The Burke Family: The way things are going it is not a family court that we need but a family prison.

We note a lot of people are totally missing the point of the breach of the law by Enoch Burke and his family. Literally some people can only see the trans issue which is not the subject of this case.

We now have a significant minority who condone breaking the law, interference with the course of justice and disruption and violence in the actual court room. Interrupting judges by a family who call themselves Christians but who are a totally lawless and out of control.

Daily Mail, 8 March 2023, Page 8 “Chaos in court as Burke family members have to be dragged out by gardai”

They are not under the discipline of any form of Christian community and unable to articulate in a calm manner their concerns. The process that needed to be followed was to appeal his suspension then his dismissal. He can’t do so as at each stage he sabotages his chances of getting a hearing.

I am now asking myself are we are seeing the emergence of a “family cult”? One without restraint or direction.

The threat of violence is there on each occasion as the temperature rises. The normal parental role is missing as there is a total lack of objectivity. Also as the family is representing themselves they are in one getting legal services for free but with the fines and the legal costs rising daily the costs are going to be astronomical.

Also because the family has no independent legal representation they are like bulls in a China shop.

Here we see the violent outburst and ejection for disrupting the court. It starts with Ammi who disrupted the court and in this Virgin Media news report falls over as she is literally thrown outside the gates of the court. She is wearing high heels.

Deborah Naylor. Courts Correspondent for Virgin Media News, reports on 7th March 2023.
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Is the Burke family becoming radicalised beyond redemption? Is this about gender or cultism?

The Sunday World reported on Sunday 26th February 2023 how Dialogue Ireland had made attempts to meet with Enoch Burke.

Enoch Burke at Wilson’s Hospital School in Multyfarnham

Burke was in prison at Mountjoy Prison after breaching an injunction preventing him from teaching pending the outcome of a disciplinary process.

The school’s barrister had argued the disciplining was regarding Burke ignoring a lawful decision by his school’s board.

Religious mediator wrote to Enoch Burke in prison to open a ‘dialogue’“, Sunday World, Sunday 26th February 2023

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“Women Talking” – Movie Review

Women Talking? Or Distorting? Second Thoughts On A Review.

Sheila O’Malley reviewed the film “Women Talking” for Roger Ebert’s website. Here Mike Garde re-reviews. Garde is the Director of Dialogue Ireland and happens to be a Mennonite.

Or some men acting very badly and some men acting very well. Courageous women and to the judiciary of Bolivia really putting bad guys behind bars for 25 years. 

Review: Just seen it and it is compelling. A good example of how a church should deal with crime. It shows a group which broke with stereotypes. The lesson was not for men but for all of us. It was good to see a man serving a group of women in the movie but he is psychologically castrated for artistic reasons to fit into a modern brief. Deep issues around the law, forgiveness, justice and fighting and flight…but It was a false flag operation.

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A course in Miracles with a little bit of grooming thrown in

CULT FOLLOWING Irish spiritual guru on sex charges in Ibiza said he heals cancer with sex and is ‘St Michael’

A Spanish psychoanalyst said: ‘Murray sought to control and gain power. Along with that, access to sex and drugs’

Irishman Michael Murray, a self-styled ‘spiritual guru’, denies the charges against him

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But their business is still up.

Thousands of pilgrims have visited the House of Prayer on Achill but Christina Gallagher has announced that it will now close.

For the past five years the house on Achill Island has been a place of worship for many. Founder of the House of Prayer Christina Gallagher claims to have visions of the Virgin Mary and to have stigmata on her feet, .

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Magnificat Meal Movement. Clare Forkin – sister of F. Dermot Forkin dies

For sometime we have known that members of the Haughey and Forkin family are in Vanuatu. With the lockdown in both Australia and in New Zealand, the economy on the island must be in a bad way?

Also the last I heard Debra was in dispute about the charges for using the port.…/dermot-forkin…/

To understand the evolution of the Magnificat Meal Movement my thesis dating to May 2006 gives a good background.

There is YouTube video with the funeral Mass for Clare.

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