Religion & Sex – Update Introduction, 1977 Issue 3 & 4

The relation between religion and sexuality cannot be reduced to one model. Different religious attitudes give different relations to sexuality. This is also the case with the new religions movements.

This issue of “Up Date” documents this diversity. The first article describes a Yogic attitude to Sex, underlining that it is a – not the – Yogic attitude. The Swami Narayanananda of Rishikesh and Coorg (near Bangalore) has by now gained a rather following in the northern countries of Europe, including Germany. It is especially in Denmark that he gas gained a foothold, having two monastic communities in Gylling (Jutland). Even if this guru is not ypical, he is on the other hand not atypical either. He rpepresents in a general way a popular version of Sir John Woodroffe’s Tantric pattern. The author of this presentation is the director of the Institute of Missiology and Ecumenics, University of Arhus, Denmark, dr. Johannes Aargaard, who is also one of the editors of this magazine.

The second article is written by one of the late Swami. Prabhupada’s most able disciples, R. T. Crowley, dealing with Krishna Consciousness in the West. In this article the relation between the thirst for pleasure and its spiritual origin is described, while at the same time expressing the disciplined and puritan nature of the sex-life within the Hare-Krishna Movement.

The attitude to sexuality, taken by the leader of the Unification Church of The Tongil Family, Rev. Moon Myung Sun, is not just puritan, but repressive. The text published is an internal instruction given by the Father himself to his children, interpreting the relation between The Divine Principle and Sexuality. Rev. Moon advocates celibacy and states that he is more strict than God in this respect, but he first of all prepares his disciples for the holy marriage, which will become the decisive liberating reality in their lives.

The Father-figure of the Children of God, Moses David has quite the opposite attitude to sex – He teaches the disciples to live and work as Happy Hookers for Jesus, involving a very open attitude to sexual realities. This rather liberal attitude is, however, supported with a fundamentalist exegesis, which is quite new and interesting. The author of this article is Lester Wikstrom, a Swedish pastor and journalist, working for the Church of Sweden Mission. He has just published a book on “New Spirituality”, and this book is reviewed at the end of this issue.

Finally we publish an annotated bibliography on Scientology, well aware that this is just a selective list. Books and printed matters from Scientology represent a huge mountain of communication, but this selection of material will give the critical reader a substantial understanding of the Scientology-phenomenon.

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