Sarah Horgan has a sure grasp of cultism. Here she starts with a general preview of the issues in discussion with Mike Garde, Director of Dialogue Ireland.


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Dedicated to challenge cults

Mike Garde, Director of Dialogue Ireland, has devoted his life to tackling cults in Ireland by Sarah Horgan – The Echo.

A GLOUNTHAUNE man who dedicated his life to helping families torn apart by cults has warned of a guru type figure advertising his services in Ireland.

Dialogue Ireland Trust director, Mike Garde, has spent several decades investigating cul- tism, acting as a mediator between cult members and their families.

In the last number of months, he has been speaking out against the actions of an individ- ual claiming to have healing powers. “This guy is milking money from people,” Mr Garde said. “He claims to be a healer and gradually gets people under his influence until they disconnect from their own family and become part of his.

“The healing claims to focus more on issues like psychological trauma than illnesses such as cancer but this is still incredibly damaging. “Technically there is nothing unconstitutional about it. It’s a gradual surrender of mental control to a guru type figure.” He said the person in question has been wreaking havoc in communities.

“He is now looking at a hardcore group of supporters who keep coming back for more,” he said. “I know because I’m dealing with families across the country who are affected by this. “The type of people that gravitate towards him tend to be middle class and ranging in age from 35 to 50. He normally doesn’t get anyone older than that.”

He spoke of how challenging reaching out to cult members can be. “They believe that people like me are demons who are doing more than trying to stop the progress.”

Mr Garde, who is now based in Dublin, said he always tries to deal with issues diplomati- cally. “If I hear about a group we try to negotiate and meet the leader. “However, if this breaks down we do our best to alert the public to what’s going on.

“One woman, who is now living in Cork, went through a massive psychological break- down and her family are trying to regroup with her.” He said that public persecution can some- times make a cult leader stronger, given that they see themselves as Jesus like figures. “That’s exactly the way they push it. In this line of work you are on the bridge and being walked over by both sides which can be quite difficult.”

He described the effects of manipulation from cult leaders. “The effect of this can be massive distress, psychological breakdowns and a loss of earnings. You find a lot of people losing sight of their career path and even going missing.

“People will argue that this is a belief system and people have the right to believe anything they want,” said Mr Garde. “However, this is not about people’s beliefs. It’s about the control of the mind that’s taking place.”



One such healer is Arthur Whyte who was recently booked into the Vienna Woods Hotel and to a centre in Midleton. Due to pressure and to a family bereavement he did not come this time. Here is material for you to study about him. He learned a lot from Tony Quinn who has amassed a fortune and part of his empire are the Educo Gyms. One on Penrose Quay and the other in Glanmire. This franchise can get a number of people to hand over inordinate amounts of money for his seminars. There is a lot of talk about mindfulness these days. We in fact really need to watch out for mindlessness and activate the mind to see these kind of scammers coming into range.

Arthur Whyte1.jpeg



Mr Garde said he has also been alerted to a cult operating in west Cork, adding that a former member contacted him complaining of abuse within the group.


Here we have a centre which is feted as a centre of the hospice movement. It had Tony Bates and Sr Stan there and not to mind President McAleese over nine years ago was presented with a dossier on the power exercised by Sogyal Rinpoche. At this time of year, he held a seminar in Alihies where he was not as one thought. He was a sexual deviant who used violence against women and humiliated his adherents. If you look on the web site now you would not believe Sogyal had any connection to this location. He has been moved off the stage and his name has disappeared whereas he was front and centre of this movement. They mention he was found out but has the Dalai Lama put his hands up?



The Dalai Lama, Carla Bruni and Sogyal Rinpoche in France.

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  1. Yes you have taken the right turn. Possibly the best Lama in the world. I met him once in Aarhus. A Tantric disaster waiting to happen.

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  2. Yes, I believe his name is Ole? The promotional brochures were highly professional productions and not unlike other enterprises of a similar nature ‘shopping around ‘ was discouraged.
    ‘You’re either with us or against us ‘.
    The ecstasy of enlightenment, perpetual bliss seems to render Taoism obsolete. No middle way or.dualism allowed! It’s either yin or yang!


  3. Would this strutting peacock be Danish by any chance?

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  4. Some years past I became aware of a relatively new Buddhist group (Diamond ) keen to get in on the Irish market. Despite a number of attempts to locate them in Dublin I eventually received some promotional material.
    The frontsman is Scandinavian and is portrayed in photoshoots as a serene, benevolent messianic figure with the promise of personal spiritual enrichment in return for devotion.
    Footage of a celebration revealed those already committed to devotion happily doing service providing guests with sumptuous attention all the while a Buddhist monk mingled freely exuding joyful assurance and charm for all to see.
    The costumes were most effective and would have left Batman and Robin in.the ha’penny place .
    I can’t remember if it was Lucy from the ‘Lucy Show ‘ who suggested that imaging pompous peacocks naked as an effective way of stripping the illusion of its power.
    I prefer attending the theatre and not worrying about being followed home.

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