Misdirection, Maleness and money in Dundalk. How to create a Golden Calf?

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Before we come to Dundalk let us recap. Hassan Boyle was involved with Victory Church, then at Westland Row, Dublin 2 and was part of an organisation founded by Brendan Hade. Then we had the Sheridans in Tuam and Kevin Sanford in Galway with Abundant Life as part of a mini Association of Evangelicals. Each of these churches were based on a philosophy of greed which in strictly biblical terms would be called Satanic. Luciferean in that the philosophy of this worldview would be based on the self. Becoming rich and seeing the whole revelation of God directed towards wealth and living a lifestyle of success. Even though this whole project which until the collapse seemed as obvious as did the property speculation of Pre Crash Ireland. First it was Tuam and the collapse of this heavy tithing and fantastic lifestyle came crashing down. Continue reading

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