JAPA. Check out Kingdom Water. Denis Curran and Co are back

Check out Kingdom Water. Denis Curran and Co are back”.

We finally have a new lead on Denis Curran who lives near Athy Co. Kildare.


It is clear there is still some infrastructure in place and some of his original disciples are still involved.
He has stated he is a Kildare man of Kerry origin.

Thanks for sending it on. Have you any other news or contacts?

“No. Few years ago I was part of the Nenagh group but had the good sense to get out”

Did you read the material we had up?

I don’t think we were in touch

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Dialogue Ireland attempts to meet Dennis Curran at a monastery in Moone, Co. Kildare

Dennis C pic


Dialogue Ireland has been involved in bringing the issue of Japa to the Irish public.
Initial reports showed how a company in Nenagh seemed to be brought under undue influence. The initial reports spoke about a Yoga group and we named it as Japa. Within days the Japa web site was taken down. Also all the Japa psychotherapists pretended they knew nothing about what was going on. We then had the remarkable situation where teachers who had been up to their eyes in sending folks to India and sending people to Dennis acted as if they were innocents abroad.
Recently we had a strange video put up by Fergal Cusack which is really revealing.
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Japa Yoga: Fergal Cusack claims to have interviewed 200 women about sexual abuse and worked with about 10,000 clients. This video was made while driving a car.


There was significant action in regard to bringing Dennis Curran and Shashi Dubey to account.


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A survivor of Japa is slowly smelling the coffee and the taste of freedom

Here is the testimony of a victim of Japa. Do read their story. We are hoping it will not be long before we get further evidence in regard to this group.




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Japa might be history but we might be close to a breakthrough…..


We are approaching a year and the Japa story is really not gathering traction. The teachers have like ostriches placed their heads in the sand and instead of standing up and taking responsibility they have brazenly just changed the name from Japa to meditation or mindfulness or whatever.  We were approached about a very significant connection to Japa, but because of the issue of the laws on defamation, we must wait till we have sufficient evidence to publish.

Yesterday we received a donation and this lovely comment enclosed with the donation:

Thank you so much for publishing this site as it has saved my life from Japa cult and without the articles that my family and fiancee saw I would not be living very happily now.


Yes, many of you have toiled to send me your accounts, and like me are hoping for a breakthrough. On our Facebook page, I get notices to boost my posts. FB does not seem to get that our aims are not financial but social to help those affected to find out the truth about Japa

Sashi and the Vindaloo version of Japa


Oh yes, I’ve heard a few stories concerning mental abuse too. It seems that one of the major priorities were the trips to India. From what I saw, everyone who joined that Japa group was eventually encouraged to go to India at least once. It was said that India is such a holy place, such a sacred place etc. You were convinced that if you go to India, you could get great blessings, great healing, improve your life, resolve this or that situation, improve your karma, bla bla etc.etc. Looking back, I think that the trips to India was part and parcel of the whole thing. The actual Japa meditation was just a means to an end. To get perple to go to India. Didn’t Sashi Dubey offer financial support in the setting up of Japa Centres? To teach, it didn’t seem to matter what qualifications you had etc., as long as you got in more people. More people = More customers? Was Japa Meditation merely the vehicle in which people were turned into willing customers? People were turned into customers who were willing to pay massive amounts to go to India? Part of Shashi Dubeys deliberate plan? The big money is in the West. Continue reading

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