War of words over cult cash, By Pavel Barter, The Sunday Times, January 14, 2018

Dan Brown Origin6


The Sunday Times asks the question has Dialogue Ireland been defamed in Dan Brown’s New book, “Origin?” This article spells out the issues involved.




A character in Origin discovers “a shocking trove of private documents that outlined a brutal war that had been waged against the Palmarian Church for over a decade”. This war “apparently included lawsuits, threats bordering on blackmail, and huge donations to anti-Palmarian watchdog groups like Palmar de Troya Support and Dialogue Ireland.”

“In 2015, Brown told the Web Summit Conference in Dublin of his desire to set a book in Ireland.”  It seems that Brown has decided to base his defamation of a Charity working to assist those who have been seriously affected by the Palmarians in Ireland. He makes the Palmarians the victims and Dialogue Ireland the aggressor. We have received no funding from anyone to work against the Palmarians and definitely have had no legal battle against them and did not use blackmail. Though it is quite appropriate to write fiction, it is another thing to claim your research is accurate and you can’t defame a charity. We wrote to Dan Brown and he promised to reply when I phoned their New York office. Now we are pretty clear where we need to go with this.

Please read the PDF of the article here:  War of words over cult cash


Dan Brown Origin4

Article on Defamation 1

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So afraid are family members connected to the Palmarians that we have to heavily edit this short report.


Palmarian Pope1

With the pomp and circumstance of the Palmarian Pope we forget there are hundreds of families who have been robbed of the love and affection of their relatives. The last pope who left and went onto get married in a kind of playboy celebrity event had been vicious in his maintenance of a rigid dress code and laws which left many children and young people psychologically damaged for life.


Instead of the elderly being in the kind of care which they should have had in their homes in their own country, they have under the undue influence of this cultist organisation been in fact brought into a prison.


Maria's pics of PT2

Already last year on Joe Duffy’s Liveline show we heard the cries of those who have lost their families to this terrible situationwp-1473384750598.jpg

You just have to read between the lines……

The house in xxxxxx is sold and now all of them are in Palmar. XXXXXX relatives visited them for the allotted time …… 45minutes. They said their relatives had got very thin. On their 1st trip they brought out something they like as they both love it. They told them to bring it home as they’re not allowed to have it. They are holed up in rooms to the side of but within the cathedral. xxxxxx lives xxxx. Hibernicus

Magnus Lundberg has done a lot of work and this ebook gives all the background required to understand what is going on.


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Damian Thompson on the Dan Brown book ‘Origin’ and the Palmarians

I first met Damian Thompson when he had a staring role in the BBC production Sleeping with the enemy. In his Case he had developed an expertise in regard to the International Church of Christ who had a very strong brainwashing methodology for recruiting people.  He kindly came to Ireland and gave some very helpful lectures on this whole area at our annual Dialogue Ireland Conference. He struck me as being a metropolitan intellectual who had very little time for the Catholic Church and seemed to have imbibed the sociological relativism of his mentor from the LSE Dr Eileen Barker. He was in fact a Governor of Inform and I lost contact with him. On Facebook I discovered he had taken a totally different turn and was now not just a Catholic but an orthodox one. He was now an editor of a Catholic newspaper and writing for the Spectator. I tried to contact him but his style of conversion does not seem to be Evangelical but rather sheltered. I was hoping to explore his journey like  a modern Poulenc. All his interests are shared by me, but not a conversion to to Rome which after studying at St Patrick’s College , Maynooth and having to deal with the Episcopal Conference has sent me further to the left and into the tradition of Dissent.

Dan Brown Origin

Damian Thompson gives a short summary of this group who claim to be the Catholic Church. Continue reading

Liveline Call back: Bridget Crosbie and the Palmarians. From radio to TV.

Liveline Callback BC


Liveline Callback Palma

Bridget Crosbie and the Palmarians.
In regard to the death of Bridget Mike Garde stated the Palmarians were the source of her alienation and isolation.

Liveline Call back: Can be seen on the Player in Ireland



Liveline Call back: Can be seen here worldwide.


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The Palmarians on Liveline: Call Back. The sorry story of Bridget Crosbie RTE 1 TV July 27, 2017 @ 20:30


Episode 8
Story –  Bridget Crosbie died alone and lay undiscovered in her Wexford home for two months. But 84-year-old Bridget was once full of the joys of life before she joined a secretive religious sect called The Palmarians. Bridget became reclusive in keeping with the sects’ strict set of rules.

She had no social contact with any persons outside the sect even over the telephone. Ties with family members were effectively cut and she lived without television, radio, computers and telephones. 

This prompted a flood of calls to Liveline where people spoke of how they had been cut off from family and loved ones due to the Palmarian sect. Paddy Mulligan spoke about his neighbour Bridget Crosbie.

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Palmarian Church. Moves at reform resisted


Seemingly the new leader  peter wants to lift the rule of not communicating with non and ex palmarians. He seemingly has stated the Gines Hernadez (Gregory 18) had implemented very extreme and anticatholic rules. Peter (Odermatt) has focused on the communications rules and evidently wants to take a more balanced approach than Gines (who he refers to as diabolical) There is alot more news and we can see Eliseo undoing the tyranny of Gines. But one problem remains seemingly extremists inside of palmar are impeding the changes. Some of the extremists apparently have some sort of contact with Gines. We will keep you posted.

Maria's pics of PT1


As Pope


The Palmarians: Anatomy of a Cult. No celebrity this is for real

The Anatomy of a cult. This TV programme received over a million views on broadcast.


It is in Spanish and we hope to obtain a link to be able to watch in Ireland.

Anatomía de una secta

Spanish TV.jpg

In this documentary, the man who for years was known as the Pope of Palmar de Troya now complains about scandals and corruption. Gines Jesus Hernandez, speaking to the Research Team about the secrets of the Palmarian Church which openly now calls “a sect”. The programme includes the testimonies of former bishops and members of the organization, warning of the risks to children and the devotees of the Palmarians strict regime. Prosecutors are investigating issues around the absenteeism , censorship of teaching materials and the isolation of children. Anatomy of a Sect examines a faith supported for 40 years with millions of €€€€€€ in donations by thousands of the faithful scattered throughout the world. . Title: Anatomy of a sect Continue reading

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