Jehovah’s Witnesses and «Apostasy»: An expelled child by Svetlana Krilova


When you see this film this article will give you the background on the practices of the JW’s. They have developed a new word to cover up their abuse. “Disfellowshipping.” This was a very moving film, and the deadliness of the elders was mindboggling. The loss of feeling and love and the twisting of the principle of discipline is monstrous. A discipline to recreate fellowship is used as a torture machine and to kill all love. Here is an article by Svetlana Krilova from Latvia. She is a member of this organisation:

Svetlana is in Belfast and we met recently to see how Dialogue Ireland could cooperate with her.

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Jehovah’s Witnesses want things to go away.

Barry J White has done a service to victims of sexual abuse in the Jehovah’s Witnesses and in regard to the protection of data in regard to crimes committed. Sunday Business Post, July 22, 2018.

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JW special Convention Special Report July 16, 2017 in the The Sunday Business Post by Barry Whyte.

Sunday Business Post article

Sunday Business Post article1Sunday Business Post article2

Sunday Business Post article3

Please please read the pdf’s here courtesy of The SBP.


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The Sunday Business Post cover the JW Convention at City West. Report by Barry Whyte. He shows how there is deeply dangerous policy of the denial the rights to obtain blood transfusions. Millions of people have been affected for over 50 years. Also the hideous splitting of families by the non biblical policy of disfellowshipping. Then a kangaroo court and no due process in their internal courts. Continue reading

COURT OF APPEAL written judgement in regard to the case of Ruth Moram and the Watchtower Society.

Court of Appeal 043

Justice Mary Irvine

Gerard Hogan

Justice Peter Kelly

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While as Justice Irvine concludes as follows:

But insofar as the issue of the Statute of Limitations is concerned, I take the view that this appeal has to be dismissed.

What is completely clear is the respect that the judges had for the moral position that Ruth has taken. They are amazed at her determination and her willingness to forgo her health and even the necessities of life to make the public aware of the the total control the Witnesses have over every aspect of life. They also have processes which deny the fundamental human rights of their members. They have won on a technicality but in reality they have been shamed because they have treated this member of their flock with ice cold contempt. They have been willing to destroy her to maintain their little club. The true story of what really is going on in Killarney we can now publish as now this is out of the courts the gloves will be off.

16. … I would simply like to say this. It is clear that Ms. Moram has a deep seated belief that she was wronged by the activities of the defendants. …..
17. One cannot but have sympathy for the position in which Ms. Moram finds herself. She seems to be driven by a desire to ensure that what she has discovered is brought to the attention of the public. This is not public interest litigation. This is a personal injuries claim which she has brought. Insofar as she has sought to ventilate her concerns in this regard, she has now done so in
a public court. This is the eighteenth time that her complaints have been before the courts in one shape or another. So I suspect that, insofar as she seeks to do right by her fellow citizens she has done so. She has probably brought her complaints home to the defendants also. Even though her claim has been dismissed, I have no doubt that she can feel that she has achieved something to her credit in bringing to light what she perceives to be wrongdoing.


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Ruth Moram gives her final report from the Court of Appeal in regard to the Jehovah’s Witnesses

Ruth responding to the Irish Times article on the recent Jehovah’s Witnesses convention does so by sharing her story with the group. Continue reading

Irish Court Rejects Appeal by Former Jehovah’s Witness


Justice Mary Irvin

    Justice Mary Irvin

On July 20, 2015, the Irish Court of Appeal rejected the appeal of Ruth Moram, a former Jehovah’s Witness, to have the “statute of limitations” set aside in her case against the Watchtower Society. Continue reading

Jehovah’s Witnesses: Some questions to be put to the delegates and the leadership.

What group do you think this guy represents?

Outside the GPO

1. How many children have lost their lives as a result of the doctrine of the Jehovah’s Witnesses on blood transfusions?

Coombe Hospital

Irish citizens are fortunate in this jurisdiction to have the High Court interfere when the life of a child is in danger. The famous case at the Coombe Maternity Hospital is a case in point. The Jehovah’s Witnesses actually took a court case on this and lost.

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