Arthur Whyte minus doctor will make further attempts to heal your wallet and lodge for free in your head.

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Knowing how much Mr. Whyte realises he is breaking up marriages and creating a car crash in a lot of peoples heads, he persists in draining his smaller and smaller group of members of human and material resources. He seems to have learnt from his master Tony Quinn to use other peoples money – OPM Continue reading

Why did Bishop Joseph Cassidy retire at 61 after being conned by Christina Gallagher?

Bishop Cassidy

Watching the programme on the moving statues on RTE on Monday April 15, a few things are becoming clearer. Bishop Joseph Cassidy was a critical voice and was gentle in his questioning of the whole phenomenon. He was interviewed while he was Bishop of Clonfert. He was an energetic and relatively youthful bishop and soon became media spokesperson for the Irish Episcopal Conference. This role built on his talent for language and communication which was an attribute picked up at his Requiem Mass by his successor “he used language with care, with discrimination and with feeling. He loved to play on words and to pun. His homilies were not only education but entertainment. His language was fresh, his vision poetic.

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Later on 22 August 1987 he was appointed to the position of archbishop of the Archdiocese of Tuam. We heard about the Sligo situation back in 1983 and there it is not so much about moving statues but visions. It was here that Christina visited and likely conjured up her plan to create the House of Prayer. However, in her case there is no evidence of any deep spirituality just a vision of living in luxury and conning people. This is the link to Christina’s life of material wealth and spiritual delusion ably written about by Jim Gallagher, called Immaculate Deception.

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Did you know the racket at the House of Prayer is still making a lot of noise?

Ireland's Eye

Ireland’s Eye is the official mouthpiece for The House of Prayer? Continue reading

Julia Holmes a scam artist with an ability to turn water in wine, and to mesmerise all and sundry

Prime Time – 09/06/2015


Con woman Julia Holmes and the tale of an empty life and her sad ending in a suicide past.

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Pray for Christina she’s sick & needs money by Jim Gallagher, Sunday World, November 9, 2014

Further compelling evidence of a visionary out of control and able to hoodwink her disciples with abandon ably abetted by a priest in good standing with the Archdiocese of Armagh, Fr Gerard McGinnity PP of Knockbridge, Co Louth. What needs to be done to stop to this?

Please read the article as pdf’s here: Maria Hughes1         Maria Hughes2


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Watchdog rejects ‘pyramid’ scheme report complaint

Story from the Irish Independent

Complaints that a Prime Time/Sunday Independent investigation into a “get- rich-quick” pyramid-style selling scheme was “unfair, biased and offensive” have been rejected by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) which found the content was editorially justified and in the public interest.

The BAI said the company involved was offered a fair right of reply and the subject matter was treated in an objective manner throughout.


The complainant described himself as a licensee of MyShoppingGenie but RTE said it was unaware of the circumstances of Mr McDermott.

The BAI referred to undercover footage of a presentation given by the company which claimed “you can earn up to $20,000 a week”, “a million dollars a year potential”.

The BAI found that the substantive arguments of the programme were evidenced by the undercover footage and expert opinions and the complainant did not submit sufficient argument or evidence to the contrary.


Full story available from the Irish Independent

You can view the RTE documentary into My Shopping Genie here.

RTE Primetime – Carry On Regardless

A look at how some of the top developers are faring after the collapse of the Celtic tiger. And it seems they aren’t doing too badly at all, despite having made a dog’s dinner of our economy. Tales of the charismatic leaders who befuddle their followers are part and parcel of cultism. Make no mistake about it we have been, and apparently continue to be, befuddled. Continue reading

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