Liveline Call back: Bridget Crosbie and the Palmarians. From radio to TV.

Liveline Callback BC

Liveline Callback Palma

Bridget Crosbie and the Palmarians.
In regard to the death of Bridget Mike Garde stated the Palmarians were the source of her alienation and isolation.

Liveline Call back: Can be seen on the Player in Ireland


Liveline Call back: Can be seen here worldwide.


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The Palmarians on Liveline: Call Back. The sorry story of Bridget Crosbie RTE 1 TV July 27, 2017 @ 20:30


Episode 8
Story –  Bridget Crosbie died alone and lay undiscovered in her Wexford home for two months. But 84-year-old Bridget was once full of the joys of life before she joined a secretive religious sect called The Palmarians. Bridget became reclusive in keeping with the sects’ strict set of rules.

She had no social contact with any persons outside the sect even over the telephone. Ties with family members were effectively cut and she lived without television, radio, computers and telephones. 

This prompted a flood of calls to Liveline where people spoke of how they had been cut off from family and loved ones due to the Palmarian sect. Paddy Mulligan spoke about his neighbour Bridget Crosbie.

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Palmarian Church. Moves at reform resisted


Seemingly the new leader  peter wants to lift the rule of not communicating with non and ex palmarians. He seemingly has stated the Gines Hernadez (Gregory 18) had implemented very extreme and anticatholic rules. Peter (Odermatt) has focused on the communications rules and evidently wants to take a more balanced approach than Gines (who he refers to as diabolical) There is alot more news and we can see Eliseo undoing the tyranny of Gines. But one problem remains seemingly extremists inside of palmar are impeding the changes. Some of the extremists apparently have some sort of contact with Gines. We will keep you posted.

Maria's pics of PT1


As Pope


The Palmarians: Anatomy of a Cult. No celebrity this is for real

The Anatomy of a cult. This TV programme received over a million views on broadcast.

It is in Spanish and we hope to obtain a link to be able to watch in Ireland.

Anatomía de una secta

Spanish TV.jpg

In this documentary, the man who for years was known as the Pope of Palmar de Troya now complains about scandals and corruption. Gines Jesus Hernandez, speaking to the Research Team about the secrets of the Palmarian Church which openly now calls “a sect”. The programme includes the testimonies of former bishops and members of the organization, warning of the risks to children and the devotees of the Palmarians strict regime. Prosecutors are investigating issues around the absenteeism , censorship of teaching materials and the isolation of children. Anatomy of a Sect examines a faith supported for 40 years with millions of €€€€€€ in donations by thousands of the faithful scattered throughout the world. . Title: Anatomy of a sect Continue reading

Magnus Lundberg gives a magisterial account of the Palmarians. He looks for light but can only see darkness.

As our lovely couple move from one expensive location and experience to another, what we see in this former pope is a man of the world interested in having a smoke and what underpants he will wear. We know where his heart is from this particular transaction which puts him in control of the loot.

Picture of the Pope





Gines Jesus Herandez Martinez of Leaca Ban, Tooman, Lusk, Co.Dublin ARE FULL OWNERS.
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Palmarian Pope: Our agent fails to make a protest at the wedding in Monachil.

As Pope

We had hoped that some reality would result from a protest to burst this celebrity bubble and remind the Pope of the abuses he was at the centre of over the years. Unfortunately, there was such heavy security the person who was representing Dialogue Ireland could not get in. In fact Gregorio XVIII is the author of the reign of terror experienced by families over the last few years. Dress codes, humiliation of families, depression and loss of intercourse are his legacy. Children cut of from their families and properties taken over, and elderly vulnerable people brainwashed into accepting the breaches of their human rights.


Maria Hall standing outside what is reality a human prison, not a religious centre.

Over the last few days we have had a very upsetting celebration of a Pope who has left his church but who has left a trail of questions about the money belonging to thousands of ordinary people all over Europe. We understand he is going to Germany and Lichtenstein where we know there is a lot of cash without proper scrutiny. We understand he is going to New York on his honeymoon. How can a person who was in religious life have what can only be called a celebrity wedding which must have cost thousands of Euro? Can such a life of luxury in the end not lead to criminal charges?

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Palmarian Developments: Terry and Mike Garde of Dialogue Ireland on Liveline with Joe Duffy

Maria's pics of PT2

Terry gives an update on her brother’s death in Palma.

Mike Garde mentioned that the house in Lusk is owned by Ginés Jesús Hernández, Gregorio XVIII.




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