This is Pure Scientology under the mask of LifeCoaching

Those of you who have studied Scientology will suddenly see a person who was giving out the free personality tests on Middle Abbey St, then he was a Minister recruiting for Scientology using the Dianetics book of L.R .Hubbard. Yes, it is Vincent Kelly now going to help you deal with Narcissism as a LIFE COACH?

Be alert this is good old time Scientology online. Now they are out in Firhouse with millions invested and no one coming out there, also Merrion Square again totally dead they are coming out of the woodwork online.

“House of Prayer” opening in Brewster, New York, USA is a flop.

175 people were at the opening. Many were from out of state.  Christina and Fr. McGinnity live streamed from Ireland.  No pictures or note taking allowed.  My contacts there said the livestream was amateurish, with Fr. McGinnity droning on for over an hour, then Christina.  It was not structured or planned out carefully.   Lots of emphasis on sales of the miraculous picture. 

Christina is denying she ever said those who get the covid vaccine will go to hell. Below is the quote, which happens to still be on the Facebook page from the House of Prayer in Leander, TX, and the FB page for the Minnesota house.  They must have forgotten to take this down!  

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Exclusive by Alan Sherry
August 29 2021

A woman whose elderly mother believes pictures she bought from the House of Prayer will protect her from Covid has said the Catholic Church is abdicating its responsibility to Catholics by not publicly condemning the controversial organisation.

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MARK OF BEAST Families’ anguish as Christina Gallagher’s House of Prayer urges New Yorkers not to take vaccine

Christina Gallagher has amassed a massive property portfolio while families are at their wits’ end with worry for relatives.

Achill-based House of Prayer set to open new centre in New York

THE controversial House of Prayer is set to open a new $2.2m centre in New York on Saturday where it will charge followers almost €400 for a picture which they claim will offer spiritual protection.

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How to leave a comment on Dialogue Ireland website

Modern Mystery School: Money, Magic, Sex and Power

In 2011, a young father of two tiny children reached out to Dialogue Ireland when he noticed his wife seemed to be totally focused on the School. When she started spending excessive amounts of money to travel to Toronto he got very worried. He wrote the post below that went viral. I believe later his wife left the Modern MysterySchool.

This laid the foundation for Dialogue Ireland “creating awareness towards this group” and finally gave people a platform to share their experiences of the Modern Mystery School. Since then, people from all around the world have been coming to Dialogue Ireland to share their stories. Since Dialogue Ireland first reported on Modern Mystery School numbers in Ireland have seriously declined with only a handful of Ritual Masters operating in Ireland.

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