Central 610 Office is China’s Cult Department

China’s mysterious ‘anti-cult’ office

Want China Times

Staff Reporter


The recent announcement of a graft investigation into public security vice minister Li Dongsheng has cast a spotlight on the mysterious “anti-cult” office he has headed since October 2009, reports Duowei News, an outlet run by overseas Chinese. Continue reading

David Matas, human rights lawyer, Nobel Peace Prize Nominee and Co Author of Bloody Harvest with Pat Kenny

Organ Trafficking Monday 8th July, Pat Kenny RTE 1

Forced organ harvesting refers to the unethical procurement of organs for transplantation without consent. My next guest claims that in China prisoners of conscience, such as members of Falun Gong are killed for their organs. Independent investigations and objective findings, suggest that more than 60,000 people may have been killed for this purpose. Today Dublin City University is hosting a conference on this subject and Pat was joined in studio by David Matas, human rights lawyer, Nobel Peace Prize Nominee and Co Author of Bloody Harvest.

http://www.rte.ie/radio1/today-with-pat-kenny/programmes/2013/0708/461182-today-with-pat-kenny-monday-8-july-2013/?clipid=1260357 Continue reading

China ‘murdering Falun Gong members for organ harvesting’

Irish Times By Peter Murtagh Thu, Jul 11, 2013, 06:46

Oireachtas joint committee hears that some 65,000 Falun Gong practitioners have been murdered to facilitate organ transplant


Photograph: Daniel J Groshong/Bloomberg
Members of the outlawed Falun Gong organisation play instruments during a rally in Hong Kong. Ireland has been urged to lobby the European Union to confront the Chinese authorities more trenchantly over the forced removal of organs Continue reading

If New Epoch is still in your Tesco……

We reported that Tesco had taken the New Epoch Newspaper out of their stores. But I was in the Drumcondra Tesco this morning and it is still there.

Please leave a comment to tell us if you are still seeing it in your Tesco. You can also write to Lorriane Sheils from Tesco to let her know.


Tesco clarifies relationship to New Epoch Newspaper

Dialogue Ireland had brought to the attention of Tesco that the New Epoch newspaper generally associated with Falun Gong was being given  out free in some of their supermarkets. This would give them an unfair advantage over other religious, or alternative philosophically based publishers. The quality of the reports is not in doubt and the background to events in China avoid the usual uncritical view of the political system.

I’ve had a talk with our Commercial buyer about the Epoch Times.

This newspaper is not listed as a saleable newspaper with us so we don’t charge for it. As such, it should not be in any of our stores as we don’t stock free newspapers (apart from one or two such as the Gazette Group where we have existing long term agreements).

Since it should not be in stores, we have issued a request to stores who may have stocks in their porches to remove it and not stock it any more as it contravenes our newspaper policy.



Lorraine Shiels

Communications Executive

Corporate Affairs Department

Tesco Ireland

Falun Gong and the Chinese Government looking in the mirror?

The news about Falun Gong is not what it used to be, but the Chinese state  regards it to be an evil cult.

Equally Falun Gong regards the Chinese state as an evil cult. The Epoch Times though it claims to be independent is regarded as an instrument of the Falun Gong views. Continue reading

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