The ongoing troubles for the Cash Church Victory.

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Royal Canadian Mounted Police believe it is necessary to have an organisation in order to get workers vetted to engage with child protection.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Here we spell out what the police told us. Please address this Workers and Friends from around the world. We called the Police in Cranbrook, BC, Canada and they were very clear that anyone who wished to work with vulnerable people must be vetted and and only an organisation can do it!

Community police services are provided by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police through a contract with the City of Cranbrook.




Royal Canadian Mounted Police – Cranbrook Detachment Office
31 – 11th Avenue South
Cranbrook BC
V1C 2N9

General Information/Requests: 250-489-3471

For all emergencies requiring RCMP, Fire or Ambulance services, please call 911. 

 Click here for additional emergency contact information.

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Report on the 2X2’s by Dialogue Ireland with reference to Child Protection and other issues.





In 2012 we published a testimony of a person who grew up in the 2X2’s and it led to significant debate. Some including Evangelical Christians tended to regard the 2X2’s as a cult because they did not hold to a full statement of Evangelical belief.

This led to the focus on this issue in the publication of the very provocative book, by Irvine Grey,  “Two by Twos” The Shape of a Shapeless Movement. Continue reading

Man under ‘spiritual dominance’ when he donated €200,000 to House of Prayer, court told

A stained glass window commissioned for the House of Prayer in Achill Sound. The  retreat, founded by Christina Gallagher, a self-proclaimed Marian visionary, denies the claims. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons

A stained glass window commissioned for the House of Prayer in Achill Sound. The retreat, founded by Christina Gallagher, a self-proclaimed Marian visionary, denies the claims. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons

Son of donor in legal action over sum paid to retreat, which claims money given voluntarily

DI: Imagine making out a donation intended for a HOUSE of Prayer to a building company. Enough is enough. Excommunicate Christina Gallagher and get Gerard McGinnity to stop being an accessory to the scam. The negligence of the bishops is beyond belief. They have refused to halt Fr McGinnity from going to give sustenance to this so called visionary £€$. They have the evidence which is in a book published by Jim Gallagher nearly 10 years and which I personally gave to each bishop in the Episcopal Conference.
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Christina Gallagher and the House of Ballina X 7.

Christina Gallagher House Ballina

Due to the negligence of the Catholic Church the fake visionary and knitting needle induced stigmata visionary Christina Gallagher is getting away with a massive spiritual scam of vulnerable adults. Her house close to junction of the Cleggs Road and the N 59/Sligo Road seems unloved and those I talked to about the house have never seen her ever. The walls have all the appearances of a guilty conscience.…/christinas-7th-hea…/

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War of words over cult cash, By Pavel Barter, The Sunday Times, January 14, 2018

Dan Brown Origin6


The Sunday Times asks the question has Dialogue Ireland been defamed in Dan Brown’s New book, “Origin?” This article spells out the issues involved.


A character in Origin discovers “a shocking trove of private documents that outlined a brutal war that had been waged against the Palmarian Church for over a decade”. This war “apparently included lawsuits, threats bordering on blackmail, and huge donations to anti-Palmarian watchdog groups like Palmar de Troya Support and Dialogue Ireland.”

“In 2015, Brown told the Web Summit Conference in Dublin of his desire to set a book in Ireland.”  It seems that Brown has decided to base his defamation of a Charity working to assist those who have been seriously affected by the Palmarians in Ireland. He makes the Palmarians the victims and Dialogue Ireland the aggressor. We have received no funding from anyone to work against the Palmarians and definitely have had no legal battle against them and did not use blackmail. Though it is quite appropriate to write fiction, it is another thing to claim your research is accurate and you can’t defame a charity. We wrote to Dan Brown and he promised to reply when I phoned their New York office. Now we are pretty clear where we need to go with this.

Please read the PDF of the article here:  War of words over cult cash


Dan Brown Origin4…/c…/palmarian-church/

Article on Defamation 1

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Preacher in religious sect assaulted boy

A travelling preacher in a religious sect has been jailed for a year for indecently assaulting and attempting to indecently assault a young boy, who was also a member of that sect, in the 1970s.




The court was told Robert Noel Tanner, aged 74, Hillcrest, Crush, Glanmire, Co Cork, had assaulted the boy while he was staying at the home of the victim’s parents in the 1970s.

In sentencing the pensioner, Judge Stephen Fowler said it was a “gross breach of trust, not to mention the hypocrisy of preaching to the sect and child by doing this behind their back”.

The parents were also members of the sect and the preacher was in his early 30s when the offences occurred and the boy was in his early teens. It was customary for a preacher to stay in the homes of other members of the sect, the court heard.

At Dungannon Crown Court, the defendant, who has Parkinson’s disease, admitted both charges for the offences, which happened on dates between December 31, 1973, and January 2, 1975.

The court heard the defendant had asked the boy “at what stage does the seed start coming”.

The boy thought the preacher was referring to a religious term.

However, the defendant then touched the boy’s private parts and masturbated him.

He then told his victim not to tell anyone and he tried to abuse the boy again, when the latter was lying on the bed and reading a child’s encyclopaedia, but he was unable to do so, as the boy lay face down on the bed and the defendant was unable to turn him over.

Judge Fowler said the defendant later tried to say the boy had been reading pornography.

He wrote to the parents of the boy 10 years ago, admitting his guilt and he apologised for his actions.

Judge Fowler said it was clear the victim had suffered significantly and continued to suffer significant psychological effects.

The judge said the defendant had previous convictions in the Republic of Ireland, but his early plea had saved the victim the ordeal of giving evidence before a jury.

Judge Fowler said Tanner’s remorse was genuine and not born out of self-pity and he noted his age and his Parkinson’s disease.

In addition to a year’s jail sentence, Tanner was ordered to sign the Sex Offenders’ Register and was not allowed to be near children or vulnerable adults for a period of a year.

Pensioner jailed for year for indecently assaulting young sect member in 1970s

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