Islam to become Ireland’s second religion by 2043 by Ralph Riegel, Irish Independent

Dear Ralph,

What are you doing writing an article about mosques in Dublin when we expect you to be giving us the story from Lee side? This is obviously a stocking filler, as it is completely based on conjecture and is going to get the recycling prize for 2013.

It is very true that Gerry Gannon is trying to off load a property on the northside of Dublin which has a bus to it and a Dart station, but up till now we have shown that there is no evidence that any mosque is about to be built. We have sought evidence from those involved like Abdul Haseeb who is supposed to be the project manager? Continue reading

Bahai world religion or failed Islamic sect?

The Bahai letter below is a good piece to begin a review of it as a World Religion:

In Ireland they have been around for a number of years, but I came across them first in limerick in the early 70’s. Generally they had a very peaceful profile and seemed to be a helpful player when confronted by the sectarian Protestant/ Catholic conflict. Continue reading

Saudi plan for Dublin school – The Bahai Take.

The Irish Times – Thursday, December 17, 2009

Saudi plan for Dublin school Continue reading


A New book by L. Wikström

This book, called “Nyandligt” i.e. “New Spirituality”, is part of the Lutheran World Federation’s program on New Religious Movements. Since 1971 the author has worked as a secretary for Press and Literature on the staff of the Church of Sweden Mission. Before that he was for seventeen years a minister in the Diocese of Lulea, “the Diocese in the North” of Sweden. Continue reading

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