Modern Mystery School on the Dialogue Ireland blog: A brief history.

The Modern Mystery School (MMS) has, by far, the most read content on the Dialogue Ireland website. With only 20 articles (and 668 comments) about the MMS these have brought many affected by this organisation to this website.

In 2011 Dialogue Ireland was approached by a number of people enquiring about MMS (nee Rocky Mountain Mystery School).

One communication came from a concerned spouse. After their partner had been attracted to the “Healings” offered by the “School” they observed that MMS was “working towards an ‘End of the World’ scenario”.

They noted that information about the group was difficult to find, especially on the Web.

Hideto Nakagome, Gudni Gudnason & Dave Lanyon

Dialogue Ireland posted this letter which went viral.

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“Women Talking” – Movie Review

Women Talking? Or Distorting? Second Thoughts On A Review.

Sheila O’Malley reviewed the film “Women Talking” for Roger Ebert’s website. Here Mike Garde re-reviews. Garde is the Director of Dialogue Ireland and happens to be a Mennonite.

Or some men acting very badly and some men acting very well. Courageous women and to the judiciary of Bolivia really putting bad guys behind bars for 25 years. 

Review: Just seen it and it is compelling. A good example of how a church should deal with crime. It shows a group which broke with stereotypes. The lesson was not for men but for all of us. It was good to see a man serving a group of women in the movie but he is psychologically castrated for artistic reasons to fit into a modern brief. Deep issues around the law, forgiveness, justice and fighting and flight…but It was a false flag operation.

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EDUCO: Tony Quinn, Susan Morrice. Why is she not mentioning the Educo Seminar in Zambia?

We were contacted by a researcher who wanted to share what they found about a very old friend of Dialogue Ireland Susan Morrice and her engagement with Zambia.

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Tony Quinn was linked to Jim Mansfield Jnr

Jim Mansfield Jnr was found guilty at the Special Criminal Court of attempting to pervert the course of justice (File image)

Businessman Jim Mansfield Jnr jailed for 18 months

By Dyane Connor

Businessman Jim Mansfield Junior has been sentenced to two years in prison with the final six months suspended for attempting to pervert the course of justice by directing that CCTV footage be destroyed.

The footage showed Mansfield leaving a west Dublin hotel with a former employee on the morning he was kidnapped by Dessie O’Hare and Declan Duffy.

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Christina Gallagher opens a new “House of Prayer” in Brewster, New York, USA

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RTE Radio – House of Prayer

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