Why the census needs to be changed. We need a conversion from Religion.

Census 2016

Religion question

I have been trying since 2002 to have the census introduce some scientific logic to how the subject of religion is described and categorised. Overtures to the CSO and the Taoiseach’s office have met with no response. Continue reading

Conor Brady tries to understand the National School system

School admissions bill still hasn’t a prayer of eliminating inequality

Sunday Times, April, 5th 2015.

Conor Brady is trying to get his head around this thing which has been there since 1831 called the National School but there are plans to hand it over to the Taliban?

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school admission 1 Continue reading

Pope Francis – The Sinner, A Would You Believe? Special, Monday, 16 March at 9.30pm on Ireland’s RTÉ One

Pope Francis: The Sinner – A Would You Believe? Special


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Monday, 16 March at 9.30pm on RTÉ One


The Pope who calls himself ‘a sinner’ is, certainly, a man of contradictions. But who is Jorge Mario Bergoglio? How did the man who was loved and loathed by his fellow Jesuits back in Argentina become Pope and can he hold the Roman Catholic Church together and reform it at the same time? In a Would You Believe special, Pope Francis – The Sinner airing on Monday, 16 March 9.30pm on RTÉ One looks at the life of Jorge Mario Bergoglio and what shaped him into the Pope he is today. Continue reading

Archbishop Kieran O’Reilly to be installed as Archbishop of Cashel and Emly

New Archbishop in tune with Pope’s missionary church

Archbishop Dermot Clifford  pointing out something to the newly appointed Archbishop of Cashel and Emly Bishop Kieran O' Reilly SMA (centre) and Papal Nuncio Archbishop Charles Brown
Archbishop Dermot Clifford pointing out something to the newly appointed Archbishop of Cashel and Emly Bishop Kieran O’ Reilly SMA (centre) and Papal Nuncio Archbishop Charles Brown

A BISHOP who was embroiled in controversy earlier this year over the introduction of male-only deacons is to be promoted to be Archbishop of Cashel and Emly.

The forthcoming appointment of Bishop Kieran O’Reilly of Killaloe as Archbishop Dermot Clifford’s successor is being read as in keeping with Pope Francis’s desire for a missionary church.

On Saturday, the Vatican announced the appointment of the 62-year-old former missionary following the resignation of Archbishop Clifford on grounds of age.

The Primate of All Ireland, Archbishop Eamon Martin, greeted the news by paying tribute to Bishop O’Reilly’s wide experience of mission in Liberia and Nigeria.

Bishop O’Reilly also has four years’ experience at the helm of an Irish diocese and over 20 years in Rome as superior general of the Society of African Missions.

He will move from Ennis to Thurles in early 2015, at which time he will become one of four metropolitan archbishops in the Irish hierarchy.

The controversy which blew up this autumn caught the Irish church completely by surprise and resulted in Bishop O’Reilly suspending the introduction of the male-only permanent diaconate – the name for a body of deacons. A number of the members of the women’s forum ‘Seeds of Hope’, who led the opposition to the diaconate, work with the bishop at a diocesan level and personally think highly of him.

He said he had “listened very carefully” to people’s concerns.

For them the issue was a matter of principle about the role of the laity and sticking to an agreed diocesan pastoral plan.

Bishop O’Reilly met with outgoing Archbishop Clifford and Papal Nuncio Archbishop Charles Brown at the Cathedral of the Assumption in Thurles on Saturday.

Meanwhile, the Papal Nuncio has responded to an Irish Independent investigation into the Achill Island ‘House of Prayer’ by urging anyone who feels they have been mistreated by persons involved with the movement to go to the gardai.

Archbishop Brown cited a 2008 investigation by the Archdiocese of Tuam into the purported visions of Christina Gallagher and miracle healings at the Achill retreat.

The Nuncio said that investigation had resulted in a formal statement from Archbishop Neary in Tuam in which he instructed that the “celebration of the sacraments and reservation of the Blessed Sacrament at the ‘House of Prayer’ are not permitted”.

“Any work carried on since then has been entirely of a private nature and has no Church approval whatever,” Archbishop Brown said.

Irish Independent



Apartheid Education in the Clontarf Buntustan

Disclaimer: This blog is focused on Cultism, but we also explore issues related to Education, religion and Human Rights

Clontarf lodge

DI received a response to the article on Apartheid Education by the Director of the National School Trust, John Suttle. We entitle this one Apartheid Education in the Clontarf Buntustan Continue reading

Fr Michael Drumm threatens to take a legal case to maintain apartheid in our National School system.

Disclaimer: Though this blog views the issue of cultism as its primary mission, the issues of undue influence in Education and the lack of constitutional awareness in our state is quite worrying.

We need to alert the Irish Public to what is in fact the defence of Catholic apartheid in the attempt to maintain in law the unconstitutional control of our National School system and turn them into Catholic Madrasas.

Note that this spokesperson uses the term Catholic Education and not the Constitutional National School system.

This is based on two pillars in order to obtain public funds.

1. Access to all in the catchment area. Also it is in breach of our constitution to require a child to be baptised to enter a school. The suggestion that a child must receive either Catholic or Church of Ireland baptism before entry is simony and a serious offence under Canon law.

2. The members of the various denominations present in the School must have access to teaching consistent with their faith or lack of it regardless who is the manager of a school. Attempts to actually subvert the secular curriculum and introduce a religious monopoly by scrambling the egg into every subject is a grievous breach of the human rights of the non Catholic parties. It seems what the Church can’t achieve through its sacraments they wish to subvert non Catholics when they are in a National School. We hope the Minister for Education does seek to have this law examined by the Courts Continue reading

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