Joe Coleman moves from Disabled Catholic to New Age. Don’t forget the Revenue Joe!

In light of Joe’s chat with Joe Duffy in 2009 it looks like Joe C has gone freelance and is in obvious need of Catholic Instruction. May I suggest he submits himself to a period of study with Fr Jack Finnegan who could help him deal with all his therapies?

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Joe Coleman on Liveline in 2009. Short extract of Christina Gallagher as well

Christina Gallagher can be found at 19:36 – 20:14, 50:08 – 88, 1:04.50 – 1:06.25


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Joe Coleman on the Late Late Show: The dysfunctional shape of NAMA

Joe was more restrained on his visit to the show, but we are not just in for a double dip in the spiritual economy, but an end time wipe out. People turn to this type of New Age Marian Authority, (NAMA,) to cope with the current crisis. We could be in  a crisis for Catholicism as radical as the Reformation or is it a temporary blip with statistics still high for mass attendance in Ireland and a cultural religion which will hang on in there? Continue reading


Earlier in October we had a massive invasion of Knock by Joe Coleman. Here we see his star is waning. The reality check of the Murphy Report has sent a shock wave through Irish Catholicism which left all these peripheral types of spirituality at the edge. Since the bright sunny day he was last in Knock where people exposed their eyes to damage by the sun we have had a biblical style flood which has made people face real issues. The kind of event represented by Coleman in a rainy cold December had lost his its gloss. Also his appearance on Live Line had shown up his street fighting Mariolatry for what it was hum bug masquerading as devotion. There was a threatening tone and not the humility one associates with a true devotee. Read Jim Gallagher’s piece in the Sunday World after you have read what we wrote a few weeks ago. Continue reading

New section on “Religion.”

We are opening a new section on our site to reflect on Religion.

New Religious Movements, NRMs either benign or Cultist

can only be understood within a multi-disciplinary approach.

They arise out of a religious milieu or context.

It is clear that Ireland has a major problem in the area of religion.

Just over the last few months we have had the tree stump religion in

Co. Limerick, the realisation that the House of Prayer was more to

do with preying than praying. Continue reading

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