The Tony Quinn Story: From Butcher to Oil Slick

Information about Tony Quinn, Yoga and Educo and more: 

A compilation of many contributions:Dialogue Ireland is in contact with the various authors of this document but for reasons of confidentiality their names are withheld.The information has been provided by people who have knowledge from their own experience of the workings of the Tony Quinn’s group over many years.It contains reports by ex- members and their families, as well as investigations by journalists, health professionals and others. It first surfaced in 2001 at our Conference, and we waited 6 years to publish it after confirming the information. We do not take responsibility for the use made of this document by others, nor do we object to them doing so. Any new evidence will be added, but treated in the strictest confidence.


Tony Quinn (TQ) was an only child, appearing to have been ‘worshipped’ and totally spoiled by both his parents. From early age entertained grandiose ambitions which were not realisable in the normal world owing to his inability to obtain professional qualifications, or indeed any qualifications, or to have original creative ideas which would be commercially successfully in the real world. Some of his close relations had links with the criminal underworld. Here is his own web site’s attempt at a biography: (Archived on the Internet Archive from 2010)

His main driving force psychologically appears to be absolute necessity of being a ‘big shot’. ‘Occult’ or ‘spiritual’ fields provided virtually only route to this as no financial investment is needed, or professional qualifications, and it is possible to create a closed sub-world in which he can be the biggest fish in a small pond. Still entertains grandiose ambitions and an overinflated view of his abilities, he seeks world domination with his work, which border on the psychotic at times but are counterbalanced by fanatical focus on his material interests.

TQ has greatly exaggerated ideas about his own abilities especially the huge psychic powers he claims. His publicity literature during his career for over thirty years (see website for further details) show see-sawing between extreme ‘occult’ claims and masking these by pretending to be a normal businessman promoting healthy eating and positive thinking.Over the last decade he has added on being a “success” coach using his “Educo” system discussed later in this document.

Lack of qualifications – TQ left school with no qualifications was apprenticed to a butcher but left his apprenticeship after a short time. Returned to study at the Dalton Academy, Dublin, but failed to pass the Intermediate Certificate and gave up education.Investigation has failed to discover a single occasion where he has passed a supervised or invigilated serious examination right up to the present time. His poor literacy skills and lack of scholastic abilities mean that he has avoided any major courses of study and has failed dramatically when attempting even minor academic tasks. In the past it is alleged that he has used educated members within his group to produce written material for him and has presented this as his own work.

Further attempts at study and body building– TQ took a correspondence course with the Northern Institute of Massage, Blackpool, did not take the qualifying examination but nevertheless practised as a masseur. Worked as a fitness trainer in the Grafton Health Studio in Dublin despite only known education in physical health being the Charles Atlas correspondence course. He consistently claims during seminars and in all publicity material to have been a title-winning bodybuilder.There is no record of him ever having won any major national or international body-building title apart from one or two local or provincial competitions.Additionally he claims to be a member of the International Federation of Physical Culture, this is open to people who signed up for a correspondence course on body-building, as exposed in biography of Jeffrey Archer, another member of the Federation.


He started teaching Yoga 1971.This was when he asked to take over as teacher of a small group started in Dublin by a young woman (who two years later left in disillusionment at what had become of the group she had started. She also told DI about her experience of going to Spain with TQ to meditate and fast. Needless to say she was the one who did the fasting and meditating.) He had no training in Yoga teaching but had learned all he knew from a book – has very limited knowledge of Yoga and limited ability in exercises – could only ever do very few asanas and left demonstrations to more agile followers. However, he boasted of his Yoga learning and abilities and so obtained a recommendation to this group. From 1971 to 1973, the group of members who attended his Yoga classes became seriously under his direction and control.* (See end of document for cult definition.)

They recruited mostly young people whose labour and enthusiasm he exploited to build up businesses for himself consisting of health food stores, health studios and complementary therapy training courses and clinics in Dublin and other Irish cities.On the back of these businesses he accumulated property and offshore interests, to the point where he is now living as a tax exile.For many years all labour was unpaid, in later years some were paid, mostly a few who became long-term cronies or were especially valuable to him, but much labour was still voluntary. The amount of time and energy demanded by Quinn did much damage to members’ personal lives, financial and career prospects.Members who left were never compensated even for many years of free labour for Mr. Quinn.Some years ago Mr. Quinn attempted to expel a large number of members who had been devoted to him for many years without any compensation.Quinn used one of his cronies to inform the occupants of this house in Howth of their fate while he was flying out of Ireland to avoid any confrontation.After protests they were apparently given some compensation on the grounds of giving up tenancy rights to one of his properties which had grown a lot in value. He wanted to get rid of them because to him they were an embarrassment, having been with him for years but had achieved none of the occult powers, super health, or success that he had promised.In fact they were less successful than many normal people; largely due to having spend so much time working for him without payment and being undermined and downtrodden.

Some of them also objected to the new emphasis on making money as a dominant theme.The old ‘Yoga’ group was occult-based, emphasising spiritual development and physical purification through diet and fasting.Its hippyish followers did not suit his new ‘Educo’ package which was, and is, very determinedly focussed on material gain, particularly for himself, as its charges are very high.The entire basis of his current business empire was built up from the massive exploitation involving the unpaid labour of the members of the cult. In most legitimate spiritual and religious organisations there are not normally such financial charges made for spiritual healing and for spiritual or religious teachings and practices.However, in Quinn’s case he has made large charges for such services including those which are sometimes provided by other members of the group and he has accumulated much money from these services. The claims for their efficacy have been disputed over the years by outsiders as unsubstantiated and inaccurate (see News of the World, March 1978 expose on his cancer cure claims reported later in this document and on the web site.)Any positive effects, including placebo effects, that may have come from Mr Quinn’s work over the years are far less than the large scale damage to people’s lives that have been seen in which Mr Quinn has often been the only one to benefit and this has been at the expense of others.

Extremes of physical abuse have been practised on members by Mr Quinn (see 1974 article by June Levine on web site.) He appears to have actually proposed that the members, who fast for 40 days, taking nothing but water, would be transformed in some way, possibly into a ‘Light Body’ – a body of pure energy and a state of ‘Enlightenment.’

In fact, most of these ‘guinea pigs’ had significant problems afterwards and some were very seriously damaged. The young orphan girl in the article was eventually hospitalised as an in-patient in a psychiatric hospital and required long-term help as a result of her experience. The young mother whose family break-up was reported in the Sunday World newspaper in 1974 was also eventually treated as an in-patient in a psychiatric hospital.

The best that any of the ‘guinea-pigs’ achieved as a result of their efforts seems to have been nothing – a few of them have remained as core members but do not live on fruit only and appear to be in no way physically superior to any normal person. TQ did apparently attempt to live on fruit for some time himself, but never the full regime that the ‘guinea pigs’ were put through. It should be noted that the old ‘Yoga’ had to be paid for by participants but the workers associated with TQ received the courses for free or poorly paid labour.The main gain he sought for himself and himself only. The occult system he studied and practised was based on the founder of Scientology L. Ron Hubbard and the Sex Magician, Aleister Crowley, the beast 666.

Healing expertise

The entire basis of his current business empire was built up from the massive exploitation involving the unpaid labour of the members. In most organisations there are not normally such financial charges made for spiritual healing and for spiritual or religious teachings and practices but in TQ’s case he has made large charges for such services including those which are sometimes provided by other members of the group and still is based in Eccles Street.While he claims not to charge fees, monthly prayer requests and individual based services are charged for and go straight to TQ. The claims for their efficacy are usually vastly inflated if not completely falsified as has often happened in the past.

TQ claims to have special ‘healing’ powers (see News of the World article in 1978) and this he constantly reconfirms during his Educo seminars.These claims are not supported. The insert from his leaflet reads ‘Healing… Results speak for themselves, detailed records are kept, over 90%, including those of a serious nature, show marked improvement, while 35% have been completely cured. Among the complaints successfully treated are: asthma, psoriasis, migraine, cancer, varicose veins, arthritis, dermatitis, poor eyesight, infections, ulcers, jaundice, bronchitis, mental retardation, congenital deformities’. There is no medical proof of any of these claims. TQ himself appears to suffer from progressive kyphosis (curvature of the spine). Whatever positive effects have come from Mr Quinn’s work over the years they are vastly less significant than the large scale negative effects that have constantly been seen in which Mr Quinn has been the only one to benefit and this has been at the expense of others.

Since the 1970’s when he exploited all those around him he meanwhile accumulating property and offshore interests, and finally setting up an off shore business based in Jersey called Human Potential Research Limited.He then moved to live in the Bahamas, there he acquired residency and now lives about 9 months of the year there and is a tax exile.

Turning Point

The turning point between new and old phases of the organisation was the hypnotic anaesthesia for surgery performed by Quinn in conjunction with Dr. Jack Gibson a hypnotherapist and retired surgeon. Through a public relations exercise, he managed to re-launch himself on the Late, Late Show and in various newspaper articles as though he had never been exposed before as leader of a cultist group. Attempts by people at the time to provide relevant information to various parties suffered from the fact that reporters seemed unwilling to correct a story after it had gone out because they feared they would be sued, and there were one or two journalists who appeared to write down virtually every word that an interviewee said without checking on the facts.

The most extreme example of this was an article by a Linda Kavanagh in the Radio Times of October 25 1996 in which she repeated without question Quinn’s unfounded claims of bodybuilding success, many claims of healing and even his claim that no-one lived in his house in Malahide and Howth but himself, despite the fact that it was and is a commune inhabited mostly by his followers – he pretended that all the beds were for guests and she solemnly reported this! The result was that Quinn’s work on these surgical cases was presented as something unique or rare, although this is definitely far from the case.Dr. Gibson himself had performed many cases of hypnotic anaesthesia for surgery over many years and tutored Quinn and provided assistance for Quinn during the surgeries.Thankfully, over the years some journalists have done very good research – see Dialogue Ireland website for articles.There have been many critical exposes on radio and television, and Quinn has never successfully challenged any of these.

Gay Byrne, the then host of the Late, Late Show, appeared to have forgotten that he himself interviewed Tony Quinn along with representatives of other groups on an edition of his show in 1974, and he also appeared to be unaware of the body of research on hypnotic anaesthesia and its clinical use over the last century and more, presenting it as a unique or rare feat, although this is definitely far from the case.

Boxing – Steve Collins

Steve Collins, the boxer, saw the Late, Late Show and employed Quinn as his mental coach. You can see a programme on this produced by Greg Dyck formerly the Director of the BBC, entitled Boxing Clever

“Boxing Clever” Fair Game w/ Greg Dyke, Channel 4, 10 June 1995

In a court case reported by the Irish Times on Thursday, November 20, 1997 against Barry Hearn his former manager Collins admitted, “That he had paid £360,000 for the services of health adviser Mr Tony Quinn, following his two world title fights.”

At first it looked like Quinn was really using hypnosis on Collins. He “announced on the eve of the fight in Millstreet, that he had employed a hypnotist, Tony Quinn, to help him to prepare. He said he would be under hypnosis during the fight and that he would feel no pain and would not bleed.”Eubank fell for what was, in retrospect, a mischievous ruse and threatened to pull out. He was persuaded to go on with the fight, however, but he had lost the psychological battle and though he put Collins on the floor midway through the fight, he lost the fight on a points decision.” Early reports suggested that Collins up till then an obscure boxer was successful because of Quinn’s influence. As the programme above shows it was rather a cynical and unethical use of hypnosis, as Eubank had nearly killed another fighter before meeting Collins. A member of DI met Steve Collins in McDonalds with his kids, and the impression formed was that he was sorry to ever set eyes on Quinn. However, in the organisation the book was used to prove that TQ’s methods work.

Quinn took over his publicity and exploited it for himself. This exposure was used by Quinn to re-launch his organisation on a higher level than he had managed before. Because nobody checked the facts about this man when he re-launched himself, he has been able to do a great deal more damage.

From Yoga to Expensive Educo Seminars 

The psychology of the Educo Seminars was brilliant. It is difficult to get into the mind when the person goes home at the end of course each week. TQ used a number of people to present courses around the country in places like the Grand hotel Malahide.

Even the idea of Educo is not original to TQ, but it is believed he borrowed it from Napoleon Hill: Where have you heard this before? Autosuggestion (is a process by which an individual trains the subconscious mind to believe something, or systematically schematises the person’s own mental associations, usually for a given purpose. This is accomplished through self-hypnosis methods or repetitive, constant self-affirmations, and may be seen as a form of self-induced brainwashing. The acceptance of autosuggestion may be quickened through mental visualization of that which the individual would like to believe. Its success is typically correlated with the consistency of its use and the length of time over which it is used.

At some stage a hard sell would be made that in order to really progress you need to go away to the Bahamas, California, Egypt, Capri etc to really focus on your success. Failure was your inability to grasp the course, as it was perfect. You in the early days paid around £12,000 and got a credit for the next one if you sold one on. Included in your seminar at that time was your flight and accommodation. There was always the risk you might do a runner. So gradually the credits were changed as it took quite a lot of conditioning to get a person to go once, then twice, but three times. Hang on!!

So gradually TQ dropped the credit system, and gave the person who sold the trip €5000. They however, needed to pay their own way and accommodation. He also did special seminars which cost from €60k to €100k. These were so called Masters Seminars. It appears that now these seminars have reached their sell buy date. Like Jim Jones who took his members from San Francisco to the jungle, TQ takes them where it is easier to get control of the mind. See the documentary which traces the progress of one Educoist: Marcus

A hallmark of TQ is to have his members subservient to him. Close members labour was unpaid in the early days.Since the Mid 1990’s he appointed himself a “business manager.”She is, Collette Millea, twice married and now living in Brittas Bay with long standing group member from the 1970’s Tom McKenna.These two Tom and Colette have fronted for TQ in later years and claim publicly not to be paid.Research shows however that large sums of money are paid to them for their work, with exaggerated lifestyles for both of them and large payment structures mostly commission based on their recruitment of participants for the Educo seminars.Most of this money is also paid to them in off-shore environments that are tax efficient. The former director in Eccles Street, Vincent Harford sticks like glue to TQ, and lives like a hermit in the TQ “Hick’s Tower” in Malahide.” He is a victim who will take the TQ secrets to his grave rather than make the break. The organisation trains victims to be victimisers. While some at the top have been paid, much labour is still voluntary and is expected of people who do seminars – to pass on the message. The amount of time and energy demanded by the hierarchy’s front people fuelled by TQ in the background does much damage to members’ personal lives, financial and career prospects. This time is known as completing the circle – a clever way to bring new people in at no cost.

TQ Shops

Labour outside the seminars in concentrated on working for his Tony Quinn Health Food supplement shops.Here TQ slices the finances down to a mere pittance for the devotees to struggle around with, while his Jersey backed companies cream money off the top.People who work in these shops barely earn minimum wage most of the time and are exploited in terms of hours worked.This is all for the cause of “passing on life”. Of course when you work in any of the shops it is obligatory that you attend one of the Educo seminars – again at a cost of €18,500. This is often discounted for staff members to €10,000; even so many cannot afford the seminar.Long standing shop staff that have worked for decades for the TQ Empire having attended their mind masters and connections now finds themselves at retiring point broke, homeless and disillusioned that their 30 years has just been to line TQ pockets.


The new Educogym franchise that is being touted by TQ is the latest in the rip off of the membership.Some approximately 30 gyms are now open – none of which are making money. They are in fact being subsidised by the members.The franchise fee structure, the capital cost and the training costs for the person setting up and all the staff are of course, based around attendance of the Educo seminars.

  • First you must attend an Educo seminar to be “eligible’ to apply for a franchise

  • Each person who wants a franchise must pay €25,000 for it

  • Buy a super machine designed by him at another €25,000

  • Attend another course in the Bahamas for the Educogym training at an additional €10,000 per person plus all travel and accommodation costs – another €3 to 4,000.

  • Then each person who works in the Educogym must attend the Educo seminar at another €18,500 plus attend the Educogym training an additional €10,000 per person.

So the EDUCO line TQ pockets amount per gym opening is €120,000 based on two trainers and up to €200,000 ++ depending on the amount of trainers!!! You will be encouraged to attend again and again as we have seen – because you didn’t get it the first time.

If you are an owner of the gym it will be “essential” for success that you attend a minimum of one “Mind Master Seminar” at a cool €64,000 – so that you have the right “mindset” to run this complicated franchise.Now the latest plan have “super” Educo gyms where in addition to franchise costs of setting up, buying his “super” machine and paying him a royalty for each person that comes through the door he is taking a one third of the business.The catch of course is that “he invests,” yes you got it NOTHING.The franchise owner takes the risk of getting the premises, having them refurbished to the “educogym standard” and pays all the overheads.There is not one serious experienced business person who has looked at this plan who says the numbers stack up. How could they?

Don’t leave – It should be noted that members who leave the fold have never been compensated even for many years’ free labour for TQ.In the mid 90’s members who had been with TQ for many years living in houses around Dublin were expelled without compensation. The new “management” structure under Collette Millea and Tom McKenna saw this type of living arrangement as an embarrassment and unbusiness like for the new improved image of TQ that they planned with the now Educo based seminars in the Bahamas and other exclusive worldwide locations.

Many of the people who had been around TQ since his early stages in the 1970’s left, having achieved none of the occult powers, super health, or success that he had promised, and in fact were less successful than many normal people; largely due to having spend so much time working for him without payment and being undermined and downtrodden.

Other qualifications?

Quinn claims to have attended the British College of Naturopathy and Osteopathy in London. Information received revealed that he attended in 1977 but left after one term without passing the end of term examinations. He obtained no qualification whatever from this College.He has since been on a major search for easier options to get some “credibility” for himself and his activities. This contrasted with his attitude to official educational systems during his “occult” phase. Then, he used to say they were of little value and totally inferior to his level of understanding

TQ Claims to be a ‘Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy.’This title is given out by some American institutions in exchange for payment of some thousands of dollars and writing some simple essays. There is no monitoring to stop candidates from submitting as their own, work assisted or written by other people. The State of California allows anyone to set up a ‘doctorate-mill’ in exchange for a deposit, which at the time of investigating some years ago was $25,000. This is in contrast to the law in Ireland and England which requires that the title ‘Doctor’ should only be conferred on graduates of approved institutes who have done a first degree and either a Ph.D. or a medical training.This type of qualification can now be bought simply on the internet.

PhD – Did it ever exist??

For the last 10 years on Educo seminars (and longer for those around) TQ has talked about ‘thee PhD’ and working with the university.This university based qualification supposedly was being worked on allegedly with the University of East London, England.Professor Clifford was a contact for “distance learning” students in this area but is now retired.Therefore it is questionable if he did ever actually attend the university formally or even write up the PhD.What is more realistic is that the much talked about PhD was indeed written up for him.There was by unpaid workers writing it up for him, which included Tara O’Donnell his previous girlfriend and Andrew Moore an associate who resides at his Hamhaugh residence in London.

When the document was presented to the university it had to be scrutinised by real experts in this area of work.This panel of professionals is known as a Viva, and it was held in Dec 07. This panel of experts assembled viewed and questioned TQ on the paper produced called the “Possibilities of Programming and Unconscious Attention”. They saw through the paper as a hoax, charade and a sham.His final attempt at an academic qualification the PhD allegedly failed, miserably!The verdict was that unconscious attention was not original research but was a replacement word for hypnosis and trance which are his real hallmarks.There was NO original material in the paper.Recently the university department has sought to distance themselves from anything associated with TQ.

TQ claims to be a ‘Certified Hypnotist’ – NO . This title is given out by some American training institutions after a training of approximately three weeks, after which usually no examination is taken by students. Since the time TQ did this course things have got a bit more thorough according what we heard from a Dublin based Hypnotherapist.

TQ Claims to have obtained a Master of Science degree in Hypnotherapy from the University (formerly Polytechnic) of East London. This institution is one of the lowest-ranking universities in the UK university league tables (98th out of 100 at the time in question), and has no Department of Hypnotherapy. Enquiries have so far failed to uncover which department might have awarded this degree. Given certain later negative publicity about Mr Quinn which emerged it is particularly not surprising that no department or individual in that institution was eager to come forward to give details of Mr Quinn’s work or the basis for the award of this degree. It is also possible that the information Mr Quinn gave about himself and his work to them was not full picture. The lucrative practice of enrolling students without a prior degree on certain Masters degree programmes of dubious quality in such institutions and where they are virtually certain of getting this degree and without adequate examination, scrutiny or quality control has been strongly criticised by the senior Universities and serious academics in the United Kingdom. Such degrees are usually considered by the well-established and successful University departments and most employers to be of little real significance. Part, if not most, of the project for this M.Sc. appeared to involve TQ hypnotising four patients for anaesthesia while surgery was performed, these were all long standing members and supporters and included Collette Millea.

Experts in hypnosis advise that hypnotic anaesthesia has been known for a long time but has never ‘caught on’ in medical practice because for many doctors they found it to be variable in different patients and that it may take a long time to achieve. It was later discovered that Mr Quinn’s ‘subjects’ as stated in this experiment were long-term members who had been subjected to his influence for many years. This would substantially distort any research results claimed. It also emerged from a video issued by a Dr Gibson, a retired surgeon with vast experience in hypnotic anaesthesia, that he was also present at these sessions and assisted with some hypnotic procedures and supported and reassured the subjects and Mr Quinn.

The video seen at the Educo seminars and used in part of his promotional video for seminars emphasises only the role played by TQ. It appears also that Dr Gibson was not informed properly by TQ about his project, his qualifications and his reasons for doing the project.

In summary his Philosophy! – EDUCO A MIXED BAG

TQ teaching, which he claims as unique to himself, consists of a confused mixture of plagiarised ideas on occultism, spiritual healing, dietary regimes, exercises and pop psychology. The emphasis has varied over the years, in earlier times it was mostly on achieving ‘enlightenment’ through fasting and dieting. Now it appears to be pop motivational psychology with the focus on material achievement.Now it is full circle back to “spiritual connections” as he is the only one to ever do this.Now we are being faced with a new marketing tool – the song of life seminar.

The ‘public’ Educo message is health and happiness for all through healthy eating, and positive thinking and applying TQ teaching – the ‘inner’ message for core members is that they are a chosen or have been successful and they are made to feel that it is ‘essential’ that they pass on this information – complete the circle and give back to life??Thus the highly selected and influenced group dedicated to promoting TQ message to the world as if they were in a trance and we know them to be under “undue influence” most of the time as very few can be coherent. 

It is also well-known among those who become part of the core group that Mr Quinn has frequently claimed to be the Messiah, Jesus Christ; this has been a philosophy that he has carried through from the 1970’s.One very successful businessman who was involved with Quinn earlier in the decade went to bed at 8:30 PM to study the Aquarian Gospel of Jesus Christ by Levi. As a result he lost his focus on his business and lost a number of properties. TQ has used this idea along with other beliefs and various mind techniques to influence and intimidate and often terrify sensitive and frequently vulnerable people. Anyone who disagrees with Mr Quinn on even relatively minor matters is ruthlessly crushed and made an example of to others. Mr Quinn’s ‘plausible’ ways and the ‘charismatic’ image he projects hide very hostile and quite psychopathic tendencies and he is extremely resentful and destructive towards anyone he feels is more capable or successful that he is although he is always too cowardly to reveal this face to face.

He releases this hostility mainly “inside the group” where he is safe and in complete control, rarely do we see this at Sunday meetings etc.He cannot tolerate anybody disagreeing with his opinions and his paranoid insecurities also mean he can only tolerate complete submission and this is why he needs his followers even when he tries every so often to distance himself from them and their obvious lack of success. However, he frequently hides behind group members when criticism or bad publicity comes his way. Among his psychological characteristics are those which fit very well with the psychological state which psychologists describe as typical of many destructive ‘personality cult’ leaders and has common features with dangerous bullies and even tyrants.

TQ has got away for years with running a very destructive organisation.Members have a major duty to say they are happy and well-treated even though they are frequently subjected to mental and emotional abuse by TQ.He habitually terms them ‘the foolies’ when speaking to cronies. Many female members of the group have been subjected to sexual exploitation and sexual coercion by TQ. He has often stated that this is necessary for their progress, including awakening their ‘kundalini’ – a spiritual energy mentioned in Hinduism. The results of this serious exploitation and domination mean that many are too mentally conditioned, even ‘brain-washed’ by him, too undermined and lacking in self-confidence and for long-standing members too old and lacking in career or financial opportunities to break away.

Some today are so frightened of mental harassment by TQ – a challenge by them that life will take care of them if they oppose.This has terrified many of ‘psychic attack’ by TQ or afraid of Divine Punishment if they leave the Educo group or even disobey him that they do not leave even when they really want to.

While many Educoists see the work as benign, there is much damage done to them that only later reveals itself.Among those who manage to escape from any level involvement they are frequently so damaged by their experiences they need much professional help.Many are so embarrassed and humiliated that they were made to look foolish that they prefer not to talk openly about what has happened to them far less talk to the media about it.

Most do not complain because they will be ridiculed at meetings hosted by the front management team, there will be a fear of counterattacks by other Educo members and general condemnation.Many from the 1970’s went into hiding from the group for a long time afterwards because of the fear that TQ has generated in them. The true fuller picture of TQ activities over the last thirty years is only now coming out to wider public.

His carefully groomed front men or women or those presented as ‘success stories’ that we see at Sunday meetings are far from the truth on many occasions.Some in the audience may believe or are made believe that on the most part the propaganda.Many may also be now very dependent on Mr Quinn emotionally or financially having invested heavily in Educogyms and connection seminars.

He has also ‘piggy-backed’ on some successful actors and key business people, etc, often by interviewing them on stage and in publications he is responsible for producing.Frequently history is re-written making it appear he believed in them when they had nothing and supporting them to this new level of success.On closer inspection this turns out not to be true in all cases and TQ only associates with those that he deems has already achieved success and then he plagiarizes this.

Members are also required to lie and perjure themselves if any investigation into, for instance, his financial and tax affairs, this was done time and time again during his supposed research for the PhD.His tax accounts have been queried on a number of occasions by the Revenue Commissioners when it challenged statements made by him and his group as certain information he submitted was clearly shown to be false.

It appears TQ may also have taken advantage of ‘tax amnesties’ in Ireland in addition to false information, he now lives as a tax-exile in the Bahamas.In the ‘new-style’ money-oriented TQ, has his toys – a boat, a penthouse apartment and a harem of attached women to look after his needs. Quinn preaches the value of sexual intercourse as a tool for spiritual progress, when administered by an advanced Yogi such as himself.He told girls that if they were subservient to him and did exactly as he told them, this was best for their progress.He has never married but has had a succession of relationships with increasingly younger women.Conflicts have arisen between female members who have mistakenly considered themselves the primary partner of the self-proclaimed “alpha male”. He does not have a partner, rather he has a consort like Shiva or an attachment but he is incapable of marriage or having a relationship so he is permanently on the run emotionally……..

The latest Chapter:

“But in true “snake-oil salesman” fashion, Quinn and his more impressionable followers claim that any success that they achieve must have been the result of Quinn’s philosophy.The recent oil-drilling “success story” is being touted as such evidence.The fact is that individuals can and often do strike oil for a variety of reasons, where others previously have not succeeded in that geographical location.There were reasons based on concrete evidence to drill for oil in that particular area, including proposals by more than one geologist who considered that there was a good prospect of finding oil there, quite independently of Quinn’s teachings.” This was written in 2006.

TQ’s move from Snake Oil merchant to Oil Mogul is going to represent a likely retirement egg or Achilles heel. We have reports from various families who have lost someone to TQ that their loved one not only has done the Educo course, but have also got involved in buying shares in oil wells in Belize. The oil according to LA Times reports was of a very high quality. We reported this when it became world news. Naturally now that the oil is going down in price, people who bought shares are wondering will they ever see their money again? Those who found the oil were experts in what they did, and against the grain they confounded their competitors and were able to bring the best oil to market. Suddenly there was a strange twist to this story as very professional people who had worked with the great oil companies began to misattribute the success of finding the oil to TQ. This was of course natural when you do a course which is based on the power of positive thinking, it is natural to see the oil find as the cause and its effect. For some this fitted into the Looney Jesus side of TQ and they attributed to him magical powers.

That would have been ok, but now TQ began to lust over the oil company like David did for Bathsheba. TQ’s record of dealing with his workers in Ireland raises questions as how he will treat the poor oil workers operating day and night to fill BNE’s pockets up with cash.Many are in need of help as they have been forced and coerced into seminars, just as we saw on the €duco seminars. We are in a new situation and it is clear that DI will have to open a new front especially as the Director is a Mennonite who is concerned with the TQ’s operation affecting the Mennonite Colony at Spanish Lookout, Belize. These contacts will in due course tell us what the state of play is. The report from the Sunday World – see below suggest that mistakes were made in regard to the last government which could seriously affect those of his TQ’s members who are tied to him in a private company. For those not familiar with shares, this company Belize Natural Energy Limited, like Dunnes Stores in Ireland does not answer to anyone except themselves and is not quoted on the stock exchange. It is alleged TQ has a controlling influence on the board, but currently we have no way of confirming this at present. See how this explained on TQ’s web site:

“Rhonda Byrne’s DVD and book, The Secret, was published in 2006. In a chapter entitled, The Secret to the World, she alludes to a very dramatic success story. Here is the story as featured in The Secret:

‘The true story of a Belize oil team is an inspiring example of the power of the human mind to bring forth resources. The directors of Belize Natural Energy Limited were trained by the eminent Dr Tony Quinn, who specializes in Humanistic Physiology training. With Dr. Quinn’s mind power training, the directors were confident that their mental picture of Belize being a successful oil-producing country would be achieved. They took a brave step forward to drill for oil in Spanish Lookout, and in one short year their dream and vision became a reality. Belize Natural Energy Limited discovered oil of the highest quality, in abundant flows where fifty other companies had failed to find any. Belize has become an oil-producing country because an extraordinary team of people believed in the unlimited power of their mind.’”

This is the last report we got:

Tax hit for Rich Ulster Oil barons 

May 11, 2008

Page 38

IRISH oil barons who struck black gold in a tiny Caribbean country are set to be hit where it hurts – in the pocket. Ever since they found oil in Belize, Northern Irish Company Belize Natural Energy has been pumping out giant quantities of the black stuff from the Spanish Lookout district of Belize, making oil the nation’s booming industry. The oil strike is said to have made fortunes for Belfast-born businesswoman Susan Morrice and Enniskillen native Sheila McCaffrey, who run BNE. But the honeymoon is now over for Morrice and McCaffrey with newly elected Dean Barrow announcing plans to introduce a windfall tax which will ensure that the people of Belize finally get a slice of the cake. “We are going to impose a windfall tax on Belize Natural Energy to make up for the loss of revenue (incurred by) switching from imported fuel to local fuel. Barrow said.


“We need to get more from the oil company for the people.” Locals who reckon BNE has been exploiting them aren’t complaining. As Niall Gillett – the Belize Reporter newspaper – says: “BNE has its own share of dislike from the local populace. Most Belizeans feel the country did not receive enough of a share of this important asset.”

“There’s resentment towards both the old PUP Government for selling the country’s oil without apparent accountability and also for making too sweet of an agreement for BNE.” Many locals resent BNE because they don’t think poverty-stricken Belize is seeing any of the money for the oil strike, even though the previous PUP government was supposed to get 40% of all profits.

“No one can seem to say where the oil money has gone,” adds Gilett. Until BNE’s surprise oil strike Belize, which boasts a population of just 280,000, relied mainly on tourism and agriculture? NOW BNE is pumping out oil said to be similar in quality to the prized low sulfur crude which is drilled from the oil fields of West Texas.

* The term “CULT” is not used in this article. According to our research the term should be retained in regard to Tony Quinn, as there are aspects of what he does that the word cult best fits. It is also a very important term for academic clarity. Terms like New Religious Movement, and sects are not as clear and do not have a resonance with the general public. The loss of the term CULT leads to the proliferation of all kinds of terminology without greater intelligibility. Rather than use a word that tends to close down people’s ability to think critically, we look for synonyms to increase understanding. People have a tendency to contact DI and ask us is a group a “cult.”They thereby hand over to us their minds, rather than do the kind of research and reach their own conclusions. So we do not use the term here, but the consistent reports we have received suggest that his organisation and activities are rooted in cultism. We did not want to create though a Pavlovian reaction where his members or ex members would be programmed to resist what this article is saying because of the use of the term cult. Tony Quinn in a documentary raises the issue of whether he is a cult leader?

It is in the TV 3 documentary produced by 20/20:

20/20 – “Tony Quinn”, TV3 (Ireland), 2nd March 2001

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