They say that they are not a cult….here is an extract from an article written by Gudni Gudnason:

“This article is written in the hopes that you may understand why people chose to learn from a Mystery School and why this is not a cult, which so many people fear. This article explains the simple truths about who are the people behind the Mystery School and its tradition and how they “only” serve and do not seek to control the students. To begin with it is important that you know that we are not a religion and we do not represent any religion on this planet. We are not political nor are we of any type of sect or group with a specific philosophy that has in the past controlled people. We are a school and people come to learn from us and then they can leave any time at the end of their seminar, if they so chose. There are no members here!” Continue reading

Modern Mystery School ~ Reflections on cultism by a former MMS cultist



Regarding the Modern Mystery School: I was in deep with this ‘school’. It is absolutely a cult.


Claims to the contrary come from people who are brainwashed and defensive. I feel for them because I know where they’re coming from. Continue reading

From Comm2Post: Someone who has been able to break free from the Magical Mystery Tour….

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The Modern Mystery School and the cult issue which does not seem to be going away!

Bravo to you cuddlesbear for leaving. They teach that everyday human emotions like compassion for a family member in trouble are an obstacle to the “great work” so there’s a lovely irony there. I got out years ago (I was kicked out as a scapegoat, an old trick evidently used for eons by priests, generals, corporates and self-styled magicians … Continue reading

The Mind Body Spirit, Festival Dublin October 26 – 28 RDS

The The Mind Body Spirit, Festival is a veritable New or Next Age supermarket of spiritualities and services awaiting the post Catholic palate and post Celtic Tiger recession hunger.

Continue reading

The Modern Mystery School: Empower Thyself…A reply from our PIN MASTER

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An Invitation to Those Who Have Chosen To Master Their Lives & FULFIL their Life Purpose

“The information passed on from teacher-to-student from the King SALOMAN Lineage, is unchanged and has been tested over and over again for over 3000 years for the effectiveness to transform people’s lives. The Modern Mystery offers these ancient teachings for those who want to become successful in life in modern times.”

This is clearly nonsense. There is not one shred of evidence linking any of what they are doing to King Solomon. Ask them to produce it and they will say it has been handed down as an oral tradition. Then they will produce graphs, diagrams and lineages which have been plagiarised from the ‘Ancient Order of the Golden Dawn’ which again have no verifiable history or lineage. They use the name Solomon simply to appear WISE. Continue reading

The Modern Mystery School: Empower Thyself…….COVER YOUR PIN……………………?

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Subject: Adam Kadmon & Empower Thyself Dec 2012

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December 1 & 2 2012

Take a Quantum Leap in Your Progression with Master Teacher Martina Ruddock

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