The undue influence behind MMS –The change in Paddy Merlehan from normal citizen to Copyright Freeman ©


Last week I met a very welcoming person and though I could see he was troubled was looking forward to a dialogue with him about his use of MMS. I told him when I had prepared a response to the Prime Time documentary I would submit my post to him before publishing. I had only watched the post in a most surface manner and also I needed to take advice on the scientific aspects of the therapy. Continue reading

Prime Time finds a doctor who had given a prescription for MMS or was it pure Bleach?

Prime Time – 14/05/2015

Friday 15 May 2015 15.29

Report on a cult which believes that industrial strength bleach can cure autism
Report on a cult which believes that industrial strength bleach can cure autism

Report on a cult which believes that industrial strength bleach can cure autism

The fact that Prime Time has returned to this subject so soon after the last programme means they see the issue of this ongoing movement as a threat to children, and the health of thousands worldwide. We can only assume that this will become an important contribution to the reporting of this issue.

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Director of Dialogue Ireland meets Bishop Patrick Merlehan of the Genesis2Church near Moone Co Kildare

I was visiting the Bolton Abbey near Moone, Co Kildare with some American friends and as they had some business to attend to I decided to meet their next door neighbour Paddy Merlehan.

I had the watched the Prime Time documentary about the use of Sodium Chorite for medicinal purposes and wanted to get a sense of what was going on.Naturally I had no expertise in regard to the science and RTE had done some very definitive studies..

It was the Bank Holiday Monday so I set off more in hope than expecting anyone to be available.


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Prime Time exposes the bleach cult that claims to have a cure for autism.

Rita O’Reilly reports for Prime Time April 8th 2015

Bleach Cult:

Jim Humble

Archbishop Jim Humble
Genesis Church II Former Gold Prospector and Scientologist.
He seems to have imbibed a bit of the Xenu mythology

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Judge warns of ‘snake-oil salesmen’ who take advantage of vulnerable people

Couple lose home they had put into trust to protect it from repossession

Irish Times / Dec 3rd 2013 / By Fiona Gartland

A High Court judge has warned of “latter-day snake-oil salesmen” who take advantage of vulnerable people after a couple told him they had put their family home into a trust to protect it from repossession. Continue reading

Man questions District Court, but is jailed

Leinster Leader, 25th May 2010

A man who questioned the legal powers of the District Court after he was charged with driving without insurance was jailed for six months at Kilcock District Court last Thursday. Continue reading

The ‘Freeman’ Movement – An In-depth Analysis

Last Thursday, 26th October, RTE Primetime covered the ‘Freeman’ movement. You can view that episode here. While interviewees supportive Freeman ideology expressed confidence in the Freeman legal theories, the other interviewees expressed concern that vulnerable people were receiving misguided and dangerous legal advice that would greatly exasperate the conditions of those in already dire situations.

In this article we will look at the country where these ideas first developed, the US, and look at a selection of representative court cases where Freeman ideas have been put forward. Despite the optimism espoused by Irish adherents of Freeman ideology regarding their upcoming test case, US Court history records that the ideology has an extremely poor track record when facing the legal system. Continue reading

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