Humana / Tvind another con trick. Irish Aid are you awake?

This so called development agency has left a trail of abuse in regard to funding.

Jill Nesbitt ST

Read Jill Nesbitt’s excellent article on the subject. Please open the pdf to get the full story.

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(I) was double (CROSS)ed by Mike Meegan Cult Fiction or Desert Saint?

Dialogue Ireland has been aware for a number of years that the person of the year Mike Meegan, Dr of the NUI ain’t what he appears to be. Many Academic institutions seem to be acting as if his credentials do not matter now they have over committed to him. We will be putting up the evidence and we invite members of the public to leave comments here or send us further evidence to post. Continue reading

TVIND/Humana is banned from collecting clothes “for charity” in German province


Humana is banned from collecting clothes “for charity” in German province

The ADD, an authority in the German province Rhineland-Palatinate has banned Humana from collecting clothes “for charity”. While commercial collections remain allowed, Humana has to change the print on their containers by June 19th Continue reading

10th Feb 2009 – NEWS FROM Tvind Alert

BBC TV set to expose Planet Aid in Birmingham this week

The BBC TV ‘Inside Out’ team in the West Midlands has been investigating Planet Aid and the experience of students at a Tvind ‘school’ in Birmingham. They have interviewed us at Tvind Alert as well as students from Italy and elsewhere. The results of their investigation will be broadcast tomorrow, Wednesday 11th February, on regional TV in the West Midlands at 7.30pm. Continue reading

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