A course in Miracles with a little bit of grooming thrown in

CULT FOLLOWING Irish spiritual guru on sex charges in Ibiza said he heals cancer with sex and is ‘St Michael’

A Spanish psychoanalyst said: ‘Murray sought to control and gain power. Along with that, access to sex and drugs’

Irishman Michael Murray, a self-styled ‘spiritual guru’, denies the charges against him

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But their business is still up.


Thousands of pilgrims have visited the House of Prayer on Achill but Christina Gallagher has announced that it will now close.

For the past five years the house on Achill Island has been a place of worship for many. Founder of the House of Prayer Christina Gallagher claims to have visions of the Virgin Mary and to have stigmata on her feet, .

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Magnificat Meal Movement. Clare Forkin – sister of F. Dermot Forkin dies

For sometime we have known that members of the Haughey and Forkin family are in Vanuatu. With the lockdown in both Australia and in New Zealand, the economy on the island must be in a bad way?

Also the last I heard Debra was in dispute about the charges for using the port.



To understand the evolution of the Magnificat Meal Movement my thesis dating to May 2006 gives a good background.

There is YouTube video with the funeral Mass for Clare.

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Society of St Pius X


I am a former member of the laity who attended Masses offered by the breakaway Catholic group, the Society of St Pius X (SSPX). This group has been established in Ireland since the 1980s. My family started attending their chapels when I was a child. I left the Society many years ago and now I look back and believe that this group is a cult or has cultic tendencies. My understanding of a cult or high demand group is that it is not defined by belief but by behaviour, that behaviour being undue influence and control over other people’s lives. It is possible that the Society of St Pius X was initially set up with good intentions but quickly became a high demand group with cultic characteristics. I wish to highlight what attracts well-meaning Catholics to this group and the control that is then exercised over many aspects of their lives. I also wish to highlight the need for a greater understanding of cultic issues and groups in Ireland by the Irish Government. There is a great need for a State funded body to provide support and advice to cult survivors, to investigate high demand cultic groups, to provide education about this topic to the general public. The Government has done great work in passing legislation making coercive control in personal relationships a crime that can be tried in court. Coercive control exercised by cultic groups must also be addressed.

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‘There was no reprimand, nothing changed’: Survivors criticise Jehovah’s Witness elders for failing to act over child sexual abuse claims

The Jehovah’s Witnesses church says its elders “endeavour to comply with secular laws about reporting allegations of abuse” – but survivors say that does not necessarily translate to helping the authorities. Jason Farrell

Home editor @JasonFarrellSky

Wednesday 1 September 2021 21:44, UK

Elders at the Jehovah's Witnesses church have been accused of failing to act on sexual abuse claims
Image: Elders at the Jehovah’s Witnesses church have been accused of failing to act on sexual abuse claims
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Jehovahs Witnesses: ‘Shocking failures’ in child protection in religious institutions, report finds

 IICSA Report – Conclusion 25:

The Jehovah’s Witnesses are one of few religious organisations which have an internal disciplinary process which can lead to the expulsion of members. The internal disciplinary processes of the Jehovah’s Witnesses continue to use a rule of corroborative evidence known outside the community as ‘the two-witness rule’, whereby in the absence of a confession the evidence of two material witnesses is required to establish an allegation, which can then lead to disfellowship for the purposes of internal discipline. The rule is not intended to be a safeguarding measure. Nevertheless, it has no place in any response to child sexual abuse and fails to reflect the reality that by its very nature child sexual abuse is most often perpetrated in the absence of witnesses. The rule’s capacity to cause harm to victims and survivors of child sexual abuse is clear. We have received first-hand evidence of this harm. As it presently operates, the Jehovah’s Witnesses internal disciplinary process for disfellowshipping members bears no relationship to how sexual crime happens. The continuing use of this rule shows a disregard of the seriousness of the crimes involved and their impact on individuals. It also lacks compassion for the victim, and serves to protect the perpetrator.

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