MMM are trying to take over Vanuatu in more ways than one. John Tonner from Chauffer to husband for Claire to beloved son of Princess Debra.

Speaking to Our lady

Magnificat Meal Movement. A blast from the past.…/magnificat-meal-mo…/

Could you please send us information about Debra? We hear she is now not hearing anything from Or Lady but rather from the elemental spirits of the universe. Continue reading

MMM ~ Magnificat Meal Movement. “Is Vanuatu ‘harbouring’ a wolf in sheep’s clothing?” by By Tony Wilson, Editor The Vanuatu Independent.



Conwoman Debra Marie Burslem who sought refuge in Vanuatu from Australian authorities in 2007 and now resides with followers in Port Vila, and partner John Tonner (right).

This is the first report in a long time. Debra was at forefront of a scam that affected hundreds of Irish families. The small Hamlet of Helidon, near Twowoomba, Queensland was at the centre of operations. She escaped justice in Vanuatu and did a deal with her former assistant Claire Murphy. She and Clare Birchley now present themselves as anti cult experts. Now Debra’s chauffeur John Tonner is her partner. He was formerly married to Claire Murphy her assistant from Ireland to allow her to stay in Australia as the enforcer of Debra’s schemes. You have heard of a baptism of desire, this was not a marriage of desire. The last time I saw John and Debra together was in 2003 when I visited the area. I was in a shopping Centre in Twowoomba where I saw Debra assisting John to buy underwear. Later that evening I received a visit from the police with a complaint I was stalking Debra and Claire? Needless to say I resisted arrest. Continue reading

THE SATANIC MURDER IRELAND FORGOT by Donal MacIntyre, Sunday World, 30 May 2011

Donal MacIntyre Investigates

This is the shocking document* that reveals the full horror of the satanic slaying of a six-year-old boy, in the murder that Ireland forgot. Continue reading

Kidnapped child was murdered in satanic rite By JIM CUSACK in Sunday Independent Sun May 29 2011

Details of 1973 killing revealed as hearing told no death cert issued

By JIM CUSACK Sunday May 29, 2011


The murdered seven-year-old boy found in an attic in Dublin in 1973 was tied to rafters in the attic in a “cruciform”, the author of a forthcoming book on the killing has said. Continue reading

New inquest into 1973 Satanic killing of boy (7) By Cormac Byrne Evening Herald Wed May 25 2011

Attic: Child was found tied to rafters in decades-old shock murder

By Cormac Byrne Evening Herald Wed May 25 2011 Continue reading

RTE’s ‘Bad Fellas’ documentary, episode 3

Episode 3 in RTE’s look into the history and operation of Irish criminal gangs.
Continue reading

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