Amma: The Holy Hell Post had the most views in our history

Up till February 18 the most views we had

in one day was just under 4000.

Our Best ever views was on February 19th, but already on February 19th we passed 4000 figure with 6,253 Views.

Our Best ever views was on February 19th with 8,281 views. However, on Thursday, February 20, 2014 we had 6,772 views, followed by February 21, 2014, where we had 5,121views. On February 22 the figure went below 4000 again.

Those who want to analyse our history when we hit a million views last May should read this post:

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Holy Hell: The Inside Story of Amma, The Hugging Saint Revealed in New Book by former Personal Assistant Gail “Gayatri” Tredwell.

Over the years we have grown to know Amma and her Irish devotees as they recruited people at the RDS. Here we want to provide information about a new book and some links to critical comment on this Hindu Saint? Continue reading

The Mind Body Spirit, Festival Dublin October 26 – 28 RDS

The The Mind Body Spirit, Festival is a veritable New or Next Age supermarket of spiritualities and services awaiting the post Catholic palate and post Celtic Tiger recession hunger.

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Amma gives hugs but partner looses theirs?

We are getting reports about Amma indicating that some of her followers are showing signs of  a cultist nature. Continue reading



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