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Explanatory note: Whenever we use the words ‘cult’, ‘cultism’ or ‘cultist’ we are referring solely to the phenomenon where troubling levels of undue psychological influence may exist. This phenomenon can occur in almost any group or organisation.

Advice and information:

We provide advice and information to individuals and  families and  about cultist groups. We also provide this service to schools, government departments, and to the media who are an essential element in opening up cultist issues in society. We try to help people clarify whether the problem they are encountering results from involvement with cultism or from other issues. We refer people on to people who understand the issues related to the participation of the person in the particular cultist group they are enquiring about. Sometimes the issues relate to non cult issues and in that case we have people we recommend who understand cultism but who are counsellors with specific skills like hypnotherapy and psychotherapy. Sometimes we get an initial call and in our experience it can take up to two years before the person gets back to you. Here is an example where the person was able to take the advice and to get back to us.

Dear Mike,

I want to thank you for the time you afforded me last week and also for helping me to understand a situation that is quite distressing for me to observe. Over the past few days, I have decided that my relationship is too peripheral and tenuous to interfere in this person’s life at this time. I can see that the family circle is an important one, and also how much it is effecting the whole situation but I am not in a position to contact these two sisters as it would expose my own relationship. This would also be a huge breach of confidence to the person concerned.

I have also thought about this in relation to my own intent, and I need to focus on my own projects. I’ve had very long discussions with all of the important people in my life and they’ve unanimously told me to leave it alone and get on with my own stuff. You very correctly observed that this person is no good for me at this time. Becoming involved to the extent we discussed would take an enormous amount of emotional energy for me and I can’t afford this at the moment. My interference may also be very unwelcome to all of the people concerned.

If the situation changes, which could happen at any time. I will contact you and I know now where I can go, or where to send other people who may need your help. You are doing wonderful work!


Specific support Groups:

We also facilitate support groups for those coming out of a particular movement as a way to help them resolve the issues their involvement resulted in. We provide an initial support to the group until they become self supporting.

Islamism Consultancy:

Dialogue Ireland has developed an expertise in regard to Islamism here in Ireland as part of our work in regard to Cultism.

Following our WordPress blog will provide background to current developments. The history of the developments in this area and the fact that Ireland is the HQ of the Muslim Brotherhood in Europe. Mike Garde, Director of Dialogue Ireland can give background to this development generally since engaging with this issue since Sept 11, 2001. Ireland has no centre doing research on this phenomenon. See other similar reports from other countries on our site.
Prime Time had a detailed look at this issue in Dec 2006 which was broadcast in the Christmas week and hence did not receive the attention it deserved.

Dialogue Ireland is not interested in Islam as such, but Islamism. We are only concerned about the cultist aspect of Islam. We see the solution to radical Islam is moderate Islam.

Thought Reform Consultancy:

Formerly it was believed that a person who joined a Group was programmed and as a result he needed to be ‘deprogrammed.’ This then led to ‘exit counselling’ where it was assumed that the only direction a person could go in was out. Now the issue has developed to the point where we talk about Thought Reform.

  • Here the idea is that the person is presented with alternative information about the group s/he is in. It involves getting the whole family involved in the process. It is entirely voluntary which means the person does not have to escape back to the group with his horror story about being deprogrammed. This can take time to develop and for the right conditions to exist to present alternative views. So instead of the use of subterfuge saying for example that someone is sick, and you must come home, you must take time to understand what happens in groups and how people become involved. There is a natural tendency to want to get the person out, but that has more to do with the person concerned about the person in the group than about the actual situation. We must always remember that we must respect the human rights of those who decide to become involved with a group we do not agree with. So the use of short cuts and trying various tricks to get the person to leave has the tendency to make the situation worse. It is important to realise that involvement with a group does not mean that the person is suffering from a psychiatric disorder but rather is under influence.
  • This way recognises the right of a person to make their own choice as an adult but it allows for differences to be resolved within the family, and it can lead to healing in relationships which have no connection to the cult issue.

Contacts with government:

This is done on behalf of the victims and survivors and their families who obviously do not go to their TD to raise the issue as there is a stigma associated with joining a cult. Ireland is one of the only countries in Europe that has not addressed the issues of “cults” in a systematic manner. We have attempted for over a decade to get a hearing from government, but without success

There is a requirement for the study of cults in an academic context, with researchers, and resources made available to provide support for the many families who have had to bear the wounds of battle without assistance. The Belgian government for example has a committee that provides this service and it has an interdepartmental team that looks out for cultist issues within Belgium. Also the introduction of World Religions as part of the Junior and Leaving Cert Syllabii requires some kind of Third level centre where the world religions issue can be addressed.

The Schools’ Programme:

Generally most of us are shocked every few years when we hear about incidents like Waco, or the Solar Temple but say to ourselves it won’t happen here! Many people think that the cult issue is no longer with us. They remember the cult scares of the 70s, 80s and 90s, with the Moonies and Scientology being the prominent groups that are remembered. Now with the collapse of religion in general there is no sense of the danger cults involve. It is only when someone close to them suddenly changes and joins a group that they become aware.Unlike the drugs issue which is quantifiable, Cults are not so easy to evaluate. How many are there? What numbers are involved? We have no statistics, but from research in other countries we can say that up to 1–1.5 % of the population are caught up. That means that up to 60,000 people could be involved. Just because we are not aware of anyone being involved should not blind us to the need for this to be given some space in either the RE programme or at least somewhere on the school programme. I am getting calls on a daily basis from families whose adult children have joined this group or that and say to me, “if only they had had that talk!” These people turn to Dialogue Ireland for guidance and support. Such situations can be unbelievably painful for the people involved. Some have compared it to the death of a loved one without the funeral. Fortunately, the experiences of most people joining new movements are much less dramatic than this. Also the general culture is becoming more aware of the real possibility of mind control as we see ostensibly normal young people taking part in suicide missions where they are educated within very narrow parameters about a particular religious tradition. Click here for more on the schools’ programme

Donations & Fees:

Dialogue Ireland is a unique organization that deals with a very specialised, if almost esoteric, subject. Most people rarely think about this subject, and only do so when a major event hits the media or when they, or a loved one close to them, become involved in a group that leads to a family crisis. As a charity we do not charge for advice and information on the phone or through email anywhere in the world.
We charge for private consultations in person or with organisations, and terms will be worked out prior to commencement of the work. We also charge for specific research projects on behalf of families, individuals or organisations.
However, as a charity, we will provide a service to those who have an inability to pay. We rely upon volunteer work (which can add up to hundreds of hours) and upon the financial support of donors such as you who make it possible for us to continue offering services. Please consider making a donation that will help us to continue providing our services to the community.
Contact us
Phone: 353 -1- 8309384 or mobile 353 – 87 2396229
Postal Address:
7/8 Lr Abbey St; Dublin 1
Web site:
Email address:
Dialogue Ireland Charity no. 14004

Registered Charity Number: 20045111

IRELAND and IRISH representative on the General Assembly of the European Federation of Centres for Research and Education on Sects (FECRIS).

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31 Responses

  1. No problem glad you resolved the problem


  2. Hi Mike
    Sorry for the late notice. I didn’t ring because a family member in the States sought out support and has helped to resolve this issue. I appreciate your willingness to provide this support to people! I appreciate it and I’m sure my brother will be ok …he’s being well looked after now!
    Many thanks,


  3. thank-you for providing some info & support , most helpful .
    best wishes


  4. I’ll give you a call then Thank you so much!


  5. Yes we could talk around 4PM tomorrow. am out all day till then.
    in the meantime you should watch this programme.


  6. Hi Mike,
    Just listened to your Liveline interview on your site. I am very concerned about my brother who has just done a Landmark Forum in the USA. I would like some advice on how to speak to him about this. Could you let me know how I can contact you for a brief chat?
    I don’t want to give too many details. If you could answer me here, I’d appreciate it as I don’t often check this email address.
    I’m very distressed and worried.
    Thank you for all your work,


  7. unfortunately i can not pay in order to obtain your advice services

    Dear Suzanne,
    You seem to have misunderstood our services. As you will see below we do not charge for advice, but we are slow to get involved from a distance in a situation which we do not have the expertise to address. We have replied to you and unfortunately, we are not equipped to be able to address the kind of counselling you need. Do keep in touch

    Donations & Fees:
    Dialogue Ireland is a unique organization that deals with a very specialised, if almost esoteric, subject. Most people rarely think about this subject, and only do so when a major event hits the media or when they, or a loved one close to them, become involved in a group that leads to a family crisis.

    As a charity we do not charge for advice and information on the phone or through email anywhere in the world.

    We charge for private consultations in person or with organisations, and terms will be worked out prior to commencement of the work. We also charge for specific research projects on behalf of families, individuals or organisations.However, as a charity, we will provide a service to those who have an inability to pay. We rely upon volunteer work (which can add up to hundreds of hours) and upon the financial support of donors such as you who make it possible for us to continue offering services. Please consider making a donation that will help us to continue providing our services to the community.


  8. unfortunately i can not pay in order to obtain your advice services ….. but am interested to always keep in touch ….thank-you for being still in shock about abuse at dharma & lack of help .really this is too much to cope with from cape town here…it is a major, major huge disaster in my life ….


  9. thank-you very much ! my parents are still roman catholics.
    i am lucky to be alive . i must just tell you – really in my case eventually i was rescued & helped by newer intl evangelicals – i went to so many & some . ., never gone back ; however – e.g. Healing Rooms local branch – one can go once a week free for special prayers & if wish buy anointing oils ; the main office is in spokane washington usa & have an email; newsletter; & many yrs ago another church helped me – assembly of god – but wanted me to fully give up buddhism & re-convert ; seventh day adventist – recently me – are really nice & offered free prayers alone any time & are vegetarian. the pentcostal life church heled me a great deal but have become a watoto church ; charismatic evengelical congregational – theywere also nice. & the 2012 lausanne convention was held in cape town where i met hillksong church but they moved venue far away.soc welfare told me about lighthouse church who i phoned a lot but could not go to fast ; they had a missio0n in nepal but ended up fighting with the buddhists sadly.
    & i email to ask for prayers to countless overseas evangelical sites all the time & bill graham & others & chief silverheels & tonto & american indians -but they don’t like their wild horses enough.
    but although in feel sympathy from few buddhists overseas , not one local buddhist helped me in any way & are more threatening than healing roomsm is a great concept & almost totally free , one has one’s doubts & so on but overall they are trying in a big way to understand . there is a new church called shofar from french alps – they were nice.
    american embassy & peace corpsn only helped personally until the war startedin middle east then no more.
    sahaja yoga is free – sri mataji ; hare krishna – not sure but fairly o.k. to a point.
    the local police have been better since the new govt – .
    marie fortune of faith trust inst usa came to cape town ; but she charges 30$ for email consults.
    i’m just letting you know that without evangelicals , – despite their various faults -imagine what itn would be like – just army , military , police, govt terror here in south africa worse than elsewhere in africa – if it were not for the new christian churches who are even trying harded now to like tib buddhism. each year they are better & improving , so i am grateful.

    i do usually find it helpful to pray but for best results you have to not eat & not sleep for at least 3 days & nights which i have never managed to do.
    i love mantras – milarepa, tara , vajrasattva, refuge etc – but always pray to the bible or animals horses now before using them & remember hitler.
    tara is intl . sometimes the mantras become unsafe & you know or they demand money & manipulate one.
    yes- i do not want to go to court either because they are corrupt , al;ready have spied , & they want to take away all my inheritance – if they ruled i have to leave home on a smaller allowance or something; what if a gun comes out next ?
    evewn doing bates eye exercises – i was harassed by spies.
    i hate having to focus on these abuse problems & so on – but now have to do this & need to find more info which is slowly happening.
    was so happy to find ypur website – really do appreciate your services.
    best wishes


  10. Thank you Suzanne for your post. It sounds like you have had a tough time.

    I see that meditation has been part of your life for 31 years and why you are so used to chanting. I did meditation but not in a dharma centre. I understand from your post that you are more cautious about where you go as some are abusive and you are right to stay away from them as too many people have been treated badly. Buddhism teachings do change a lot when taught by the wrong people. They have twisted the truth and control people and some of them make a lot of money from it. I stay away from groups like that.

    It sounds like you and your family are very religious. How did you feel when some of your family changed their religion? I wonder if they find it difficult to change their beliefs? Do you find it helpful to pray?

    It must have been very frightening to go into hospital and get injections. Some people need medication because they have an illness but the doctor was very wrong to give it to you if you don’t need it.

    I am very glad to hear that you get on with your psychologist. It’s good to have someone to talk to about the stressful situation at home and anything else that bothers you. We all need good people in our lives.

    It is a pity you need to stay at home so much. I love dogs myself and they are great to have around. What breed are they?

    It sounds like you want a peaceful life to do the things you enjoy. It would be great if you had your own place and this is something you could talk to your psychologist about. I hope it works out for you. Stay in touch and let me know how you are.


  11. thank-you so much again & apologiues for being so verbose .
    well , now i am trying it alone & will forever be alone with just my dogs & animals & animal petitions .i became vegetarian in 1977 & had a wonderful naturopath trained 12 yrs in fraser house , dr lawrence ; he was so wonderfulbut got murdered by a new gardner in 1982. since than i have been to over 10 or more naturopaths, homeopaths – usually have to soon leave so corrupt. & although in the past it was safe to be vegetarian nowadays it is another mafia of evil buying natural health . but – i am still a vegetarian & somehow cope.but do not like these new bad people but have no choice.
    in same vein – whether
    to change from english to gaerlic or another mystic language ?
    best wishes & thank-you.


  12. Dear Suzanne.
    “although years ago I did go to psychic police, army visited me & many things like that.”
    Therein lies your answer.
    No way can you speak about enlightenment to doctors or anyone in that profession. They are simply not trained and in fact all doctors are groomed in the opposite direction. No money in Enlightenment or immortality.
    Are you aware that all answers lie inside you? and you do not need any gurus or priests etc and certainly not Evangelists.
    The havoc they wreck in Ireland is proof of that.
    All knowledge can be used in positive or negative way.
    If you know the truth re Vietnam War – Jesuit V Buddhist- then you are aware.
    So you have been to Eskdalemuir?
    Yes, you are correct, all these institutions have been infiltrated and for a reason.
    Is there any way you can begin to go this alone without others influencing you?


  13. i will not go to hospital beacuse do not want injections .
    i have some special rare psychologists & myprevious psycho-therapist retired now another lovely special lady . otherwise would not go.
    i had 10 yrs jungiam with a depraved gypsy jungian – he upset me.
    i have been to welfare & phone welfare a lot.
    before that my parents psychiatrist locked me away on medication & was disproved , so really i hate to talk about doctors like them – he died .
    they are nice- changing – they for example, pray over the phone & do redemption .
    i get help because my father & parents are abusive – not so much for the buddhist thing , although years ago I did go to psychic police, army visited me & many things like that.
    in south africa the doctors get dangerous & mad if one talks about enlightenment immortality if one is just middle class clodhopper.


  14. there has to be a balance seeing doctors because the doctors can be a bit unclear & are already angry if someone is vegetarian & wishes to become almost like immortal -these doctors in south africa are very backwarsd , only very few are balanced. I have been to tons of various places like Lifeline , american embassy libraries , helplines, churches . police. army. peacecorps whitehouse etc.
    as you say – it is now a problem & not a relaxing to meditate.
    all the world atate presidents & top officials now have to know every time one meditates – even if I am so stupid & ll tht – I still now every6 time have to do this plus pray to the bible first before saying mantras etc.
    every major university in the world has the entire tibetan scriptures – the tibetan buddhism is very good & sought after – but is in the wrong hands like hat happened in world war 2 ; so some people are changing this . but I always seem to meet the bad buddhists.


  15. Dear Dialogue Ireland
    thank-you for your email.
    no , I was born cape town 12. 12. 1959 , in 1982 applied for the passport as grandfather was from milltown , came to s.a.due to unemployment or something – married my italian-descent grandmother in pretoria , 3 sons , they later moved to cape town.
    in brief – I live with my parents who are now 80 & 79 yrs old . my parents are highly abusive but we manage . already I go to a few therapy, counselling , psychologists – but all medication-free .my family do not mind me meditating too much because we have many family cousins in usa & my fathers 2 brothers are professors in usa universities & work with dalai lama , brothers of dalai lama , countless tibetans & others …. althought they know the weaknesses in buddhism they seem to like changing buddhism plus are tired of somethings of catholic church although are regular church goers. almost all my familyhave a bad left toxic dangerous , misogynist , killer bully side – excluding myself. all the docs know. no point my father & docs together because my father has already often tried to lock me away in insane asylums for life to get rid of me – not because of buddhism but because he gets strange moods. so I only now see special like-minded osychologists & mainly use LIFELINE free phone helpline & similar phone lines, & go to women’s support free counselling like saartjie baartman women’s centre (also because am being abused by fathers perverse handiman/painter).
    I have no friends at all in ir out dharma, but few dharma email pen-friends like in france.
    am seeing evangelists for help & interfaith & avoiding groups ; parents a bit old now so have to stay home a lot because of this ; \
    seeing I became buddhist in 1981 , & gave up everything to study meditation – all these many years I have spent hours meditating – so I really do not want to just annul this or negate , deny this -but want to find an honest above-board spiritual guidance . some lamas are not so bad -e.g. Ato Rinpoche in cambridge is a better person but not very public outgoing. kalu rinpoche is a bit better Rinpoche as well – ;
    so I do not know what is going to happen next.
    I travelled 1982-84 alone to a few buddhist places overseas – they were so so. then 1986-89 ,London groups & Samye Ling eskdalemuir where I got abused by insanes on site & had to go to hospital to claim health benefits social security instead of being on the dole – but I was not even sick& got sick for nothing … eventually I just left & returned to cape town .the cape town samye groups – I went for years
    until they threatened my life – but it became obvious that that centre was only for leftists , ex-prisoners, alcoholics, millionaires etc – so it would be unsafe for me -but I was heartbroken.
    I have met tons of lamas – sogyal , tain situ , chime . thrangu , panchen lama , kalu , n& others plus have countless email lama & centre contacts – drukpa, aro , chokyi nyima, lama kunga & others.
    now that I am older – I see they all have a similar problem & the centres have become an institution & are unsafe for me.
    however , I still hope & pray that a centre will start to have catering for women or other types …& for animal-lovers & people with pets…..
    from now on I will be relying on evangelical help & trying to find better buddhist help for future travel & retreats.
    I started to become freindly by petters & emails with Gendun Rinpoche after 1984 . & a few times for little retreats & may go live somewhere near their many centres later. but will have to be under help from therapy & maybe police & some churches at the same time. the women in france are very nice , they seem to be making plans to help women meditators who have the right to attain , despite all the antagonism etc.
    but i realize karmarpa & sharmarpa are obviously wrong as is akong & many students are behaving worse than nazis like one girl is really bad in cape town diamond way , & shambala is very bad.


  16. Suzanne, I comment on this blog because there are many who have been abused by the types of groups you mention and it affects them very badly. It takes time to recover from such groups.

    Please correct me if I am wrong but am I to understand that you are Irish and living with your parents in Capetown, Africa? Are the courts involved in any way with this decision?

    Are you saying that your parents do not want you to attend dharma sessions and are keeping you at home and not allowing you to attend any dharma centres?

    How many years, altogether, have you lived in dharma centres?

    Are all of your friends connected with the dharma centre?

    Why do you want to join another centre when you say there is so much abuse going on?

    I agree that you need to stop doing meditation. I stopped for a couple of years and it helped me a lot.

    Would it be a good idea if your parents talked to a professional about the situation at home? Your parents may not understand how you are feeling and what you think about. It does not help if they are abusive towards you and they need to know this. They need to know what support you need to get well again.

    Are you getting any support from your local doctor or hospital? The group I was with did not like anyone to go to a doctor for treatment when they were ill. I know that meditation is not the cure for everything and it is always a good idea to let your doctor know how you are feeling.

    I hope I have not asked too many questions. I just want to understand what you are going through.

    From my own experience I know that attending meditation sessions or doing it on your own is not the best thing to do right now.


  17. thank-you for your reply !
    am living at home with abusive parents- unable to leave ; am not going to dharma sessions but may go in sept once ot twice but am afraid.stopped local dharma groups for years or months , except this new one of chamtrul rinpoche.
    I have to go , because otherwise my centres in france will reject me & they get angry if I meditate alone. I emailed kalu rinpoche who I met 1982 vancouver- he said I can try email his vancouver centre lama about abuse ; have also asked the european or french buddhist unions in paris by email who to trust – they said stay with dhagpo kagyu ling & kundreul ling & their branches in bordo italy etc…..but they also said might not be so perfect.dhagpo members are trying to get rid of me because I am very straight liberal & they prefer left – but they will be polite if I ask to stay ; I will only be going again adfter my parents die . living at home with abuse is terrible but am unemployed & have dogs & I live in a kind of loft upstairs. have asked many times worldwide by email to countless groups & to HH Drukpa & many others.
    no clear practical advice . unfortunately the amount of abuse is now HUGE ABSOLUTELY HUGE -the dharma centres , the family & cousins & relatives overseas , the whole town , the many shops & tons of natural remedies , the vets , the handimen , – the terrible spies ; & every moment needs to be monitored e.g. father on phone all day – all his bully pals & all his actions; then for the others as well.


  18. Suzanne, I sympathise with your plight. Dialogue will do all they can to help you. It sounds like you are at risk where you are staying. Is it possible for you to get out of there and go somewhere safer?

    You need to make contact with someone who will help you to get away from the group altogether.

    My thoughts are with you.


  19. thank-you .
    I am suffering extreme deadly psychO-abuse & worse here in cape town from several tibetan buddhist groups, family as well , & several other parties; for many years . I would like to find info for many items & how to find a proper lama / centres etc. my life is at risk , & health impaired . am terrified .


  20. In exposing the vile lies, and false doctrines of the Ahmadiyya – we at EireMuslim knew we were putting our heads on the chopping block, excuse the pun. After all, this community was set up with express purpose of dividing and creating dissension within the Muslim ummah.

    Here at EireMuslim we have been at pains to highlight the lies of their founder, his false claims and their doctrinal inconsistencies. Rather than engage the topic however, some in the Ahmadiyya community have resorted to libellous accusation, malicious innuendo and defamatory statements. The well-worn saying, ‘play the ball, not the man’ seems rather wholly lost on them.

    But we at EireMuslim don’t take offence in this, in fact we see this as a positive step. Why, because it simply highlights the empty, vacuous nature of their belief system. When they cannot respond they cry wolf, wave the incitement card and resort to character assassination. And that more than anything else demonstrates the falsity of their belief.

    So, rather than dissuade us with their latest round of personal attack – we have been encouraged to continue our exposure of their lies, trickery and deceit. A task which we will dutifully and zealously pursue.


  21. Thank you for your comment Yusuf


  22. Hi there.

    I have read your posts on Liam Egan aka Mujahid. I myself am an Ahmadi Muslim living in Galway. Liam Egan is running a new website called eiremuslim in which he attacks ahmadis, shias and other minorities within Islam. He encourages hate and incites to violence. We Ahmadis have suffered threats as a result of his incitement by young Sunni muslim. When his web site went offline we had some peace and quiet and even managed to settle our doctrinal differences with other Muslims. However since his return he has declared again his mission to radicalise young Muslims not just against us but in general.

    As a muslim i am not worried about his actions viz Ahmadis but rather the young Muslims who may be infected by his bile.

    My request is that you would please continue your work to monitor his output.


    Yusuf – Galway


  23. Can you provide a way for ex Alcc members to get in touch with each other if they wish.

    At present I do not think we have the means to do this. We are planning to resurrect the Dialogue Ireland forums which may offer you what you seek though.


  24. Send your contact information to


  25. Can you provide a way for ex Alcc members to get in touch with each other if they wish. I post anonymously as I still have family and friends in Alcc but would be willing to contact other ex members if my email was shared individually.


  26. Have you heard of the ‘Psychology of Vision’ healing process/ workshops? I believe their approach is similar to Landmarks, preying on vulnerable people.


  27. Explanatory note: Whenever we use the words ‘cult’, ‘cultism’ or ‘cultist’ we are referring solely to the phenomenon where troubling levels of undue psychological influence may exist. This phenomenon can occur in almost any group or organisation”

    Yes, the Roman Catholic cult has left many psychological scars in its wake, like brainwashing its members re sin and Hell etc. How we children suffered from the nightmares that everything was our fault, because we children were born of Eve ill woman and in sin, that suffering was good for us because some guy called Jesus died on a cross. That women and children were and are second class – no women allowed into the all male hierarchial pyramid of power. That women and children are here to suffer fo rthe sins of men, that domestic violence is to be suffered in silence as that is the role of the wife.
    Please do not tell me this is untruth, as I got the whole lecture from HSE and court a few years ago for speaking out about abuse and rape. i was ordered home to obey my master- husband – all because the Catholic cult controls the HSE and justice system.


  28. You might have missed the fact in the services we offer that this exactly the service we do offer throughout Ireland north and south.
    We have a schools programme which explains as best we can this process of manipulation. The problem is when society itself itself is involved in this deception it is difficult to
    get the support of government, city councils and the various professional bodies. So you bringing this to peoples attention is important and if you have contacts in your local secondary schools we can facilitate a visit.


  29. Thanks for the feedback Liz. We are aware of Rick’s site, and are currently revising our web site
    and will be opening forums which will be better than just leaving a comment. I agree that it is important to get the support of those who know what really happens. We are alsdo part of a europe wide group called FECRIS which has members from Russia to Ireland.


  30. And I think one of the worst aspects of this is all is that the people who are coming to these abusive spiritual leaders / cult leaders are those who really need help…if there is no sense of something missing, there would be no impulse to seek some external satisfier. It is tragic that at their time of greatest vulnerability, and at the hands of those they trust the most, their spiritual advisor, they are first drawn in, then depersonalised through brainwashing and finally exploited in a way shameful under any considerations, but most especially in light of the profressions of Great Compassion which drew the weary soul in the first place.

    Beliefs and minds can be very easily subverted for personal gain.

    I think there would be immense benefits in a good general education in the techniques and their effects, etc., employed by manipulative and abusive cult leaders so that the general populace may more effctively look out for and help each other. Perhaps as part of the secondary level curriculum?

    Someone should start a global campaign :-)


  31. I had a pretty bad time with a Buddhist cult (basically having had my life taken over for ten years and still recovering) and it’s psychologically traumatic and complex. Very difficult to explain if one hasn’t been through it.

    I just wondered, are you aware of Rick Ross’s really excellent website ? (It puts into words so much that is still murky for me, something I think is prevalent). I’ve been reading and found out that there are so many common threads in everyone’s diverse experiences with abusive cults and some of the contributors are incredibly eloquent, it’s an excellent resource. It’s very healing to realise this is very common and this definitely helps to objectify things. I have just started reading around this topic now, and I would say it’s been productive so far.

    And I’m delighted you are doing this much-needed work, and especially here in Ireland :-)

    Best wishes,



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