Nobody seems to know what Japa Yoga is about? Do let us know.

Image result for Dennis Curran Japa Yoga pics

Image result for Dennis Curran Japa Yoga pics

Dennis Curran

Dialogue Ireland has received reports about Japa Yoga over the past year. When one went on line there seemed nothing put an empire of people involved in every county.

Image result for Dennis Curran Japa Yoga pics

The issues involved seemed to involve excessively expensive courses, trips to India and totally inappropriate sexual contact between participants and therapists/ Yoga teachers. Continue reading

Tipperary woman fears company director husband is ‘under influence of yoga group’, court hears

Dialogue Ireland has been receiving a number of private messages about Japa for the past few weeks, but now the calls are beginning to make sense from family members who claim that they have lost contact with their family members. We intend to publish more material on this over the next period. Do send us your experiences. They seem to have teachers all over the land. Do send me biographical material about those involved so we can trace where they are coming from.…/japa-teachers/ Continue reading

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