The Meaning of Some TM-Mantras

Note: Due to the difficulty in reproducing some of the characters in HTML we have provided a scanned copy of the original article below.

The mantra-interpretations are taken from the interpretations given by Sir John Woodroffe in his “The Garland of Letters”, 1974 p. 262f. The orthography of the mantras are somewhat different from the TM-version, but that they are identical is quite clear.

1) AIM

Sarasvatyartha ai-shabdo bindurduhkhahararthakah, Sarasvatya vijam etat tena Vaning prapujayet.

That is: Ai means Sarasvati. Bindu means Dispeller of sorrow. This is the Bija of Sarasvati. With it Vani or Sarasvati should be worshipped.


Mahalakshmyarthaka Shah syad dhanartha repha uchyate,

I tushtyartho’ paronado bindurduhkhahararthakah, Lakshmidevya vijam etat tenn deving prapujayet.

That is: Sha means Mahilaksmi. Ra is said to mean wealth. I means satisfaction. Nada is Apara (which may mean Aparabrahma or Ishvara). Bindu means Dispeller of sorrow. This is the Bija of Devi Lakshmi With it the Devi should be worshipped.


Hakarah shivavachi syad rephah prakritiruchyante, Mahamayartha i-shabdo nado vishvaprasuh smritah, Duhkhahararthako bindurbhuvanang tena pujayet.

That is Ha means Shiva. Ra is said to be Prakriti. I means Mahamaya. Nada is said to be the mother of the universe. Bindu means dispeller of sorrow. With that Bhuvaneshvari should be worshipped


Ka Kali brahma ra protang Mahmayartakashcha i, Vishvamatartrako nado bindurduhkhahararthakah, Tenaiva Kalikadeving pujayedduhkhashantaye.
That is: Ka is Kali. Ra is said to be Brahma. I means Mahamaya. Nada means Mother of the universe. Bindu means Dispeller of sorrow. With that Devi Kalika should be worshipped for cessation of sorrow.


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