Note: Dialogue Ireland are currently working on publishing the entire UPDATE magazine archive on this page. We are constantly scanning and adding extra articles, and the process to complete the archive will take some time. We hope our visitors will be patient with us. Our existing, and still incomplete,  UPDATE ARCHIVE IS CURRENTLY OFFLINE UNTIL THE END OF 2019.

From 1977 until 1986, UPDATE was published as a quarterly journal on New Religious Movements by the Dialog Center in Aarhus with the following stated goals:

  1. UPDATE publishes analytical articles that are based on firsthand data and interpretive research of a variety of authors. Through those articles, the journal equips the Church with a theological, sociological, and psychological understanding of new religious groups.
  2. UPDATE is a forum where Christians discuss new religions with other interested readers.
  3. UPDATE sponsors a compassionate dialog, in print, between readers who hold to a Christian worldview with those who participate in new religions.

While Dialogue Ireland no longer has a Christian-based focus, the articles and materials that were first published in UPDATE remain equally as a relevant today to Dialogue Ireland’s mission of public education on the issues of cultism.

1977 – Issue 1

The Mantra as an Instrument of Salvation – By Carl Gustav Diehl
Unethical Ethics (Scientology) – By Johannes Aagaard
A pool of information – By Johannes Aagaard
TM related articles:

1977 – Issue 2

R. Kranenborg: Zelfverwerkelijking – Book discussing Eastern religions
Guru and God – By Johannes Aagaard
Scientology articles:

1977 – Issue 3 & 4

Introduction – Religion & Sex
A Yogic Attitude to Sex – By Johannes Aagaard
Krsna Consciousness In The West – By R.T. Crowley
The Divine Principle And Sexuality – By Rev. Moon Myung Sun
Happy Hookers for Jesus / Children of God’s Sex Revolution – By Lester Wikström
Book: Nyandligt (New Spirituality) by Lester Wikström
Scientology Literature – By Jan Grønborg

1978 – Issue 1

Introduction – New religious movements and politics
Yogic Meditation And Action – By Johannes Aagaard
Political Implications In Neo-Buddhism – By Thomas Hultberg
Transcendental Meditation And Politics – By Peter Maarbjerg
TM Is A Religious Practice, Court Rules – By Peter Maarbjerg
The Children Of God’s Attitude Towards Politics – By Pernille Aagaard
Sun Myung Moon And The Third World War – By Pernille Aagaard
AAO – An Anarchistic Organisation? – By Flemming Falkenberg Olsen

1978 – Issue 2

Editorial & Introduction
Much Ado About Nothing? – By Ole Riis
European Influences on Sri Aurobindo’s Thought – By M.G.van Dijk
Salvation And Death – By Johannes Aagaard
New Religious Movements In Norway – By Arild Romarheim
The Present Situation In Sweden And Recent Developments In The New Religious Scene – By Lester Wikström
Some TM-Literature: A Survey – By R. Kranenborg

1978 – Issue 3 & 4

Much ado about nothing? (Part 2) – By Ole Riis
US Government Charges Against Scientology – By Jakob Andersen
A major victory? – By Peter Jensen, Church Of Scientology
Scientology Loses A Case In France
The French Inquisition – By Peter Jensen, Church Of Scientology
Author Files $20-Million Suit Against Scientologists
The Naked Emperor – By Johannes Aagaard
The Maryknoll Congress 1978
The Book Of Religions – Book review by Lennart Lundberg
Cults Are Coming, Attracting Millions Of Nation’s Youth – St. Paul Pioneer Press
The Left-Hand-Path Of Tantra… And The Ramakrishna Mission – By Willem Van Hatten

1979 – Issue 1 & 2

Editorial & News
Much Ado About Nothing? (part 3) – By Ole Riis
Ananda Marga
What has happened to the AAO? – By Karl Iro, ZEG, Berlin
The Children of God – By Gottfried Oosterwal
U.S. Court of Appeals Rules Against TM Movement – By Spiritual Counterfeits Project
TM and Religion: TM Has Now Got an Order of Monks! – By Johannes Aagaard
Interview With Swami Satyananda, Transcendental Meditation, Rishikesh
My Pledge (Unification Church)
A Visit To The Shree Rajneesh Ashram – By Mikkel Pade
The Road To Total Freedom (Book about Scientology) – Review by Ole Riis

1979 – Issue 3 & 4

Church, What Is Your Mission? – Today? – By Johannes Aagaard
The Real Danger – By Friedrich-Wilhelm Haack
TMs Secret Texts:

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