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The rugged landscape of Ireland’s largest offshore island Achill is spectacular, and it is here where The House of Prayer is to be found. Christina Gallagher, in her own words, was an “ordinary housewife” until the mid-1980s, when she says she had a vision of Our Lord. Since then, she claims to have regularly been receiving messages from heaven, the tone of which have become extremely threatening. She has also allied herself with Fr Gerard McGinnity, a priest who is highly controversial in his own right. Using donations from her increasingly large following, she built the ‘House of Prayer’ on Achill Island, followed by an empire of houses in the US and Mexico. The Achill Island property has become the site of regular, devoted pilgrimages.

Gallagher, who has no formal source of income, has amassed a fortune – including numerous mansions houses. The evidence of such wealth has come as a sickening, shocking surprise to Christina Gallagher’s followers, some of whom have donated their life savings to the House of Prayer because they were convinced the organisation was in dire need of cash. Also the publication of the book by Jim Gallagher entitled, Immaculate Deception in 2009 has totally transformed the understanding of the situation. Before that it was viewed in a kind of theological fog of argument and counter argument in regard to whether these visions were authentic. Jim has followed the money trail relentlessly and has shown that the use of Apocalypticism is merely a way of controlling her members. The role of tabloid journalism which is totally rejected by Eileen Barker, Emeritus professor at the LSE is here a servant of getting the truth out. Barker confuses the tabloid medium as using shock and exaggerated stories to sell newspapers with what is really happening namely following the evidential trail and not getting lost in the fog of ‘New Religious Movements.’ The relentless work of this journalist has been a great asset to Dialogue Ireland and we are both regarded as the great Satans’ by Christina. Here vulnerable Adults generally of an older generation are groomed, and mentally disabled. They are told not to read the newspapers or go near the TV. Nor are they likely to go to the net where they can find the information to free the mind of its information disability.

Key Articles & Links

News Articles

RTE’s Primetime coverage from 2008
TV3’s Midweek talk to Jim Gallagher about his House of Prayer Book ‘Immaculate Deception’
TV3’s Morning show on Christina Gallagher
TV3 Documentary on Ireland’s Secret Cults
TV3’s Midweek cover the absence of response from the Catholic Church.

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  1. Christina Gallagher and Rev. fr. mcginnity are valid. purchase her books from the chain houses of prayer and read messages. all true many prayer groups and priests have been given same messages. also contact T.R.U.S.T. prayer group in Connecticut also mary ann van hoof,necedah,wisconsin and ned Dougherty hazelton,pa. dr. gianna tallone Sullivan and dr, Courtney bartholomeu, also bayside apparitions in bayside,new York also history channel. theologian in Princeton university all match up. just be faithful to jesus and trust in Jesus. Do what the holy mother of god tells us to do do what her son tells you to do. read gospels thess:2 Mathew 24: book of apocalypse 7th seal being opened. lasalette messages 3 cities destroyed by fire new York,los angeles and san Francisco, also nations being annihilated warning garabandal 10 secrets of medjugorie. We love Christina Gallagher and Fr. Mcginnity and pray for them Jesus said she is to be prayed for and taken care of if she dies it is not going to go good for Ireland or the rest of the world. What you saw in japan is about to take place in America,europe and asia with much destruction and death. death forever for many.


  2. Please be aware of C Gallagher and her “House of Prayer” , her latest scam is associating herself and her fake visions with the True ,and Approved Apparitions, namely Fatima and Our Lady of Good Success in Quito Equador (1582 -1634) . C Gallagher and her HoP is an absolute Fraud and they will stop at nothing to keep the money rolling in . Irelands Eye which is her last resort for propagating her money grabbing scam , is published by one of her supporters .


  3. Have been at the house of prayer four times was totally taken
    In but scared at darts of love that the priest talked about
    Our lord said you will know them by their fruits the money scam has worried me so l have sent for the book

    Immaculate deception I met Christina in nineteen nlnty five
    In the shop in house of prayer she was saying she had a terrible time people not believing her totally believing in her l
    Said who would lie about this they have their maker to meet some day she agreed
    Marion Motherwell scotland


  4. Hortense you are totally right, this book is one of the best to describe a cult we have seen.


  5. If you want to read the full exposé on Christina Gallagher get the book title ‘Immaculate Deception’ by Jim Gallagher. This will truly open all eyes.

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  6. C Gallagher is a fraud and should be in jail . Her followers are blind fanatics .


  7. You are really under such influence you have got your official line mixed up. If she is innocent of anything how could she be subject to the law. You meant guilty. I also smell a rat and it is in Greystones!


  8. if she is innocent of all that is written about her why haven’t we seen any law suits.I Smell a rat.


  9. The message of the Gospel is that of Mercy and Love….I see nothing in CG and Fr McGinnity and their messages supposedly from OurBlessed Mother to uphold this fundamental teaching which is my consolation and so many who struggle each day trying to lead simple and decent lives who love god and aspire to do his holy will…..As a simple lay person I pray that Christina will see the errors of her ways and repent before almighty god…..Greed Lust Pride some of the deadly sins can apply to all of us but in this so called holy place appear to be glossed over and interpreted as though God himself has given his whole approval to the wonders of Christina Gallagher and her mentor Fr G McGinnity….Why is he protrayed as this vengeful God out to punish us poor sinful people….Why is Our Blessed Mother portrayed as this vindictive woman always giving dire warnings and dire punishments if we dont heed the words of Christina as per her only begoton son….This kind of stuff is brainwashing at its best….This is blasphemy at its best…….To portray the most beautiful creature God ever created that of Our Holy Mother the Virgin Mary in this light is beyond belief and I invite all of you out there who love her to join in prayer and ask forgiveness and pray for mercy that one day Christina Gallagher and Fr McGinnity may repent and save their immortal souls……Mick


  10. Get a grip she’s a total con!! Taking vulnerable peoples money!! Undefendable only brainwashed morons like you defending her


  11. Maybe it is to use her as an example of the abuse of vulnerable adults and running a scam


  12. Ireland is full of sleazy filthy evil sex abuse crisis. There are hundreds of children being molested in the country. Ireland was a big missionary country now its a cesspool of adults having sex with children
    For once in you life, get off Christina’s back. She has not molested any children or prostituted herself.
    My be God is using her as a victim soul to make reperation for the horrendous evil of Child Sex abuse.


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