Dermot Forkin, Former Holy Ghost/Spiritan Priest died in Australia last Saturday April 4, 2015

A few weeks ago I received a call from someone in Dublin who told me that Dermot Forkin was at this house and very isolated. They were not sure what had happened to him and whether he was still in good standing with the MMM. I was waiting to hear back when I got these series of texts on Saturday April 4th from an anonymous ex member of the MMM:

Debra Burslem is accused of using funds from followers to convert this Spanish villa.

Burslem spent $800,000 converting a dilapidated stable in the Spanish village of San Sebastian de Garabandal into a villa.

Father Dermot Forkin is dead. Read post on MMM site. Riddled with cancer. Came back from looking after Debra’s house in Spain over last few months. Came back a week ago. Admitted straight to hospital. Lost huge amount of weight. Don’t know who was looking after him in Spain? He came into the movement a free man…but from the moment he entered every part of his life was controlled. At least in death he is free again. She destroyed his priesthood. Would not allow him to preach. He was their only real priest and she crushed his spirit. Was just reading your thesis* and all you wrote about him back then. If only he had never got involved in those early days. God bless his soul. Mike I am just a concerned ex member. I meant to text you yesterday when he was still alive hoping you could teach his family there. I know his nephew Peter is in Australia. Niall has also moved his family to Vanuatu and he has Brenda McConnell here from USA. They are some of his relatives here but do not know the ones in Ireland.

I unfortunately have no contact details for remaining Forkins here in Ireland. I however, was able to alert the Spiritan Order that one of their former members had died. Having over the years talked to a number of Spiritans he was always regarded as a genuine priest who cared for people. It is clear that his vulnerability was abused and he was reduced to a kind of add on in the MMM.

From MMM website the following

NB. Thanksgiving Mass was done within 24 hours & Funeral Interment with family & close friends attending in the “joy of Yahweh”, will be on 8.4.2015.

As I am not sure what the actual situation is at Mount St. Mary’s
I can only assume that whoever made the decision they did not have an Irish wake and then burial, but have had some kind of service very quickly after his death, but there will be a memorial service on Wednesday 8.4.2015- “Funeral Interment with family & close friends attending in the “joy of Yahweh.””

I was over in Australia in 2003 and this story came out just after I returned in June of that year:

“The Helidon MMM group includes Irish Holy Ghost priest Fr Dermot Forkin, who has applied to be dispensed from his vows. Another Irish priest, from Co Cavan, is also believed to be at the Helidon headquarters.

Last week, the Sunday Independent reported that a nephew of Charles Haughey had sold up and taken his family to join the cult.

Niall Haughey, son of former city and county manager Sean, travelled with his wife Maria and their three young children to the camp in Helidon.

He closed down his insurance business and family home in Co Tipperary before making the move in March.”

It is my understanding that Niall and his Maria who was a sister of Dermot later returned to Ireland but from what our correspondent is saying here in her text is that, “Niall has also moved his family to Vanuatu.” In light of the cyclone one can only hope that they were able to leave, but there is a possibility that they would have invested all their resources there.

The Tablet had a good summary in 2003

* You can read the pdf which has background about the MMM here:


pages 89-90:

Allegations have also been made that Debra was ejected from a Moscow conference organised by Archbishop John Bereslavsky having been caught in a compromising situation.257

257 Mansour Dossier, Deposition of Amabilis Commentucci (September 30, 2005) Fr Forkin got on the bus
and told Debra that the Archbishop had accused her of being a lesbian. He suggested that Debra’s followers
leave her and come and join him 31-36.

The reason why Fr Forkin might have been sidelined is hinted at in my thesis at note 257.

I heard reports that Dermot was seen wondering around aimlessly around Dublin, but the next report was the following: