Freedom Ministries, Mylerstown House, Robertstown, Co. Kildare

DI received a report that Freedom Ministries is now operating a Men’s Home out of the house below.


Sean Rogers, his wife and Stuart Murphy are continuing what they did in VO. According to our correspondent it is alleged that they “manipulate addicts and alcoholics into paying their dole and selling 40 cases of cupcakes each day.


“Apparently these are the new means to keep Andy and Marie Valdez living at the standard they have come accustomed to from illegal soliciting of money from people.” Our correspondent believes “they are a disgrace to Christianity.” Continue reading

From Victory Outreach Dublin to Nerdy Freedom Cupcakes Ministries


After the Prime Time documentary it took a bit of time for the dust to settle.

Andy Valdez Sr just basically took off and tried to bring the VOI structures with him, however, most of them were rented and as he did not have access to the same amount of Social Protection cash he had to restart the engines. Continue reading

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