Communion and Liberation and the Legionaries ~ Pondering the ‘what,’ not the ‘who,’ of Vatileaks

Pondering the ‘what,’ not the ‘who,’ of Vatileaks ~ Communion and Liberation and the Legionaries and the Bishop at the centre of the Magnificat Meal Movement debate. Continue reading

Communion and Liberation – Conservative Catholic group gripped by scandal

by John L Allen Jr on May. 02, 2012 NCR Today

ROME — For a long time it was Opus Dei, and then, even before massive sex scandals exploded around their founder, it was the Legionaries of Christ. Today, at least in Italy, it now seems Communion and Liberation’s turn to be the conservative Catholic group generating the most controversy, the sexiest news headlines, and the greatest volume of conspiracy theories. Continue reading

Who are Communion and Liberation?

Joe Duffy was trying to come to an understanding as to what is happening in the mind of the Catholic Archbishop of Dublin on Liveline.  Garry O’Sullivan, editor of the Irish Catholic made the point the Archbishop seems to be unwilling to really open up dialogue in regard to any issue here in Ireland. He seems to be colonised by Italy and is only an avatar in regard to his presence here in Ireland. He seems to have a close connection to Communion and Liberation. He regularly participates in the Stations of the Cross in the Phoenix Park with this Catholic organisation. Continue reading

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