Lamaism rather than Buddhism. “In the Name of Enlightenment – Sex Scandal in Religion” – About Sogyal Rinpoche

We publish the story around the abuser Sogyal Rinpoche who has a centre in West Cork which President McAleese continues to endorse.

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Interview with Mary Finnigan:…
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Interview with Marion Dapsance:…

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Tenzin Peljor – Disgruntled Monk or CTA Puppet?

Are Buddhsist Racist

Dialogue Ireland found that as it addressed the issue of Sogyal the NCT and Communist Chinese card were raised. The only problem with that was we were talking to Capitalist Taiwan and people who did not take kindly to copulation at the highest levels of TB. So in the end we came to the conclusion that the issue is not whether the NKT is a cult of TB but whether TB is Buddhism? We follow the philosopher Hegel in calling it Lamaism, the unreformed movement of Tantric Consort Sex Hinduism.

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Lamaism=Tibetan Buddhism tries to short circuit Enlightenment by sexual intercourse

Lifting the Veil off the Fourteen Root Infractions in Tantric “Buddhism”- Part 4: The True Colours of the Tantric Vajra Vehicle [Vajrayana](Reproduced)

Lama's with women13

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Good Sex, No Sex Tibetan Buddhism=Lamaism, getting under the sheets

In our ongoing attempt to clarify that Tibetan Buddhism or Lamaism is nothing more than Tantric Hinduism we are happy to publish this third report. We stress we are not a site that advocates a religious belief. However, as TB’s tend to suggest any questioning of themselves is inspired by Chinese communists it is ironic that this critique is Chinese alright but Taiwanese hardly fitting into that category.

Lifting the Veil off Fourteen Root Infractions in Tantric “Buddhism” – Part 3: Blind spots of Tantric root infractions (Reproduced with permission.)

Published: 2014/06/18 08:00
(Report by the True Heart News interviewing team in Taipei)
The Fourteen Tantric Root Infractions observed by lamas and gurus of Tibetan “Buddhism” include neither the five basic Buddhist precepts that lay Buddhists adhere to nor the ten severe injunctions in the Bodhisattva Precepts. They are a set of non-Buddhist disciplinary rules concocted by the Tantric School. Insofar as they are not precepts established by Buddha Sakyamuni, disclosure of the secrets would not result in causality of one’s descent into hell after death.
Only Tantric Buddhists are intimidated and threatened by these vows since they don’t have decent knowledge of the true Buddha Dharma.
All Buddhist disciples ought to observe the precepts set up by the Buddha. Take abstinence from sexual misconduct as an example, monastics are proscribed from any sexual acts while lay practitioners from any extramarital affair. The purpose of the Fourteen Root Infractions, however, are designed to legitimate and substantiate sex as a necessary means to attain Buddhahood and even prohibit adherents from abandoning it. The heterosexual couple practice is greatly encouraged; even group orgy does not violate the tantric precepts and is approved by Tsongkhapa. Such practice is a flagrant violation of Buddhist precepts and utterly contravenes the Way to liberation.


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Women of Ireland beware, men of Ireland cop on, ex president of Ireland don’t study canon law, but Tantric codology

Lama's with women7

We have already published extensively on this topic so will give links to those who want to book for this seminar. May we suggest a trip to Taiwan for enlightenment on Lamaism……..instead. No support for Tibetan Dark Ages or Chinese Communists. Fitst step to enlightenment is to say not NKT. Then say Free Tibet and take a few bob from the CIA. Blame it on the Chinese, but remember the Taiwanese are not communist and do not buy into the love bug TB. Continue reading

From Rigpa to abuse. From Tibetan Buddhism to Lamaism. The evolution of DI .


This is an ancient tradition which is growing in Ireland and many centres are opening to this new movement to our shores. There is a group which has given rise to a number of questions which we should make you aware of. This is Rigpa Ireland with centres at Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Wicklow and Retreat Centre at Dzogchen Beara, Garranes.

Similar allegations were heard at an Inform Seminar, New Religious Movements and Violence at the London School of Economics last year. The ex-member, a woman who had been a member for over 10 years stressed the mental abuse she experienced.

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Tantric Couple Copulation Lamaism is not Buddhism

Dialogue Ireland is happy to publish the YouTube documentary on Lamaism. During our research and following our encounter with Chris Chandler we began to have a better understanding of the true nature Lamaism as a Sex Cult. At that time we became acquainted with the The True Enlightenment Education Foundation based in Taipei, Taiwan. We will write more on this later, but here we want to make our readers and viewers aware of what TB=Lamaism is all about. We do not enter into the Religious dynamic and belief systems inherent in this discussion as our focus is Cultism, but we are happy to co operate with our Taiwanese friends and through them to have our material available to a new audience. Continue reading

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