MMM ~ Magnificat Meal Movement. “Is Vanuatu ‘harbouring’ a wolf in sheep’s clothing?” by By Tony Wilson, Editor The Vanuatu Independent.



Conwoman Debra Marie Burslem who sought refuge in Vanuatu from Australian authorities in 2007 and now resides with followers in Port Vila, and partner John Tonner (right).

This is the first report in a long time. Debra was at forefront of a scam that affected hundreds of Irish families. The small Hamlet of Helidon, near Twowoomba, Queensland was at the centre of operations. She escaped justice in Vanuatu and did a deal with her former assistant Claire Murphy. She and Clare Birchley now present themselves as anti cult experts. Now Debra’s chauffeur John Tonner is her partner. He was formerly married to Claire Murphy her assistant from Ireland to allow her to stay in Australia as the enforcer of Debra’s schemes. You have heard of a baptism of desire, this was not a marriage of desire. The last time I saw John and Debra together was in 2003 when I visited the area. I was in a shopping Magnificat where I saw Debra assisting John to buy underwear. Later that evening I received a visit from the police with a complaint I was stalking Debra and Claire? Needless to say I resisted arrest. Continue reading

Terrifying Freedom, a novel by Linda Smith


Sometimes you need a novel to break through the cultist mental manipulation?

Linda Smith wrote recently,

I just read an article on your webpage regarding Catholic Lay Movements with cultist attributes. Some former members of these movements questioned why some bishops are so slow to take seriously their concerns about these organizations.

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The undue influence behind MMS –The change in Paddy Merlehan from normal citizen to Copyright Freeman ©


Last week I met a very welcoming person and though I could see he was troubled was looking forward to a dialogue with him about his use of MMS. I told him when I had prepared a response to the Prime Time documentary I would submit my post to him before publishing. I had only watched the post in a most surface manner and also I needed to take advice on the scientific aspects of the therapy. Continue reading

MMM Warning on cults: Claire Murphy and Clare Birchley speak to the Catholic Leader


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Warning on cults

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MMM: Debra’s prophecy hit for six by Cyclone Pam

Princess Debra


“What Might God Say to Me Today” had inconveniently become “What Might God Remember I Said Yesterday.”

We are gradually beginning a sense of what is happening in the MMM. It is clear that Debra is losing control but to what extent is not clear as no one has yet given us a clear narrative to explain what is happening.

Debra3Last week we published the horrific story his death and the issues surrounding his death. We were then alerted to the fact that Niall Haughey the nephew of former Taoiseach C.J. Haughey had opened a restaurant with his wife Maria a cousin of Dermot Forkin in Vanuatu. We are assuming for the moment that there presence there means they are Debra loyalists.


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Should someone be reported for the neglect of Dermot Forkin as a vulnerable adult??

One of our commenters raised the issue as to whether someone should be reported for the neglect of Dermot Forkin? Please contact us or make a report to a police force in your area.
We did hear that Dermot was brought to Twowoomba hospital but no news has surfaced since.
Francois DF
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MMM: Further Report about Dermot Forkin

Here is the latest on Dermot Forkin,

Francois DF

This picture captures the beautiful nature and love of the man.
Apparently Dermot collapsed at the airport was taken to hospital where they discovered the cancer. This would suggest that the truth of about his condition was kept from the MMM members. I had heard about 6 weeks ago from someone in Ireland who told me he had cancer and was totally isolated. Two priests who went to visit him on his death bed but were turned away by his minders. People inside the cult knew nothing about the seriousness of his condition. Why did Debra not call her whole community to pray for him? As for the funeral service there was very small attendance. No one apart from MMM people were able to attend the funeral and burial. Continue reading

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