Further reflections of a former Educoist.


When an ex Educoist such as myself awakens from the brainwashing spell cast by Tony Quinn and begins to write the truth concerning his Educo cult, we are viewed by other Educoists as being negative, disgruntled people who are merely seeking to blame Tony Quinn for the hardships we have faced through being unduly influenced by his so called “teachings.”  It is often said that it is our own fault that we fell under his spell of programming and hypnosis to live a materialistic lifestyle in accordance with his so called “good life” ideal.  Everyone likes to think that they wouldn’t be hypnotised in this manner, that people who are brainwashed by cults are idiots or weak minded, but you would be very wrong in thinking that.  Most of Quinn’s seminar participants were highly successful business people before meeting Tony Quinn.  Indeed a Presidential candidate for Kenya named Martha Karua attended a seminar in Monte Carlo in 2013 which I was present at. She was sent on it by Susan Morrice, an oil rich millionaire. So the people who attend these seminars are far from idiots but they are still very much human and can be manipulated just like all of us, despite their apparent outer successes in life. Continue reading

Tony Quinn Part 3, the final edition for now?

“Oh yes, I’m the great pretender, pretending I’m doing well.  My need is such I pretend too much, I’m lonely but no one can tell.  Oh yes I’m the great pretender, adrift in a world of my own.  I play the game but to my real shame, you’ve left me to dream all alone.  Too real is this feeling of make believe, too real when I feel what my heart can’t conceal.  Ooh ooh, yes I’m the great pretender, just laughing and gay like a clown.  I seem to be what I’m not, you see, I’m wearing my heart like a crown.  Pretending that you’re still around.”


Jamie’s picture which was taken 15 years ago is good to keep in mind next September. Why? Because the Ryder Cup might come down to someone under undue influence or using their own mind to win for Europe. Watch this space. Continue reading

Part 2 of our former Educoist’s road to freedom


“You have come on a two week seminar here, but YOU will never return”.  And with these words Tony Quinn kicks off his seminar in Los Angeles in September 2001.  As I look back now, 15 years later, I realise that he wasn’t telling lies.  I (the real me) never did return.  What returned was a guy who was programmed (hypnotised) to live in a manner similar to Tony Quinn himself. Continue reading

Former disciple of Tony Quinn wakes from a dream as the penny drops he was in a cult.

Part One:

Monte-carlo view

We are for obvious reasons keeping the identity of the person who provided us with this account anonymous. This report gives us a clear understanding of the breach of human rights and the nature of the pyramid scam that many innocent members of Irish society have endured under the label of enlightenment. It is increasingly clear in that Quinn every year claims he is bringing some major insight which turns out to be the same old tapes of recycled new age froth. A pattern is emerging that suggests that those who have been victims will need to pursue a refund as they have been the victims of a scam. Many have received no receipts for courses costing over €15K and it is likely no tax has been paid in any jurisdiction for these totally off the wall courses and for the kind of money that is totally disproportionate to any gain received. Continue reading

Why did Terry Quinn move to Dundalk?

Perhaps Terry could have a chat with John Boyle of Boylesports about his methodology? Tony Quinn is very strong in Dundalk and Quinn believes he is Jesus. Could this be the synergy of the Century. They both promote a failed notion of wealth.
Yesterday we had the three speakers who we understood were expecting how many? Thomas Cooney if you became a Seventh Day Adventist you could solve your bi location problem.

3 Apostles
Continue reading

Memories of what happens on a Tony Quinn Educo Seminar

This is a very special seminar for the devotees of the Messiah Tony. People like John Boyle from Boylesports were regular visitors. Recently we are not sure about John as he is completely sanitised his connection with TQ from his CV. Before he was telling people all his success was a result of TQ’s great programme, but now he is saying, what we said about 6 years ago that all his success resulted from his own entrepreneurial gifts.


One person told me how they had sold a property to go on the seminar and following the crash they not only lost everything but they had to walk away from a property in the Republic and start their lives again. There is only one winner TQ. Then there are devotees like Damien Twohig and his wife who really believe in Quinn’s mind games and they are his southern agents. Continue reading

Quinn’s secret meeting at Clontarf Castle… Anything new yes lovely new seating in reception

TQ Clontarf sign

<img src="https://dialogueireland.files.wordpress.com/2015/06/picket-1.jpg" alt="
<img src="https://dialogueireland.files.wordpress.com/2015/06/tq-clontarf-car.jpg" alt="TQ Clontarf car" width="660" height="371" class="alignnone size-full wp-image-14925"

Tony Quinn recycling the old tapes in Clontarf Castle. He usually exits from the kitchen. Will he come our the front door today? Tony Quinn recycling the old tapes in Clontarf Castle. He usually exits from the kitchen. Will he come our the front door today?

Tony Quinn spoke to a depleted audience at Clontarf Castle yesterday. You know the game plan. Tell them there is a new angle and then reinforce the old programming big time. It goes on and on as he goes on. The hotel has had a facelift and Tony unlike normal citizens does not come in the front door but through the kitchen. Perhaps he materialised through the skylight… Continue reading

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