Tony Quinn protest reports

Irish Independent

By Grainne Cunningham

Monday January 12 2009

Health guru Tony Quinn was in Dublin yesterday to give a seminar to up to 900 people as controversy continues to rage over the cash people pay him for his expertise.

The multi-millionaire gave a talk lasting over four hours in the RDS, Ballsbridge, while a small group of protesters stood outside appealing to those attending to end their allegiance to the organisation.

Although the seminar was “free”, it was only open to those who had already paid for a seminar abroad, which typically costs €18,500.

The Irish Independent attempted to speak to delegates, who for the most part would not respond at all and simply turned their backs and hurried away.

However, one woman spoke in detail of her experience with Tony Quinn and said she believed that the €18,500 she spent on a two-week seminar in the south of France had been money well spent.

However, Mike Garde of Dialogue Ireland, an organisation which works with those involved with cults, warned people that they were in danger of being mentally manipulated.


Mr Garde said the main aim of his protest was to ensure that delegates who subsequently felt they had been duped or ripped off would have somewhere to turn.

“We are not just loonies standing out here in the rain but if the penny drops for some of these people, maybe we can be of some help,” he said.

Mr Garde said he had heard many stories ranging from financial loss, family break-up, abuse of power, and the misuse of hypnosis, to brainwashing.

He also questioned Mr Quinn’s credentials. However, he insisted that he had no issue with the people going on the seminar or doing the courses.

Another protester, who did not wish to be named, said his sister had taken a course with Tony Quinn about five years ago and, since then, his family have made several attempts to end her association with the organisation.

Since she became involved, the man, who is from the west of Ireland, said his sister had changed, frequently lied about what she was doing, had spent way beyond her means on seminars and was a constant worry to her parents and other siblings.

However, one of the few delegates who would speak to the Irish Independent said she had had a positive and life-changing experience since attending a Tony Quinn seminar.

Some video from the days events:

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  1. Keep up the good work mike, flop star had a good giggle about the whole disc Incident with his educo chums when he got inside. lol


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