The photographic record of the Dialog Centre Aarhus Denmark

Anders Blichfeldt was a co-worker at the Dialog Centret from the end of the seventies. He had an amazing gift to have a camera always available so we have an interesting record of a developing movement and network which involved people all over ther world and especially the emerging Dialog Center International, (DCI.)


The photographer and documentarist Anders Blichfeldt


Dalai Lama and Johannes Aagaard

Hatha Yogi in Rishikesh, India


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Mormonism: Joseph Smith and the sex cult that led to his death

Alex Beamcover

SUNDAY, APR 20, 2014

Blood vows: Joseph Smith,

Mormonism and the invention of

American polygamy by ALEX


How polygamy created a schism among

early Mormons — and ultimately led to the

murder of the religion’s founder

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Woman accuses Irish Mormon Church of sex abuse cover-up

Irish Independent

BY Aoife Finneran – 30 November 2011

THE Mormon Church in Ireland is being sued by a young woman who claims its members tried to cover up alleged sexual abuse of her by one of the church’s elders. Continue reading

The Mormon Contradiction by Marcia Van Outen

In the early 1820s a young boy named Joseph Smith claimed that God the Father and Jesus Christ appeared to him and told him to found a new church. Thus began Mormonism, a faith that has grown to thirteen million members worldwide.

The Mormon Contradiction: In Their Own Words offers the reader an insight into what the Mormon Church is really all about, including:
Where the Book of Mormon really came from. Continue reading

The Occult Transformation of Western Culture and its relevance for the Lamaism Debate

Presentations given at a Dialogue Ireland Conference in March 1992 by Prof Johannes Aagaard: Continue reading

Does Mormonism Encourage LDS People to Lie? Post by Joanna Brooks

August 8, 2012

  • Religion Dispatches
  • Newsweek/Daily Beast reporter Jamie Reno published a provocative interview this week with Sue Emmett, a direct descendent of Brigham Young and a former LDS Church member, that plumbs controversial aspects of Mormon faith and culture, including the status of women in the faith and a tendency among some Mormons to manage the way they speak with non-Mormons about complicated aspects of our history and religious practice. Continue reading
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