Fr Michael Drumm threatens to take a legal case to maintain apartheid in our National School system.

Disclaimer: Though this blog views the issue of cultism as its primary mission, the issues of undue influence in Education and the lack of constitutional awareness in our state is quite worrying.

We need to alert the Irish Public to what is in fact the defence of Catholic apartheid in the attempt to maintain in law the unconstitutional control of our National School system and turn them into Catholic Madrasas.

Note that this spokesperson uses the term Catholic Education and not the Constitutional National School system.

This is based on two pillars in order to obtain public funds.

1. Access to all in the catchment area. Also it is in breach of our constitution to require a child to be baptised to enter a school. The suggestion that a child must receive either Catholic or Church of Ireland baptism before entry is simony and a serious offence under Canon law.

2. The members of the various denominations present in the School must have access to teaching consistent with their faith or lack of it regardless who is the manager of a school. Attempts to actually subvert the secular curriculum and introduce a religious monopoly by scrambling the egg into every subject is a grievous breach of the human rights of the non Catholic parties. It seems what the Church can’t achieve through its sacraments they wish to subvert non Catholics when they are in a National School. We hope the Minister for Education does seek to have this law examined by the Courts


Irish News

Fr Michael Drumm

A leading figure in Catholic education has warned that the Church could mount a constitutional challenge to any attempt to strip schools of the right to defend their religious ethos.

Fr Michael Drumm, chairman of the Catholic Schools Partnership (CSP), said any attempt to remove section 37 of the Employment Equality Acts 1998-2011 would be “unconstitutional”.

Section 37 permits faith-based organisations to employ only those who will uphold their religious ethos.

“It would be unconstitutional as it would interfere with the constitutional right of religious bodies to run their own affairs and it undermines the human right of freedom of religion,” Fr Drumm told The Irish Catholic.

If section 37 did not exist, Fr Drumm said, then a religious body “could not use religious belief as a criterion for selecting its employees”.

He insisted that a “balance of rights” must be found. “We are still awaiting the publication of the draft amended legislation from Government but balance has to be found. There is a balance to be found between employees’ rights and the rights of religious employers to maintain the ethos of the school,” he said.

Fr Drumm also warned that any amendment to the legislation must also be respectful of “parents’ rights to have their children educated in accordance with their wishes”.

But Fr Drumm remains confident that section 37 will not be deleted.


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  1. Fr Drumm knows that what he says is a truism but is deflecting from the whole truth that is because he does not love his neighbor who is a different religion or none to the Roman Catholic faith.It is a profoundly unchristian attitude to want to exclude young children from education in the same school.Shame on him and all those apartheid choice bigots.


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