Note: We are currently in the process of transferring our achieved materials to this page. Until this process is complete you can still access our full archive at

Dialogue Ireland wishes to express our thanks and gratitude to each and every individual who has contributed to our archive, which reflects the combined efforts of thousands of volunteers, journalists, researchers and academics, and current and former members (as well as their family members and friends) of the various groups discussed. This archive is made publically available for educational and research purposes.

We also wish to express special gratitude and thanks to the late Johannes Aagaard, whose work through the Dialog Center International (which he founded) has served as an inspiration to our own work and methodology.

The a2z Index

Abuse by Church and Irish institutions AMMA
Anthroposophy Balakhilya Das & Chaitanya School of Meditation
Bahai  Ching Hai
Drugs and Religion (2Mb Word document) Dublin Buddhist Centre
Dublin Church of Christ  Hare Krishna
 House of Prayer – Christina Gallagher Islamism
Jehovah’s Witnesses Landmark Education
Magnificat Meal Movement  Rigpa & Sogyal Rinpoche
 School of Philosophy and Economic Science  Scientology
 Therapy Groups (Roebuck)  Tony Quinn & Educo
 Unification Church (‘Moonies’)


Dialogue Ireland Annual Reports (PDFs) – 2012 / 2011
Dialogue Ireland Newsletters – 2002 / 2001 / 2000 / 1999 / 1998

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