept. “I’m lucky to be here and healthy.” Her introduction to the cult was innocent enough. “Many of the people who went as far as I did in the Church, lost everything: family, friends, homes, bank accounts, identities and their actual lives.”

The Church of $cientology had actress Cathy Schenkelberg for 14 years of her young, adult life. It took another 5 years for her to escape in the face of harassing phone calls, midnight knocks on her door by “outreach” staffers, an expensive custody battle and social rejection.

In her original solo show Squeeze My Cans, Cathy shares a glimpse behind the velvet curtain of this strangely hilarious and unbelievably horrifying story of loss, isolation, manipulation and the relentless power of survival through persistance and humor.

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Why is Ireland been targeted by the Scientology Organisation (S.O?) Some ideas towards an answer.

Why is Scientology spending such a lot of money in Ireland? We do not yet know but let us begin to think this one through. Are they using Scientology as a laboratory of Influence? We would welcome any evidence that contradicts this thesis or confirms it.

Cathy Schenkelberg is absolutely right about what is happening here in Ireland needs to be studied.

It’s unbelievable what I’m seeing over here, what I’m learning over here.

$20,000,000+ in investments in buildings, in hiring public relation firms, security firms, law firm‘s, lobbying probably.

They’ve stripped out staff from many other Continental liaison offices.
I’ve seen first hand for example…
Long term Sea Org
Janet Laveau*
Angela Paris
Chloe Bulger
Margaret McNair*
To my knowledge this has never been done in the history of Scientology!


bewleyslrh cecil rhodes

We know that in 1956 L.Ron Hubbard came to Ireland and was pictured in Bewleys.

In a book by Russell Miller entitled Bare – Faced Messiah published in 1987 there is a quotation from a very good friend of Hubbard’s Ray Kemp who accompanied him to Dublin at the end of March 1956 and also a photograph of the two of them in what looks like Bewleys Cafe. “He wanted to see if there was something he could do for Ireland.” Kemp continues, He felt that Ireland’s troubles were based on the fact that it was a bit like a Third World nation and had never been able to apply the skills of its people. We were there for *two or three days* and he spent the whole time speaking to people…His idea was to open  a *Personal Efficiency Foundation* in Dublin to teach people how to apply whatever skills they had got, but don’t think anything ever came of it.” My conjecture was he was looking at Ireland as a place he could make his Scientology State. One year when I was visiting a school to give a talk on cults, one of the students told me that his grandmother had a guest house where L R Hubbard stayed.  She told him the Special Branch got him to leave the country. We have reports he was living the life of Reilly so that is quite likely and he left his Scientologists to pay the bill. Continue reading

David Miscavige opens Scientology’s ‘Non ecclesiastical,’ Community and propaganda Centre in Firhouse, Dublin. The wealth and power are overwhelming. A photographic display:

Miscavide by Satelite




David Miscavige speaking to an audience of Scientologists mainly bussed in for the occasion

Irish society seems to be unaware of the massive resources that the SO are making available to penetrate Irish society. It is important to realise that they have already co opted people into their activities and will stop at nothing to use their massive resources to get a hold. Ireland following the collapse of the Catholic and other mainline churches is also a disaster zone. The Evangelical Christian groupings are showing signs of losing numbers and for the first time they have begun to lose numbers as shown in the 2016 census. It is also ironic that the Victory Church which was located on this site through its greed and gross abuse of the gospel by turning it into a Ponzi scheme have handed this facility over to the SO. We noted these Christians decrying the presence of the Scientologists but not a whimper was expressed about the Victory situation. This church was not a victim of the crash, they actually drove this church over the cliff.

Great pic

Generally the Scientology Organisation, (S.O.) do not communicate with the public very well. The opening of the new community centre was no different. However, since it has opened they have changed their strategy and are answering their phones and of course are inviting the community in. Continue reading

How Pete Griffiths sued a Scientologist and ended up being vilified by former friends by Tony Ortega

           [Pete Griffiths]

Dialogue Ireland will be reply to this article in due course. We will be looking at how we protest and respond to the presence of the SO in the current context. If the protest movement wants to function  properly, it must be subject to the law and agreement must be reached before protest actions occur. We will  comment on the issue of assault and battery and not just the term harassment. The fact that John McGhee was found guilty of assault and battery means that anyone consorting with him will be in breach of the law as Pete was. In fact it will likely not just be a civil issue but if he refuses to amend his action it is likely to become a criminal one. In other words he is continuing to flaunt the law and says he is not subject to it. Also we will look at the video in which John McGhee filled with ideological hatred gets in a woman’s space. When the judge viewed this material he needed to take a break so upset was he by what he saw. People can again see this video themselves as a result of it now being in the public domain again, as a result of Pete having had the injunction lifted.Some ex Scientologists  viewing this video do not find it a problem, which suggests that the hatred of Scientology and Scientologists is so deeply imbedded they can’t view this item as a normal person would.

We also need to see how we treat women in light of Harvey Weinstein’s outing. We will look at John McGhee’s definition of assault as it relates to how we should respond to women. He keeps saying he did not hit her as if that narrow definition of assault. Finally, John Duignan has come out with a furious article against Pete as well. As we are concerned with cultism and not just cults we will be focussing on undue influence. We are clear that Scientologists are subject to undue influence, but we are likely less willing to see how undue influence also finds a home in the anti Scientology movement as virulent as that posed by those under the control of Scientology. I can only see that the Pied Piper John McGhee has seduced a whole group of ex Scientologists as the Edinburgh protest entering into the Scientology building demonstrates. You will note that Pete was still under the influence then as he was still participating in these actions.

Finally we need to ask how John McGhee’s financial independence might explain those that suddenly appear at protests with him. As an embalmer he has access to a lot of liquid cash. Is that a part of the reason he has a following?

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