The legacy issues involving inappropriate sexual activity by the founder of the FWBO / Triratna, Sangharakshita (Dennis Lingwood)




Padmaloka community ~ FWBO / Triratna from Dialogue Ireland on Vimeo. video “Padmaloka community ~ FWBO /




Triratna” was produced by BBC (East) and broadcast in the Eastern Region of England on 26 September 2016.  The BBC also produced a news report about this programme:

The BBC said they had spoken to three men who say they were pressured into having a homosexual relationship with Sangharakshita (Dennis Lingwood) under the guise of spiritual friendship. One man said he was under the legal age of consent for homosexual sex at the time.

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Safeguarding the Order in India (Triratna Bauddha Mahasangha in India)


Provided via a former order member of FWBO / Triratna, the recent document ‘Safeguarding the Order in India’ seems to indicate
mishandling of finances  and wide spread sexual misconduct of order members. (Worse still, some have even been spiritually unfaithful to Sangharakshita and Triratna and compromised their spiral path ….) To what extent were Indian order members copying the alleged sexual misconduct of their UK leader Sangharakshita? To what extent might charitable funds collected from UK donors by The Karuna Trust doorstop campaigns be involved? As in UK, the primary focus of Triratna worldwide is to spread the Dharma (Dhamma) as presented by Sangharakshita (aka Dennis from Tooting).
In India, the Triratna Buddhist Community is known as the Triratna Bauddha Mahasangha. Its work in India has two aspects: firstly providing facilities for teaching the Dhamma among Buddhists from the communities formerly known as ‘untouchable’, and secondly running social work projects to contribute to the betterment of those communities.



KULA: Amoghasiddhi, Amritdip, Chandrasil, Jnanasuri, Karunamaya, Subhuti, and Yashosagar. August 2012

The Triratna Bauddha Sangha is, as we all know well, a spiritual community of men and women who Go for Refuge to the Three Jewels. We look to the Buddha Shakyamuni as our guide and inspiration and it is his teachings that we practise and try to spread to others. In India, most of us have come to the Sangha through the inspiration of Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar and our Sangha is devoted to carrying out his great vision of bringing Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity to India and the world by means of the Dhamma. Continue reading

The BBC comes out of the past to face the Friends of the Western Buddhist Order/ Triratna Buddhist Community

Next on Jo Taylor examines allegations of historic abuse at a religious centre.



Though this programme can only be viewed in the UK we hope that as a charity dedicated to informing the public on cultism we might be able to in due course obtain a link to this important programme. Those who would like to study more about this group please go to these links below.

Here you will find another programme broadcast as early as 1992 and this shows how these issues still are raising questions. It was entitled “Going for Refuge.”

Jo Taylor examines allegations of historic abuse at a religious centre.

BBC One Cambridgeshire, East only at 19:30


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Triratna/FWBO and grooming by Sangharakshita is the Order of the day.

The author has reflected long and hard and through a process of reflection has come to the realisation that under the guise of Buddhism a horrendous sexual injustice has been perpetrated on young men to undermine and leave them incapable of reacting.



Sangharakshita: ‘Greek Love’, ‘Fierce Friendship’ and the perversion of Buddhism. By: Alan J. W.

The purpose of this article, is to explain how several forms of unethical behaviour were promoted and practised by senior members of Sangharakshita’s Order. I have employed a psychological perspective, because I feel that this approach gives the most revealing insight into these damaging developments. Continue reading

Inside the cult of Sangharakshita Its formative years, by an ex- long-term member: Ex-Mitra.

In Ireland the Friends of the Western Buddhist Order/ Triratna Buddhist Community FWBO/TBC is known as the Dublin Buddhist Centre. They have a centre on Joyce Street, Dublin 1.

In their own words:


Read the article as a Word document:

Inside the cult of Sangharakshita-1

Inside the cult of Sangharakshita

Its formative years, by an ex- long-term member.
I was involved with the FWBO/TBC intermittently from the late 70’s until the early 2000’s. Until the late 1980’s I was heavily involved and in the centre of things – including the ordination process. I was, however, never ordained into Sangharakshita’s Order; the reason will become obvious in the content of this article.
There are a few general points that I should make: as I feel that they have not been given the importance they merit in other commentaries on the FWBO/TBC that I have read.

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The Sex Lives of Godmen Of spiritual Healers, hypnosis artists and sexual exploiters BY Mihir Srivastava

This essay from Open Magazine/ 5 October 2013 is a very helpful analysis from an Indian perspective of the issues we have been dealing with in regard to both sexual abuse in some Christian contexts, but more directly in regard to our commentary in regard to Tantric Sex in Lamaism. Because it does not directly look at the Tibetan Tantra directly, but shows the way westerners approach this subject it is a helpful mirror to hold up to these practices in the West. It also has relevance for those studying the influence of Tony Quinn. Continue reading

The Buddhist organisations that are thriving during the debt crisis by Mary Finnigan in The Guardian

In times of financial hardship, meditators are still willing to pay large fees to hear the teachings of high-profile Buddhists

Friday 18 November 2011 Continue reading

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