Ashyana Deane aka Anna Hayes Cult. New Age beliefs or a group exercising cult like characteristics?

Dialogue Ireland has been approached by people who are concerned that individuals are being influenced in a malign way. People have no problem with people holding different views but are concerned when they totally lose it and become so under influence they are lost to spouses, children and life long friends. There seems to be a group dynamic and Ashyana Deane seems to have been able to create a bridge head here in Ireland and there seems to be a lot of cash linked to being certain places for another version of this Mayan myth and end of the world lark. Now when it does not happen then we will hear that it was not the end of the world as such but a new consciousness has been born! However, Ashyana Deane will at that stage have the cash and the person will be like an alcoholic coming home needing AA, but they will feel superior and enlightened even though to quote one of my colleagues it is a load of bollocks! (This is a kind of wake up call.) Continue reading

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