The Sunday World understands Criminality – so therefore understands Cultism: Nicola Tallant on Sunday World at 50

Nicola Tallant, three-time awardee of Irish Crime Journalist of the Year, writes on the 50th anniversary of the Sunday World.

Tallant notably exposed the Mucky Messiah Tony Quinn, only to be sought to appear in depositions in Colorado to expose her sources along with Dialogue Ireland Director Mike Garde. Judge Hogan thankfully saw sense and prevented that from happening. Justice Hogan saw that the work of journalism and the work of Dialogue Ireland in assisting the victims of cultism are protected by the Irish constitution.

Sunday World, 7th May 2023

When we read the article we were happy to see Nicola talk about Tony Quinn in the same paragraph as organised crime. Her predecessor Paul Williams spoke at the 2007 Dialogue Ireland “Cracking Cults” conference and gave a lecture in the area of Dublin where Gerry “The Monk” Hutch used to own properties connected to his criminal activity. It was entitled “Criminal Cults”. Initially Paul Williams was not convinced about the link between criminality and cultism but it soon became clear as his talk progressed that he was outlining all the characteristics of Cults in his presentation. So it is no surprise that DI has had a natural connection with the Sunday World. There is no substitute for the photos over text. One thinks of Nicola Tallant stalking poor Tony Quinn in Monte Carlo, or the photographers given intelligence that Christina Gallagher was arriving back at Dublin Airport from an Italian pilgrimage as a woman of deep spirituality and simplicity. Suddenly she looks well groomed and has her expensive Gucci bag attached. The photograph tells us the real story. The earliest example was the writer and journalist Jim Gallagher and his amazing book, The Immaculate Deception which is a damming indictment of the fake visionary and money making racket. The book shows cheques made out to Fr McGinnity and we get a clear look at the contradictory life of this woman of prey. He also has a massive series of articles with detailed stories on people affected by the House of Prayer.

More recently Alan Sherry is adding to the work Jim has done with more articles raising serious issues about how Gallagher is able to create a portfolio of properties in Ireland and the USA.

The dark deeds of those who inhabit the world of crime often come about by the same mechanics that coerce and manipulate those who fall prey to religious, commercial and political cults. Tallant writes in the article of “the fabric of society and community and the inequalities that exist for many who are marginalised and who are poor [..] we are actually all to blame.

Whether we are talking about organised crime or cult-leaders like Christina Gallagher and Tony Quinn, we are talking about organised criminality; groups of people who are not always acting in their best interests, but whoever is at the top. And it is most likely the case that those at the top benefit, whilst those at the bottom suffer and are punished.

Here Tallant shares her memories and why the Sunday World is an important publication in Ireland.

Darker side: How the Sunday World’s relentless investigations are a thorn in the side of gangsters

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