Modern Mystery School ~ Reflections on cultism by a former MMS cultist



Regarding the Modern Mystery School: I was in deep with this ‘school’. It is absolutely a cult.


Claims to the contrary come from people who are brainwashed and defensive. I feel for them because I know where they’re coming from.


There may also be some students who have not yet reached the higher levels and think these accusations sound insane, because so far MMS has treated them well.


I understand. MMS grooms its students, so allegations of abuse (psychological, financial, sexual) sound ridiculous, until you advance to the upper ranks and the mask falls off.


There’s a seduction process, and it can take years. When you finally see the rot, you feel like you’ve stepped into the Twilight Zone. Worse, you may ignore it because MMS trains people to ignore their instincts and follow orders.


I can’t speak for others. Here’s what I personally witnessed……..


People sacrifice marriages, children, homes, businesses, careers, and retirements for MMS. MMS actively encourages this. I can’t tell you how many people go into heavy debt for this cult. It’s a chronic problem. I know people who had to move into their car.


MMS claims to be a ‘school of abundance’, yet everyone is broke. Ironic? I witnessed the group suck so many victims dry and toss them away. I know people who drained life savings, inheritances, and bank accounts only to have MMS stop returning their calls once they could no longer wring anything else out of them. Even the master teachers were in debt despite making tens of thousands per course, because they have to constantly dump all they own back into the machine.


There’s defensive criticism in your comments section that the group ‘would NEVER encourage people to take on debt’, but that’s untrue. They do it all the time.


‘Just take out a credit card.’ ‘You need to spend money to make money.’ ‘The abundance will come if you allow it!’


Dave Lanyon insists that he charges such outrageous fees to teach students to overcome their fear of money, a moral lesson that conveniently lines his own pockets. Leadership spends a lot of time ranting about the evils of the world and sees greedy bogeymen everywhere, conveniently ignoring their own greed.


I know three people I could name who lost their homes as a direct result of spending the mortgage money on MMS programmes (those are only the ones I know about). As for destroyed marriages, the list is too long and includes most of leadership.


The cult creates a stark ‘us versus them’ mentality that makes it difficult to interact with outsiders. The endless fees, and disappearing for weeks at a time to attend another mandatory programme, don’t help either. For a place that prides itself on helping people step into their personal power, there sure are a lot of rules to obey.


MMS has a ‘break you down to rebuild you from the ground up’ process very similar to Scientology and POW camps. They use classic military tactics including sleep deprivation, protein deprivation, and keeping you off guard with psychological attacks. They will never admit this to outsiders or newer students. They’ve lost too much business over the years and need to keep people blissfully unaware until they reach the higher ranks and are locked in.


The founder Gudni Gudnason sexually preys on his students. It’s not uncommon for Gudni to proposition students at programmes. It’s considered an inside joke. He encourages the younger students to sleep with his friends and experiment with their sexualities. One person in leadership told me that sleeping with Gudni was considered a rite of passage for all the master teachers.


This reverence for Gudni is a problem. He’s treated as a god beyond reproach. There’s a double set of standards in the group: one for Gudni (and leadership in general) and one for everybody else.


Leadership saves its worst abuses for the advanced students. If you’re in the lower levels, of course they’ll be sweet to you. It’s classic grooming. It can take years before you notice something is wrong. By then, you’ve been taught not to question anything.


This is a school from which no one ever graduates. No one can know more than Gudni or Dave, who ‘channel’ new information all the time. MMS claims to be the only school you’ll ever need, because it helps you ‘find yourself’, but the only valid path in the group’s eyes is to become an MMS-certified teacher and healer and grow the cult on its behalf. When you succeed in life, you’re told it’s thanks to the group. When you struggle, you’re told it’s your fault.


There is never a legitimate reason to leave the group. If you do, you’ve obviously let your ego win or you’re possessed of the devil. Leadership can’t possibly be wrong and it must be your fault. Students are bullied into compliance, or else blacklisted and no one within the group will talk to them again. Others get fed up and walk away, even after investing their lives into the cult.


Most people leave anyway. If you look at any MMS photo from five years ago, at least 90% of the people in it have left. This is typical. Turnover is extremely high, yet none of these people graduated because graduation is not an option. They simply drop out. MMS won’t tell you that either. Once people leave, they’re never spoken of again as if they never existed (unless leadership is badmouthing defectors). There is no alumni recognition or outreach, no class reunions. People just vanish, and leadership says those people obviously failed.


Because of the high turnover, the only consistent members of the group are leadership (plus a few students who are lifers). This means collective memory in MMS is short, leadership can rewrite history at its leisure, and you can’t ask any older people for guidance once you notice something’s wrong.


Fresh blood constantly comes in to replace the people who constantly leave. Doesn’t anyone find it odd the group has been in business for 20 years yet their numbers stay the same, or have sharply dropped? They used to get 400 people per programme (paid in cash) but haven’t pulled numbers like that in years.


MMS would tell you that the defectors couldn’t hack it, as if MMS is a rigourous and elite curriculum. Dave claims he’s trying to make you quit (reverse psychology, I suppose, to make you work harder to stay). The truth is people get tired of being abused and finally realise this lifestyle isn’t sustainable if you want family or friends or a life.


If you leave, everything you studied will be taken from you, and you won’t be ‘allowed’ to use any of it. What other school on the planet does this? When you get a degree from a real university, it’s yours forever. MMS claims it’s different from other universities so it ‘chose’ not to get accredited, but Dave has admitted they were denied accreditation.


Legitimate organisations have boards of directors, trustees, customer services. They encourage feedback so they can serve their people better. MMS doesn’t. Criticisms and questions are severely punished.


MMS is structured as a pyramid, and you’re supposed to blindly trust all the time as proof of your faith no matter how ridiculous the situation. There are meetings for the advanced students to make management decisions, but it’s all for display and everyone knows the only people truly making decisions are Gudni and Dave.


Stepping out of line means you’ll be punished: tools (that you paid for!) will be stripped from you, or you’ll be demoted, or you’ll be harassed and bullied, or your work will be sabotaged, or you’ll be thrown out. Public humiliation is frequently used to keep subordinates in line.


If nothing else, the lack of meaningful feedback and inquiry should be alarming. People are scared to voice doubts because it means something’s wrong with you. That’s how deep the brainwashing gets into your head. It takes a lot to get someone in MMS to admit they’re upset or concerned about something. Most people learn to complain in private or ignore red flags. Or they gossip. The gossip mill in MMS is terrible. That’s what happens when people aren’t allowed to address issues like adults.


That’s why you see such angry/arrogant responses from initiates in your threads. You’re forcing them to confront things they’ve been brainwashed to ignore through constant reinforcement or punishment.


Leadership is hypocritical. I worked for leadership a long time, and trust when I say they’re all liars. They preach love, and claim that this work brings you joy and abundance, but they’re penniless and hate each other. They have no friends inside or outside the group and they’re barely paying their bills, but they will never admit that. You should be able to look up to your mentors, but if you stay in the group this is what you will become.


Another example of hypocrisy: leadership forbids gossip but does it themselves and will use any information against you they can get. The group operates like a big abusive family with scapegoats and favourites. If you’re a favourite of someone in leadership, expect opportunities to fall into your lap and protection from other people’s claws. If you don’t have a powerful patron, well, good luck, you’ll need it.


Yes, there are quotas.


Yes, they revolve around recruiting more people.


Yes, you’re expected to quit your job and devote yourself to recruiting.


Yes, there was at least one infamous programme where they locked all the Guides in a room and screamed at them for hours late into the night because they hadn’t met quotas.


Yes, expect to work for free. The Kabbalah apprentice teachers have been working gratis at MMS programmes for years (after paying through the nose for the privilege). They also had to do it on no sleep because they were working 20-hour days with Martina Coogan terrorising them the whole time.


The group is big on mind control. Not only with meditation and ritual, but working you to the bone on two hours of sleep. They say your ego is bad, your feelings are bad, you can’t trust your thoughts… in other words, don’t think for yourself. Individuality is punished. Leadership is among the first to criticise or make fun of people, so students fear saying anything.


Leadership wants to control you. It explains why they’ll tell you to quit your job and work for the group full time. Suddenly, you’re dependent on them to earn a living, so you can’t question them lest they sabotage your livelihood.


Not that the group gives you a salary… you’re selling their courses and services on your own, and of course you have to pay hundreds in yearly membership fees for the honour. (Ironic. A school that couldn’t get accreditation demands its students stay accredited with them.) This doesn’t count the thousands you’re spending for other mandatory courses every year. It never lets up.


MMS doesn’t tell you any of this. You’ll take a class and only learn later that yearly recertification is mandatory if you want to keep what you paid for. (Yes, read that again.) You’ll become a Guide and only learn later that there’s a quota you must meet and that you’re expected to quit your job. No one will ever allow you to make an informed decision. You get trickle truthed or outright lied to with regards to expectations. You know why? Because no one would stick around if they knew the truth.


I believe many of the students are good people who mean well, especially when they first enter the school. MMS attracts a lion’s share of the vulnerable. Leadership then manipulates followers to foster dependency, fear and powerlessness. They do this in part by creating no-win situations where people constantly fail so their spirits are kept low. I’ve talked with many people who left. All mentioned knowing they had to leave because their self-esteem was in shreds, and they couldn’t handle the mind games and politicking anymore.


It’s very telling when you see who stays and who goes. MMS has attracted a few big names over the years (CEOs, very successful people) but they leave so quickly it’s like they were never there. The people who hang on tend to have no life to return to or come from abusive upbringings. MMS has claimed to have initiated celebrities over the years but like many MMS promises, nothing ever comes of that.


Expect rules to change all the time, especially if you’re one of the scapegoats. Leadership is always moving goalposts so you can’t win. They’re never appreciative, but they reserve the bulk of their ire for people who have left. Gudni has repeatedly dismissed defectors as ‘tourists’, ‘losers’ and ‘parasites’. These are people who worked with him for years and considered him a friend. Dave threatens the students that they better not leave or vague terrible things will befall them. Both Gudni and Dave use these stories of defection and betrayal to scare the student body into compliance, because God forbid you leave.


If you wonder how successful the group is, consider how many people have left. Leadership (especially Gudni) is known within the school for torturing followers to the point it’s become a joke. People flee and never come back or speak to anyone in MMS again. I don’t know about you but it’s rare for me to cut contact with old bosses and colleagues, yet burnt bridges are the rule in MMS. They lost half their members in Japan a few years ago, and equal numbers in the west as well, but MMS won’t tell you that.


Ideology is emphasised over experience. If your experience doesn’t match what the group says, you’re wrong. Expect to be wrong a lot.


The group is very intrusive. Expect to have your relationships and personal life decisions questioned. Expect leadership to spy on you. Expect to be told you can’t drink alcohol or eat meat, but some of these rules have changed over the years at Gudni’s whim. Nothing is static. Don’t expect logic or consistency.


The insidious thing is how the misbehaviour of leadership filters into people as they move up the ranks and earn underlings of their own to abuse. People who would never lie, cheat, or steal begin to do exactly that. I can’t tell you how many people have borrowed money to attend an MMS programme and then skipped town, stolen from their fellow pupils (and their own families), or lied to new recruits to get them in the door.


I didn’t want to leave MMS for many reasons. I’d swallowed the party line, I felt a responsibility to my colleagues and didn’t want to abandon them, and I believed I could change things. Every organisation has flaws, right? Maybe if I toughed it out, we could fix the problems together. I didn’t even believe most of the rumours at first because some of them were too wild. For a long time, I thought the rumours were frivolous, sour grapes perhaps, or that I needed to ‘toughen up’.


The last straw for me was witnessing some of the abuses mentioned above (money mismanagement, sexual coercion, leadership psychologically terrorising/scapegoating people and throwing them out of the school). I finally understood that there was no saving the place, that the rot went to the top, that there was no one I could work with or recommend.


Integrity and business ethics in MMS are conspicuously absent. Honest people leave. The ones who stay become corrupted pets. I spoke with a classmate who quit before I did. He said the last straw for him was watching leadership berate a student and thinking, ‘I never want to become these people.’


But you know what’s tragic? You would expect a school to propel you to the next step of your development. Yet there’s nowhere within this group where one can grow. Leadership is so protective of their titles and their streams of income (yes, it’s a pyramid scheme with an upline, so I hope you’re not attached to your clients, because MMS will take them, but God forbid you do the same because everything you own belongs to MMS), and they will never want their subordinates becoming as big as them. They fight for scraps and sabotage each other. Do you really think they’ll share with you?


MMS is an MLM. I wish more people understood this. A job pays YOU. If you have to pay for a job, it’s a scam. There’s a reason so much of the MMS base comprises young people and soccer mums. It’s harder to hoodwink the students with more real world experience and common sense. Those people rarely stay long.


MMS doesn’t make sense from a business standpoint. It’s a bad case of ‘rob Peter to pay Paul’. As you build up an MMS fanbase in your geographic area, you put yourself out of business. How? Well, your students become healers and guides (because MMS wants everyone on the same money-making track), and these people will in turn compete for business in your area. They’ll probably steal your clients. At least 80% of the problems in the group come from turf disputes. Once you have a decent community, of course the master teachers will come in to teach … and they’ll steal your clients too. Oh, they’ll order the student body not to do this, but the master teachers do it all the time because the rules don’t apply to them.


The ‘reward’ for success in MMS is your own obsolescence, and you’ll be punished for that too. Even the top Guides, people working around the clock to meet quotas, end up taking on other jobs to make ends meet. They have to, because they’re constantly pouring everything they make back into the machine, and even that’s not enough. At least one person in MMS leadership hasn’t paid taxes in years and seems proud of it. I know others who are in bankruptcy levels of debt. MMS is designed for failure and if you stay, you’ll be sucked dry on every level.


The criminal thing is, no one will tell you. Everyone’s wearing a mask and pretending everything is great. They won’t tell you that they don’t pay taxes, that their houses are underwater, that they’re relying on credit and charity to survive. For years, MMS was a cash-run business. Their most expensive classes (Ritual Master and School of the Mage, which generate six to seven figures) are still ‘cash only’, and who knows what they’re doing with it all or how they’re getting it across international borders. Do you really want to be involved in this?


Other people have criticised MMS for stealing its content. It’s true. They lift information verbatim from other sources like BOTA, Israel Regardie and others, then slap their own copyright on it and repackage it in their student manuals. That’s bad enough, but then MMS claims they have the one truth and that you can’t go anywhere else. There are many reputable paths out there, but MMS really retards people’s growth in that respect by making you think nothing outside their doors is valid or worth your time.


You’re not entering an environment where people want you to succeed. You’re joining an insane asylum where everyone is bitter, broke, angry and jealous, and where no one will ever tell you what’s going on. There are always multiple levels of truth and which version you get depends on which level you’re at and who you’re friends with. It’s Game of Thrones on steroids. You have to figure it out on your own while you’re being manipulated. The process can take years, and the entire time, you think there’s something wrong with you instead of realising you’re not the problem.


If you leave, you’ll be threatened, told you can’t make it without the group, and shunned. I understand why so many stay. They have sacrificed careers, fortunes, friends, family, and identity for the group. It is terrifying to leave that and reenter the world naked and alone.


I know one student who committed suicide. I know others who tried to kill themselves after they left. People do not simply leave, they run. Then they have to spend a long time dealing with depression, rumours and harassment from MMS, relearning how to live in the real world, etcetera.


They also have to rebuild from the ground up since they’ve let relationships and careers go to pot. If leadership ever leaves MMS, they are beyond screwed because they’ve invested the last 20 years into a sinking ship and have no friends or marketable skills left. Maybe that’s why they’re so viciously protective of their share.


Once defectors have coped with the aftermath, most do very well, contrary to all MMS predictions of doom and gloom and eternal damnation. They have major life breakthroughs, they reconnect with loved ones, they recoup their financial losses, they get married, they’re happy. You will never find a career or friends or a foundation at MMS, regardless of what they tell you, nor will you find the inner peace and joy they promised.


Gudni, Dave, Verla Wade, Martina Coogan, and company are smart. Until the day the mask slips, you will think they’re good people. The seduction process is slow and they incrementally make more demands of you over time so your guard doesn’t go up. In the beginning, they’ll also lavish you with praise and advice so you come to trust them and turn a blind eye to lesser violations. Over time, your tolerance for bad behaviour grows. It’s a lot like an abusive marriage.


Yet if someone speaks up about a problem or has a nervous breakdown, leadership will very convincingly make the person look crazy, and they will be cast out before they can clue the student body in that there’s a problem. Many people vanish from the group and you barely notice they’re gone until much later, in part because the student body is such a revolving door and in part because leadership likes to make problems disappear.


Would you imagine this person was reacting to an abusive environment and that’s why they’re crazy? Of course not. You assume there’s something wrong with them, until you realise a lot of people in this place go mad, and why is that? Is it possible there’s something wrong with the system? That’s unthinkable. You never consider MMS is the problem until it’s your turn. Gudni could charm the pants off the devil. You’ll wonder why everyone around him is insane until the day you realise he made them that way.


If you ask Gudni how many people have ‘betrayed’ him, he’ll give you a list that runs the length of his arm. By his own admission, he has far more failed friendships than successes, and the people at his side fear or hate him even as they publicly claim to love him. Pay attention to how many people vanish from his life without explanation. It’s very telling.


I would describe Gudni as parasitic and paranoid. He makes friendships based on what he needs, and then those people vanish when he’s done with them. He also assumes the whole world is just as manipulative as he is, so he’s constantly testing his own people and playing them against each other. The result is endless chaos and drama. You see this mindset trickle down into MMS culture. The group demands strict loyalty from its followers yet gives no loyalty back. The students themselves are known to exploit people and then drop them, especially as the student rises up through the ranks and gains more clout. No one trusts each other.


MMS will deny everything I’ve said and try to spin this back on me, because of their ‘circle the wagons and don’t ask questions’ mentality. I denied the truth too until I couldn’t anymore. Cognitive dissonance is key to survival in MMS, because you won’t understand how people you trusted who claim to work for God are in fact so unethical, cruel, and deceptive. I’m not the first person to make many of these accusations, and I’m sorry to say I won’t be the last.


The smartest way to leave is to scarper out the back door without telling anyone. If you’re a small fish, they may not bother you. If you’re an advanced member, then announcing your resignation is the worst thing you could possibly do. MMS doesn’t take rejection well and tries to destroy defectors by any means possible including smear campaigns and frivolous legal action. They’ve lured back a few defectors with bribes, especially advanced students and people in leadership, but of course they won’t tell you that. They want you to think people return of their own volition, because they realised the error of their ways and the group is always right. Once you leave, you’ll suddenly understand why so many people have ghosted MMS over the years and you never heard from them again. They were smart.


I could go on, but I won’t. If this doesn’t dissuade someone from joining the Modern Mystery School, I don’t know what will.


Oh, an important P.S……


MMS likes to play loose with the facts and deny things, so here’s a screenshot of Gudni flirting with his followers. This kind of predation from leadership is typical and very normalised, especially toward the youngsters.
















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  1. […] Comment by Dialogue Ireland regarding legal-threats by MMS […]


  2. Im overwhelmed and don’t even know where to begin but I’m so glad I found this site. I can say with certainty everything negative written about the Modern Mystery School here is true. I will do my best to compose myself so that I may share my horrific experience in hopes it will prevent someone from going through the same heartache as I did.

    My husband got involved several years ago and they sucked us dry of every penny we had. We lost everything including our marriage. This site is correct, the mind control is so very subtle at first and they lull you into a false sense of security by promoting meditation and healings with possitive, loving energy. They pray on good people that want to make a difference in the world preaching that you have to be true to yourself and take all of these expensive classes most of them requiring expensive travel to really be of service to the world. I was pressured and told repeatedly that I would become an RM just like my husband at some point which thankfully I was never drawn to. That is when everything took a severe turn for the worst. As soon as my husband did the first RM class he became very dark and almost possessed in nature. It was not long after that I was told he could no longer be married to do his work. Much later I found out about the abuses he incurred such as the extreme pressure to continue climbing up the ladder, long exhausting hours, people getting hurt in very physical classes, the verbal abuse and insults of almost every person in the class not to mention the sexual innuendos and expectations to be single or in an “open” marriage or relationship so that you can be free to do what you want, when you want and with whom you want. Free love was promoted if not expected. It took us a solid 3-4 years to rebuild our lives after leaving the school. Fortunately today we are friends and can reflect together on the most difficult time to date in our lives.

    I’m only touching on a few of the atrocities we encountered because there are too many to mention. In closing I suggest that anyone reading this do their due diligence before joining the MMS but more than that please heed our warnings. This is a cultist group and you will leave feeling broke, battered and bruised spiritually, emotionally and possibly physically. If you or a friend want to leave the MMS I suggest getting touch with the blog creator here, a support group that deals with cultist behavior or talk to a therapist that specializes in this. *Good luck to you all*

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  3. Would be delighted to put you two in touch.


  4. This is a very enlightening article. I have a friend involved with MMS, and through them have met several of the people mentioned in this article. Does anyone have any tips for helping people decide to leave? My friend is very invested and has responded poorly to my concerns.

    To the author, I’d like to get in contact to learn more about your interactions with our mutual contacts and more about your departure. I’ve left my contact details with the DialogueIreland Director, I would greatly appreciate if you found time to reach out to me through him.

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  5. Stop digging, you are now trying to present yourself as a therapist to cover your clear confusion.

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  6. NO. The rape victim does NOT rape themselves. But if you understand the first thing about healing the wounds of trauma and abuse, you know that victims are ultimately responsible for healing the scars of their own trauma, no matter who caused it or how the perpetrator was punished. If they don’t, they WILL victimize themselves further AND victimize others, often unconsciously. Until you understand that, you’ll just be judging, labeling and antagonizing, NOT HEALING. You might feel righteous in doing that, but really you’re just perpetuating abuse and actually causing further damage, not helping. And I don’t tolerate anyone perpetuating their abuse on me, so that’s it for me. You have better things to do, and so do I.


  7. The rape victim rapes themselves, and rapes the rapist. “people victimize themselves and how victims victimize their victimizers.”
    Rape victims bring it on themselves. You are clearly unable to distinguish between subject and object in your closed universe.


  8. It is not one or the other. I am not playing games, nor am I concerned. I am telling truth. People who are concerned with MMS should be concerned not only about the victims of misguided MMS practices, but also about how people victimize themselves and how victims victimize their victimizers. It’s not a question of mind control. It’s more about *heart* control.


  9. epsylon777 you will note that I have not replied to your last comment. Why? Because you have not engaged with my earlier definition of cultism or my request to engage about the issue of Jim Jones in relation to undue influence. You have confined yourself to a few dictionary definitions which merely back up your own view and our perceived one. To be sure you understand what I am saying we do not refer to groups as cults but the phenomenon of cultism.

    Generally, Dialogue Ireland does not call any groups cults, but prefers the terms ‘cultism’ and ‘cultist’ to describe movements which are causing concern. Others feel that one should call a spade a spade – “CULT”. Dialogue Ireland sees the term as being on a continuum and looks at attitudes and tendencies in religions, churches, movements, individuals, government, banks and corporations which are decidedly cultist. In order to get at this, some use the term cultish, or cultic.

    No one is forced to join MMS. And you can leave at any time. If you have a negative experience, the solution is to confront and question. Don’t be afraid to raise hell when necessary. That’s how progress is made.

    I feel you think groups are like a light switch you just switch them on or off. Your understanding does not seem to take into account thought reform and mind control. I had asked you to look at that link I raised. Gudni also is in your view just a guy who is really innocent and not a power maniac. You relativise his role and minimise what others are writing here. If you have left all this behind 10 years ago what is it that brings you to our site? Just over two years ago we received a legal threat to take everything down or they were going to take a court case against us. Now you must remember we have never had anyone involved with this group. Just read how many have said they are sorry they did not come here before they got involved. Reading your comments one sees a very clear attempt to give what is a very controlling organisation a clean bill of health. I have had reports of massive transfers of cash, marriage break up, inappropriate teacher-student relationships etc. What is your goal to assist the victims by playing word games about cults or because you are genuinely concerned?

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  10. Let’s start with the dictionary. It defines cult primarily as “a system of religious veneration and devotion directed toward a particular figure or object.” By that definition, Christianity and Buddhism are both cults also. But what is the figure or object that MMS venerates and devotes itself to?

    Another definition is: “a relatively small group of people having religious beliefs or practices regarded by others as strange or sinister.” This definition is more in line with your view of MMS. You make it clear in your article the practices you believe are sinister about it. But this definition also lines up, for example, with how the Romans viewed the early Christians.

    Another definition is: “a misplaced or excessive admiration for a particular person or thing.” What person or thing does MMS admire in a misplaced or excessive way?

    My definition of “cult” is in line with the first definition.

    The second two definitions seem to be more in line with yours, carrying the inherently negative connotation of being sinister or admiration being misplaced or excessive.

    What I am saying is that my experience of MMS and cults in general fits the first definition more than the second two. The word does not need to carry a negative connotation.


  11. Just to be clear I wrote nothing. These posts are written by people who have encountered this group. No I won’t take it or leave I am asking you to go beyond the surface level and explain what you mean by a cult. Your definition. I asked to apply your theory to the practice of Jim Jones. Good night. This is Dublin calling.


  12. Some cults are started with the worst of intentions and not everything that results from them is bad. Some cults are started with the best of intentions and not everything that results from them is good. Things get way more complicated than that when thousands of people are involved in any organization.


  13. When I say they are facts, I am only saying that because I know the truth of my own experiences and others. It *is* a fact that not everything cults do is bad. That is true of *everything* in this world. But I am not denying the truth of your experience and others who had bad ones. I am not saying I have a perfect understanding. I read your article and all the comments and I understanf what you are getting at. I am simply presenting a different view for your consideration. Take it or leave it.


  14. All religions started as cults – Christianity and Buddhism included.

    I have received your mail. Normally people suggest that a group starts as a benign group and then goes astray. Could you give evidence for your theory above? You seem used to proclaim things as if they were a given when in fact that is not the case. In logic merely asserting something is not proof but only your assumption. You have added so much I will break this down otherwise we will have a thesis. Here is an example of your dogmatic position,

    They aren’t theories. They are facts

    We do not talk about cults as such but rather the phenomenon of cultism. This how we explain it.
    How would you explain this group using your definition? I will return to you and your two comments. Thanks for replying and hopefully those who have experienced abuse can also add their own views anonymously? It is now too late to think straight.


  15. They aren’t theories. They are facts. I speak from considerable direct experience. Religions and cults always have some good elements, otherwise people would not join and stay in them. They also have bad elements, otherwise people would not leave and write the kinds of articles you have written about them. All religions started somewhere. I was never a member of MMS. I was long ago a member or RMMS (the ancestral organization of MMS) and also of IMI and various other organizations for several years. I know Gudni personally and several of the other master teachers in MMS. I have been in and out of various cults, religions and organizations my whole life. I am not a member of any of them anymore, so I see your points and indeed agree with a lot of what has been said. There are terrible inconsistencies in the message and approach. Gudni failed to honor his health for a long time and wound up in the hosptial from eating a bad diet, so this whole body of knowledge was missing and there are all kinds of critical things that *do* need to be addressed in the organization. At the same time, those will only be addressed by people taking the time to communicate with them directly instead of attacking them onlinr. It is important I think for people not to discount all of the teachings or the organization as a whole and everyone in it. Some of the rituals and meditations I learned in RMMS were absolutely life changing for me and I *still* practice them even though I have not been involved with the organization for 10+ years. I made them my own. I owned and continue to own my experience and refused to be owned by the organization or my teachers, which is why I’ve been able to use what I learned to such great effect. When you are learning anything, especially ritual magic and occultism, it is the teaching, not the teacher that has the power to bring about positive changes in you. All things in the world are mixture of good and evil. My point is simply that you can take the good and leave the evil. That’s what I did and what I got from my experience has been so immensely helpful that I don’t know where I would be without the skills and confidence I developed. I eventually found myself in a place where I don’t need religion or a group identity to give me an illusion of security anymore. But I’m still very spiritual and I practice magic all the time and it *works* better than anything else. So I am grateful to Gudni and the other teachers and myself for the whole experience. With something as big as MMS there are inevitably as many ways to experience it as there are people involved. What I want to emphasize is that just because you and others had a crappy experience doesn’t mean everyone else has or will. It’s not something people want to admit, but it is absolutely true that things are what you make them. Your experience is a result of your choices and values and motivations. There is no inherent meaning. Antagonizing MMS online will *not* shut them down. To the contrary, controversy will only further spark interest. All publicity is good publicity. They are growing more rapidly than ever, and that is because the service they provide is valuable. They don’t do everything wrong. Their worst failing is being too concerned about the size of their following and also about money. It is very clear that some of the leaders including Gudni haven’t freed their souls in certain key ways, and organizations are only as good as their leaders. But Gudni is not a bad person. Nor are any of the rest of the teachers. Some of the policies and mythologies taught are ridiculous. But the rituals are pure gold. With anything in life, discernment is how you take the good and leave the bad. If you can’t separate the two, you throw the baby our with the bath water.


  16. epsylon777 before I reply to your theories on cults, could you do me the favour of telling me are you now or were you a member or associate of the MMS?

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  17. I would like to point out that just because a group of people constitutes a cult does *not* mean that it is a *bad* thing. I know that sounds wrong, but hear me out. All religions started as cults – Christianity and Buddhism included. Not everything in them is bad. We hear the word cult and we immediately assign it a negative connotation when the word itself does *not* imply anything but a small group of people that have a religious practice. I’ve spent times at ashrams and with groups who were definitely small and religious and been just fine, even enjoyed myself. It’s all about discernment. If you have discernment, you can keep your freedom. If you don’t, you’ll lose it. It’s just as true of the corporate world as it is of the religious world. It is true of all reality. MMS even now is not entirely bad. There is much to be gained by learning and applying some of what they teach. Some of the teachers abuse their positions, but not *all* of them. I had a mostly positive experience because I focused on the practice, not on the social or business aspects of it. Few organizations in this world are all good. Most have elements of narcissism because it is so commonplace in all aspects of contemporary life. You always have a choice how you participate and if you decide to compromise your will out of fear, it is really *your* doing, not anyone else’s. In that case, you always end up attracting those who will take advantage of your fear. The key is simply to not be intimidated or controlled. Take any action out of desperation or weakness, and your desperation and weakness will only be amplified. But take action out of strength and with discernment, and you will be stronger and wiser for it. In the end, only you are accountable for your own choices. No one else is to blame. No one is forced to join MMS. And you can leave at any time. If you have a negative experience, the solution is to confront and question. Don’t be afraid to raise hell when necessary. That’s how progress is made.

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  18. Spiritual Abuse or more exactly Spiritual Narcissim at its finest! It is a very sophisticated, cunning, calculative, slow, covert and the most dangerous types of abuses. It plays with peoples lives, hearts and the most sacred pristine part of their souls. Thank God I was able to discern and am over with it now! It was such a rude awakening, lots of healing work and studies on the roots of spiritual narcissism. But thanks to that experience and education available on narcissism, I learned what true faith is, how importand it is to trust your own gut feeling and can smell this kind of people and their “teachings” from distance and stay away.

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  19. I really wish I had come across this article last year, I deeply regret not doing my research about the MMS before I spent both my time and money on various MMS “initiations”.
    I was recently made an “adept” with the MMS, but despite everything, I feel like I have had a lucky escape before I got in any deeper…
    During my 2 day £700 “Empower Thyself” course, alarm bells started to ring within the first few hours, the whole practice made me feel deeply uncomfortable, and by the end of the second day I just wanted the whole “initiation” to be over. I was promised that I would come out a stronger person both spiritually and mentally, but a few months on I feel neither, I have recently gone through a period of severe depression and have felt both spiritually and mentally depleted.
    My “Guide” was a lovely person who truly meant well, but I seriously feel that she has been severely brainwashed and I actually feel genuinely sorry for her.
    I would strongly urge anyone who is thinking about doing anything with the MMS to do their research first.

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  20. Good article for the most part, but not everything written in this article reflects my experience with RMMS. However, I was a very early student who joined and left before they became MMS so I have a unique perspective. I broke from my studies with the organization in the middle of a Kabbalah ascension with Theresa Bullard between Malkuth and Yesod and in doing so, intentionally invoked Da’at. You’re not supposed to do that, but I did it openly and told the entire group about it. What followed was an incredible series of events. I was directed by my own spirit guides to leave and begin my own practice, which I did and which has become very successful. In doing so, I graduated. I was in fact applauded in how I went about it by Gudni himself. His last words to me when I left were “Power to you, brother.” That said, I got some seriously miraculous knowledge from RMMS while I was there. I was able to use it as a foundation for spiritual practice and to manifest all sorts of awesome stuff. Since then I have adapted it and improved upon it, and it works even better. I am still friends with Gudni and speak with him now and then. I still use the teaching and the rituals. While I do not know how they treat students now, I can say that I am grateful for what I learned and it was worth the thousands I spent. Indeed, the information I got was invaluable. That said, MMS is not the only place you can learn this stuff. There are many mystery schools out there. If you want a mystery school that is less culty, multi-level marketing and business-minded, there are several great options including Builders of the Adytum, AODA and Servants of the Light. If you really want a well-rounded perspective I suggest joining several and blending their approaches. I still run my own mystery school, but I don’t advertise that part of the business. I found that I could reach more people and help them more deeply by simply holding weekly classes on empowerment while keeping the mystery school overtones to a minimum. Some of my attendees really want longer retreats and initiations but I will say they are not necessary. It all comes down to awareness. To the extent that you are aware of who you are and what actions are appropriate, knowledge of the mysteries helps you. To the extent that you are not, it actually hurts you. If you are considering joining MMS or any other mystery school, be warned – your motivation for doing so matters more than anything else. And there are only two motivations that guide all actions. Fear and Love. Let Fear motivate you and you will suffer. Let Love motivate you and you will prosper. It really is that simple. If you like complexity and artful instruction and community and mysterious teachings, then by all means, join an mystery school and stick with it as long as you want to, but no longer. If you want a more direct approach, go spend a week alone in the woods with a journal and let Nature heal you. Either way, enlightenment does not come without sacrifice and the release of Fear.

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  21. Mr.Captain Weirdbeard please refer to the next article “The Truth About the Modern Mystery School” and read all the comments. That should give you a better idea of what you are involved in.

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  22. Man… This is fucked. I literally just started with this group. It seemed to be everything I had been looking for.

    Can anyone please tell me a place where I can get similar training that isnt like the MMS. I love the teachings and have always been interested in kabalah.

    Dialogue ireland, if you find the time and are willing I would really like to chat with you via email. You can hit me at

    I really look forward to a conversation.

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  23. Quinton A OConnor, blaming young students for falling for all the craziness after a highly skilled person like Gudni gets their hooks into them is like blaming someone for getting food poisoning at a 5-star restaurant. Especially when the cook knows full well he’s doing it. And he does, he just doesn’t care. Yet this is just the mentality MMS inculcates in its students so perhaps you’re not far out enough to recognise that while we have to take responsibility in life for the things we do, sometime bad things happen (MMS) to good people and healing is quickest and fastest when we accept the truth: this this school is seriously damaging to serious numbers of people and we should be thankful we are out.

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  24. My spouse was highly involved and was what they called a 3rd step ritual master. He had his personal issues used by the inner circle to manipulate him, revoked of his title (after years and $$ spent in classes/membership fees) and was told that he needed to ridicule himself and post it on social media by a certain timeframe as proof to be reconsidered back into the cult; something similar to wearing a dunce cap in public and tagging himself and his location. This was all after questioning so trivial such an administrative error in a membership transaction, a common business error.

    When he stepped away, many others from all over the world have reached out to him to confirm/compare the MMS behaviour and actions that they received. We are currently not taking any more phone calls/emails regarding MMS and their wrong-doings since we would like to put it behind us and start anew. -I assure you that so many have reached out to him that it has become tiresome. I still on occasion review what has been updated online but it truly has been laid out by others before us. Everything that has been posted about the Modern Mystery is exactly how it is on the “inside” from the extortion to their manipulation. I wish to have my spouse one day write something for a blog/online but he is such an excellent and passionate speaker that blogs aren’t the best medium for him. What we can do is to continue to post, update and keep this page active on Google search so that others may find it.

    My spouse and I believe that we should let bygones be bygones and continue to work on ourselves in our own way with the tools that we create and find along the way. Despite what is taught, we believe that the universe has its own way of working things out. I wish everyone struggling or have struggled with the MMS the very best and use forums such as this one to help them with their journey.

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  25. Thanks for posting these cogent and revealing testimonies. I know someone wonderful who is unfortunately getting deep into this school. I would appreciate any contact with former members who can verify the abuses of this group.

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  26. A combination of copy and paste where I needed to and my own writing.


  27. No do please edit it for publication. It is needs to be structured. Did you just copy and paste a lot? I am happy to publish it but not in its present form. I do not have the time to reshape it.

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  28. @dialogueireland – yes please do publish it as a post – as it will be easier for people to read it, even if it is one block of text, but on it’s own, without wading through the other comments and post on this thread. Thanks so much.

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  29. Thanks for the extensive work you have put into your research on this. You might let me know if you would like to publish it as a post. You might then put more structure on it with some chapter heads etc. It is a bit daunting as a block of text.

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  30. They say that they are not a cult….here is an extract from an article written by Gudni Gudnason:
    “This article is written in the hopes that you may understand why people chose to learn from a Mystery School and why this is not a cult, which so many people fear. This article explains the simple truths about who are the people behind the Mystery School and its tradition and how they “only” serve and do not seek to control the students. To begin with it is important that you know that we are not a religion and we do not represent any religion on this planet. We are not political nor are we of any type of sect or group with a specific philosophy that has in the past controlled people. We are a school and people come to learn from us and then they can leave any time at the end of their seminar, if they so chose. There are no members here!”
    Actually, there is Membership – student cards, with membership numbers are issued. And while everyone is free to leave, in reality it is not that simple. Because when a student decides to step away – in the case of the Ritual Masters, they are now told that they will no longer be under the protection of the High Council of Gor and it is also impressed upon the student that their lives will fall apart as they are now going off into the wilderness, stories of how it has been known that some students have even committed suicide gets relayed. They are told that they have surrendered to the Dark forces. These students are then spoken of amongst the members as examples of how they have succumbed to Evil and they are shunned, as if they had never existed. A total contradiction to the “We are all Brothers and Sisters, one Human Family, we are all Gods and Goddesses” platitudes that they love to trot out, but in reality they never practice these preachings. So of course, yes, students are free to leave, but only after fear has been instilled in their minds. It is for this very reason that a number of students who desperately want to leave, are frozen in fear and stuck there – within the Modern Mystery School Matrix.
    And here is the definition of a Cult:
    “Cults can be identified by three characteristics:
    a charismatic leader who increasingly becomes an object of worship as the general principles that may have originally sustained the group lose their power
    a process I call coercive persuasion or thought reform
    economic, sexual, and other exploitation of group members by the leader and the ruling coterie
    A cult is a group or movement exhibiting a great or excessive devotion or dedication to some person, idea, or thing, and employing unethically manipulative techniques of persuasion and control designed to advance the goals of the group’s leader, to the actual or possible detriment of members, their families, or the community.
    These groups tend to dictate, sometimes in great detail, how members should think, act, and feel, claim a special exalted status for themselves and/or their leader(s), and intensify their opposition to and alienation from society at large.
    What is Mind Control?
    Mind control (also known as “brainwashing,” “coercive persuasion,” and “thought reform”) refers to a process in which a group or individual systematically uses unethically manipulative methods to persuade others to conform to the wishes of the manipulator(s).
    Such methods include the following:
    extensive control of information in order to limit alternatives from which members may make “choices”
    group pressure
    intense indoctrination into a belief system that denigrates independent critical thinking and considers the world outside the group to be threatening, evil, or gravely in error an insistence that members’ distress – much of which may consist of anxiety and guilt subtly induced by the group – can be relieved only by conforming to the group
    physical and/or psychological debilitation through inadequate diet or fatigue the induction of dissociative (trance-like) states via the misuse of meditation, chanting, rituals and other exercises in which attention is narrowed, suggestibility heightened, and independent critical thinking weakened
    alternation of harshness/threats and leniency/love in order to effect compliance with the leadership’s wishes isolation from social supports pressured public confessions”
    Please keep this in mind as you read the on ….the Truth about this Mystery School…..
    The name of the Modern Mystery School game is mind control and manipulation – a fear-based operation – a cult, disguised….and these are the rules…..
    First and foremost, the school functions as a Pyramid Scheme and it operates like this:
    They play on people’s susceptibility to the “saviour” mentality with their marketing hype, which is always linked to the latest “Harry Potter”, “Super Woman”, “Star Wars (Jedi)”, “Game of Thrones”, “Vampire Diaries” type movies and TV Series… tandem with the latest Hollywood blockbuster and trends and buzzwords…or with the caption “Become amongst the top 10% of most successful people” as their advertising hype….and they prey upon the state of desperation that most people are in.
    The hooks and the cycle go as follows – a free talk about Magick, or Kabbalah, or meditation, or the Dragon, Unicorn, Fairy, Mer classes or even if they just meet you and enter into a conversation they will start to harvest the Souls. They are instructed to use certain music by artists of Harmonic and Sound Healing Music, Solfeggio and Binaural Beats in their classes, which automatically put the students in a trance-like, dreamy, receptive state. So in reality, they are conning the student into believing that the energy these Teachers and Healers are working with is of high frequency from the Hierarchy of Light, but it’s actually the raising of the frequencies and energy felt is because of the music.
    They will garner and glean the particular issues each person is dealing with in their lives – and prey on that by saying – ‘Oh, you absolutely need a Life Activation…..this will give you abundance in your life…..this will give you more….and discovering your Life Purpose….that will transform your life…..very enticing to someone who is in hardship and struggle….
    Once the client has been recruited with the Life Activation – at $250 or thereabouts , the next steps will be to get them to come for healings….”Oh, you need, you must have a King Salomon Mind Region Healing” – this comprises of 10 sessions…. At just $2 500 or thereabout….or a drug detox….$3500…and so on…or a myriad of other healings at $140 a session, which of course, at the end of your session, will be suggested to you that you will need to come back for another healing which will complement the one you just had….The cost for a Healing Session by Gudni and Dave are in the region of thousands of dollars per session.
    And then you need to have the Galatic Activation at around $600…….
    The next step of the recruitment agenda is to convince them to attend the Empower Thyself class and be initiated into the School… just $850 or thereabouts….
    Now you are in the school, the next step of the recruitment and quota game is that they now tell the client something like this…”oh, you are a Healer….I see the symbol lit up in your Aura”….now they use mind-control to play to the client’s rescuer and saviour complexes and implant the seed that the client is a Healer and to attend the Healers Academy at around $1 900 – $2000 or thereabouts ….….and also using the hook, that they too can have their own Spiritual Business….. but first they will have to attend the various pre-requisite classes – at around $80 each…and from this point on, you are in the recruitment system yourself….there are quotas of how many people you must harvest for Life Activation – and you it is mandatory for you to attend an annual recertification event and pay for this, to be on their Website as a Certified Life Activation Practitioner. If you do not recertify – you may not offer this service and all that money that you have invested, goes down the tubes…..and they go around telling everyone that you are evil and working for Satan if you do offer the Life Activation without obtaining the recert.
    Then students are co-erced into attending Healers Academy Week 2 – at around $2 250 – $2500….and here, there is also a recertification for some of the Healings that you are now trained in… at a cost of $150 or thereabouts…and again, if you do not, you may not offer The Full Spirit Activation and other Healings if you do not Recert.
    And then… absolutely need to attend the Kabbalah classes – a 10 month programme at $ 3600 or thereabouts, plus retreat costs….
    Then the next recruitment step is to become a Guide…..”The Hierarchy of Light” has said that your Contract with God is to be a Guide and initiate Souls into the Mystery School….but you have to apply for this to be accepted – (after having planted the seed and thus making out as if this is actually your idea) – the cost for this – $100 application fee plus $3 500 or thereabouts for the Initiation…this excludes all the paraphernalia and supplies you will need once you are an Initiated Guide, which you may only purchase through Head Quarters – an example of costs of these supplies:
    Product Unit Price Quantity Cost
    PURIFICATO & CRYSTALIS Set of 5 $150.00
    EMPOWER THYSELF MANUALS Pack of 5 $150.00
    SACRED GEOMETRY 2 MANUALS Pack of 5 $75.00
    SACRED GEOMETRY 3 MANUALS Pack of 5 $75.00
    SACRED GEOMETRY 4 MANUALS Pack of 5 $75.00
    HOLY WATER – Large 1 $15.60
    HOLY WATER – Small 1 $10.40
    EXORCISM MANUAL 1 $227.50
    ENOCHIAN DAGGER 1 $433.00
    TABLETS OF UNION 1 $58.50
    GUIDE CANDLES Full set $715.00
    Name: ________________________________ Order Form Pg. 1
    Product Unit Price Quantity Cost
    SAGE SPRAY 1 $52.00
    * Sage Spray bulk min. 5* $45.50
    * Sage Spray Wholesaler cost min. 25* $41.60
    CHAKRA SPRAY SET 7 sprays in 1 set $182.00
    *Crown Chakra Spray bulk min. 5* $45.50
    *Crown Chakra Spray Wholesaler cost min. 25* $41.60
    *Third Eye Chakra Spray bulk min. 5* $45.50
    *Third Eye Chakra Spray Wholesaler cost min. 25* $41.60
    * Throat Chakra Spray bulk min. 5* $45.50
    *Throat Chakra Spray Wholesaler cost min. 25* $41.60
    *Heart Chakra Spray bulk min. 5* $45.50
    *Heart Chakra Spray Wholesaler cost min. 25* $41.60
    *Solar Plexus Chakra Spray bulk min. 5* $45.50
    *Solar Plexus Chakra Spray Wholesaler cost min. 25* $41.60
    HARA CHAKRA SPRAY 1 $52.00
    *Hara Chakra Spray bulk min. 5* $45.50
    *Hara Spray Wholesaler cost min. 25* $41.60
    ROOT CHAKRA SPRAY 1 $52.00
    *Root Chakra Spray bulk min. 5* $45.50
    *Root Charka Spray Wholesaler cost min. 25* $41.60
    ABUNDANCE SPRAY 1 $52.00
    *Abundance Spray bulk min. 5* $45.50
    *Abundance Spray Wholesaler cost min. 25* $41.60
    CLARITY SPRAY 1 $52.00
    *Clarity Spray bulk min. 5* $45.50
    *Clarity Spray Wholesaler cost min. 25* $41.60
    HEALING SPRAY 1 $52.00
    *Healing Spray bulk min. 5* $45.50
    *Healing Spray Wholesaler cost min. 25* $41.60
    *Cosmic Consciousness Spray bulk min. 5* $45.50
    *Cosmic Consciousness Spray Wholesaler cost min. 25* $41.60
    ARCHANGEL SPRAY SET 4 sprays in 1 set $286.00
    *For bulk and wholesaler orders, quantity must be in sets of 5.
    Individual Spray bottles are 4 oz / 120 ml SUBTOTAL
    Spray bottles in sets are 2 oz /50 ml each Carry over this subtotal to page 2
    Please Note: All Prices are in Canadian Currency
    Then the next steps is now to get these students recruited to the Ritual Master Programme $7 000 in total for the various levels…playing on the “Warrior-SuperHero” mentality….and saying that the Hierarchy of Light says you are ready and the symbol is lit up in your aura”….. planting the seeds again (which you need to apply for – total mind control manipulation and the use of Neuro-Linguistic Programming) -, plus the Warriors of Light and Enochian Training and Temple training, which excludes the Ritual Master costs ….and so on all the way up to School of the Mage….which costs over $1 million…for 3 weekends….
    Bear in mind, as well, that just like in Scientology – the contents of the various classes gets changed, so you now have to attend those classes again….at a price of course….for example, they rename the classes and suddenly down the line, instead of Adam Kadmon, it is now Galactic Activation – to make it more hip and resonate with the buzzwords of the day – so you now have to redo this class, because of the extra material added….and then, suddenly, we have another extra two classes that you need to complete for this activation….same with Empower Thyself….which suddenly got a Galactic piece tacked on…so now those who were initiated originally has to retake that class – at a cost….the glib explanation is that we are now in the New Paradigm and so we have to adapt……and then any student or teacher who has a class or a healing of their own cannot use that unless they get approval from Gudni and pay him Royalties….however, in the next breath, they say that all these classes, teachings, healings are unchanged for 3000 years…..
    Not to mention that if a Teacher has taught a class incorrectly, the students have to retake the class – and pay the Teacher for that same class again…..
    And as another example of how they find ways to milk more money out of the students…All Ritual Masters were instructed that it was mandatory to be re-initiated into the new energy as Bringers of Light (and in case anyone has not made the connection – Lucifer in Latin means “Light Bringer”) – even new Gi had to be bought…..and everyone had to travel to Toronto….
    Now it sounds like it could be a very lucrative business for all these Healers…..however that is far from the truth….remember, this school operates as a Pyramid Scheme and it is only those in Leadership at the very pinnacle of the Capstone who reaps the riches of all those under them…
    As the costs are so high for the mandatory International Programmes they have each year, (and when you arrive, make sure you have lots of cash, as usually there will suddenly be a mandatory item you need to purchase from the Headquarters Shop) – in Brazil, London, Toronto and Japan – and all costs are cash only – as well as the costs for all the travel and accomodation, not to mention all the supplies, books, manuals that is mandatory and can only be sourced through MMS INT….any money that has flowed into your business flows straight back out and into the School and you do not operate at a profit….and that is how it works ……and most of these Healers, who do not have the support and backing of benefactors all rely on credit cards and are in serious debt….Leadership does not care how you manage to scrape this money together – you must find a way and if you cannot …then you are stripped of your status as Healer, Guide, Ritual Master and may no longer offer any of the services you have trained in thus far … although with all the activations and initiations that is purported to bring so much abundance – money, friends, family, joy, peace – into your life, most of these students are miserable, they are under constant pressure to produce their quotas, they are deep in debt, marriages and relationships break up, selling their houses and assets to attend these mandatory programmes, they do not have much joy in their lives and are now a slave to this system – they have invested so much time, energy, money into this school that they do not have the time and freedom to do and experience much of life outside of the school curriculum. These privileges lie with the top echelons only.
    So now, I will document for you just some of the experiences that students have had in this school…..and will demonstrate the absolute hypocrisy and outright fraud and lies that Leadership has perpetrated upon their students….who are so brainwashed to not question anything…..this even though they say this School is to Empower people, actually does the opposite….
    Keep in mind that both Gudni and Dave and other teachers have told the students on numerous occasions that they will lie to them. This is supposedly to hone the students sense of discernment…a very clever ploy indeed – so that when confronted with all the lies that they spout – they will revert back to that statement – a great way to cover themselves….
    Firstly, let us deal with the statement that is made that Modern Mystery School is the True Lineage and that Gudni Gudnason is the True Lineage Holder in the Lineage of King Salomon…Gudni has trademarked that spelling, which someone on Dialogue Ireland has this to say about that…. “Reading through the testimonies on this site, it’s clear enough that MMS is shamelessly dishonest. Allow me to share one example more that many people don’t understand, but it reveals how shameless MMS is. You ask why does MMS spell the name of King Solomon with an A in its marketing (“Salomon”)? Many have asked this because it makes no sense? It doesn’t make sense because it’s wrong!! I witnessed Dr. Theresa Bullard who teaches MMS Kabbalah explain that “Salomon” is “closer to the original pronunciation” (“Shalmn”) and she then proceeded to completely misspell the name in Hebrew: “shin, aleph, lamed, mem, nun”. In Hebrew, שאלמן. See the second letter, the א (aleph)? Remember please because it’s important. I had a shock because all of these things are wrong. Solomon’s name in the original Hebrew is שלמה (sounds like “Shlomo”). It’s how he appears in the scripture and it’s how one refers to King Solomon even today. In Semitic languages, often words come from a 3-letter root (in this case, שלם, indicating “wholeness” “completion”). It is why our words are often smaller than the English. So now you understand the name of King Solomon (שלמה המלך)!!Perhaps you refer to the name as one spells in Latin (“Salomon”). Ok fine, but don’t mistake Latin with Hebrew or rewrite history! It’s wrong. Dr. Bullard’s spelling only makes sense (pardon me) to a person with no training in Hebrew language or the Tanakh. She is a doctor of … what? Not religion or linguistics, certainly. There is no aleph, there never was, and even if there was, it’s doesn’t equate to the English A. Sometimes aleph is silent or a glottal stop. Sometimes it holds space for some vowel. But this doesn’t matter because as I have explained to you above, Dr. Bullard misspells the name entirely and it contains no aleph at all, or half the other letters she claims. Why must you teach Kabbalah if you haven’t read your Bible or know Hebrew? Why do you spread false information? So then I think, what is the point to INSISTING you spell “Salomon”? Is it ignorance or something sinister? Maybe to make an intellectual property claim? With a suspicion, I researched trademarks online and see the MMS has indeed trademarked the name “King Salomon” (with the A) for its products. So yes, they spread false information about holy scripture so they can claim ownership and make money. Shameless. Interesting because the Israeli center for this cult uses the correct שלמה on its website, but the English speaking teachers spread this discrepancy. They cannot get their story straight. You may verify my above story in Dr. Bullard’s recent comments on her Facebook wall, I suggest soon before she can remove them. A friend suggested the MMS to me but after doing my research, no thank you. Too much nonsense and lies.”…….
    This school has also been re-named – from the Rocky Mountain Mystery School to the Modern Mystery School, which name has been directly lifted from a sentence on the B.O.T.A. website…The True Lineage Holder is Laurie – his ex-wife. And some of the material in the Modern Mystery School has been authored and co-authored by Laurie and these are the authorised handing-downs. The rest of the stuff he is teaching he has not been authorised to hand down. It seems some people have awakened to this fact and is challenging this as suddenly in almost every post on FB and advert, Gudni is now being referred to as “Founder Gudni”….
    Students are instructed not to go onto the Internet to search for Rituals that have been handed down….well no wonder, because it is all there – for all to see….so students are paying a fortune for information that is freely available. And amazingly….there is even a quote from Dune – the movie that came out in 1984…. T”he Mentat mantra (From David Lynch’s movie and a game made by westwood) ….. “It is by will alone I set my mind in motion” All those who have been taught the Magick Circle will recognise that phrase…..Now you know where it comes from. And they would like to perhaps explain that away as David Lynch was an Initiate – however, the School was not open to the public then…..and the Golden Dawn had been closed long before that.
    The Pattern of the Trestle Board is on the B.O.T.A. website, the Calling Upon, The Abe Male Spiritus, The Kabbalistic Cross – which are copyrighted – all found on this website:, – yet Gudni has copyright these in the Cheribums Flames and all his other material…You just need to do some research and you will find them all…..Most of these Rituals have been lifted from the Golden Dawn – and Aleistair Crowley – who was an Initiate of the Golden Dawn, but who was kicked out and practised the Dark Arts….
    It is quite strange that confirmed Satanists are using the hand gestures of the Calling Upon Ritual that is taught in a School of Light?
    Here is a YouTube video (there are a quite a few out there) – where these Hollywood celebrities are outright admitting to serving Satan: – SO MANY CELEBS SOLD SOUL TO SATAN FOR FAME AND FORTUNE THESE DAYS”. Lady Gaga, (whom Gudni venerates as an amazing artist) etc….
    And now let’s have a look at the hypocrisy that is spouted….on the one hand – they claim this is not a Cult …. as you can see in this excerpt of an email to the Guides who have not managed to recruit their allotted quotas of Souls into the School – it is clear to see that the students are guilted and threatened with losing their hard-earned levels of progression back down the ladder – (which is just yet another ploy and means to reap in more money into the coffers of the machine):
    “As many of you know I have demanded from the Admin of MMS INT that we eliminate those Guides who are not working, since this is causing me to have Karma that I don’t need. This Karma almost killed me last year and I am not willing to endure that anymore for those who are not willing to accept their holy Guidehood and in part the lineage that we are supposed to hold so dear” … So when choosing NOT to evolve on this path we are saying to evil; “You have won! I will not excel to the highest level on my path and in my lineage but rather hold myself back and cause damage to my lineage and the progression of light on the planet. To say NO to assisting people to come to the light, in saving people from evil and darkness, in saying NO we are turning our back to the LIGHT, and it is that simple! You have failed to conquer your own evil, the evil that stops you from doing the real work of a Guide, to initiate people to the light and bringing salvation to their soul! This was and is YOUR choice!!!! As such I cannot understand and see how I can allow the same individuals to serve on my Third Order Quorum nor receive teachings and handing downs accordingly. So as of now, any 3rd stepper who does not qualify as a Guide or has not applied to be a Guide will also lose their 3rd level RM status and I will ask the Hierarchy to release them from that duty. As you all know the Third Step initiation is one that is a contract between me and the initiate and I have to accept them and approve their initiation, so as I give it, so I can also take it away!”
    So now here, he is blaming the students for causing him Karma and nearly killing him, because they did not recruit their allotted quotas….and very cleverly using the NLP tactic, playing on the students guilt now and making them believe they are serving the Dark. These Guides end up being locked in a room for hours as punishment for failing to recruit and having succumbed to the Dark……
    If initiating Souls is what is needed to bring World Peace – then it should be done with no monetary fees attached.
    And like all cults – using bullying and fear tactics to scare the students…. So now you have Guides conning people into being initiated into the School and the Healers Academy and Ritual Master Programmes – when this may not even be the clients true calling and vocation, because now the Guides are petrified of ‘choosing evil” – see how the whole frequency of Initiation is now distorted – into getting numbers and the initiating of these Souls are just a means to a monetary end….Some Apprentice Guides have been known to pay for their clients to take the Empower Thyself class to make up their numbers……
    And like a corporation – Guides are awarded certificates for Best Guide…really? I would expect that kind of “recognition” in the corporate, business world, but in the world of “Saving Souls” – not so much.
    The main tactic they use is to strip the Ritual Masters and Guides of their status at every turn and the rules changes all the time, using bullying and coercion tactics. They will turn student against student, creating cliques and division amongst each other, gossip is rife and the order of the day and the teachers themselves participate in this same behaviour – there is rivalry amongst the teachers that is not even hidden.
    On the one hand, he blames others for his illness – (neglecting to owning and taking responsibility to the fact that it is his unhealthy addiction to coca cola, whipped cream, desserts, hedonistic lifestyle and so on and also his inner child issues that is having an impact on his ill health) – and by blaming others he has in effect disempowered himself and is in complete victimhood – this from the Head of the School – an Ipsissimus no less! – and then on the other hand – the posts the unsuspecting public gets to read is this:
    “Since the early 1970`s I have been studying the Art of True Healing and its an interesting phenomena. True healing is first of all something we, ourselves are capable of and no one can heal us and we cant heal anyone else! The Art is not complicated but often its hard for people to accept the dynamics of healing such as Self Acceptance and Forgiveness of self and others”
    And this brings us to all the Healing Modalities that this school offers – which claims to be so powerful and effective, the most powerful on the planet and wildly claims all sorts of magickal miracles, yet not one of the students – all the way up to Gudni himself, who has fallen ill – and there has been many, many of these students who have succumbed to fatal illnesses – not one of them have been able to claim that any of these Healings brought them back to wholeness and health….all them end up pursuing alternative methods, as well as the normal everyday doctors and medicines to assist them in their recovery… it begs the question, why do you think this is?
    And to the title of Ipsissimus – “An Ipsissimus is free from limitations and necessity and lives in perfect balance with the manifest universe. Essentially, the highest mode of attainment. “The Ipsissimus should keep the achievement of this final grade secret even from the rest of the Order and continue with the work of the Magus, while expressing the nature of an Ipsissimus in word and deed” Sadly this is not the case – this school is very big on throwing titles around, which is actually meaningless really, if they do not walk the walk and talk the talk…but it gets used to suit themselves on the one hand, and then on the other – they say they are only human when challenged – well which is it – they cannot have it both ways.
    Case in point, this is what is posted for the public to see:
    “It is so easy to fall into the trap of judgement and ego. This is a serious problem with a lot of people and I work on it every day myself to make sure the ego-demon does not get the better of me. Judgement is not mine to give, we never know enough about a person to truly understand them, so we can’t judge! JUST LOVE & RESPECT EACH OTHER AND BE HAPPY! LOVE”
    And then this:
    “Dear God Above (what ever your `true`name is),…….As this time dear God, I would like to ask for one thing, AND ONE THING ONLY; please send us a Divine Being, an Angel or another powerful being that can come here to Earth and do just one thing: CURE STUPIDITY!!!! We have too many ignorant stupid people who do really stupid things and they hurt the human race enormously. So this is all I ask for, I will take my pain and my physical condition and I will endure that without asking you to help me, instead please just send us someone who can cure these people, to let them go from the bonds of STUPIDITY…”
    And the constant judgements and accusations and labelling of Healers and Teachers who are not in the school as being evil and working for Satan – (mirror much?), because the only True teachings are to be found in his school…..and just because he is saying this, all his students are taught this and they are brainwashed into believing this as truth. Sounds a lot like every other major Religion I know that claims the exact same thing….But in truth, the real reason why these people are “evil” is because now they have left the school and the flow of money into the school has dried up.
    He gives talks on how to live a simple spiritual life….yet does the complete opposite…..
    “Today I gave two speeches here in Taipei, one at a Ceremony at a Daoist Shrine where I talked about how to live a simple spiritual life ……”
    “My whole life, I enjoy good food, good wine, good company and I love dressing up for any occasion. Every day is my last so I dress like I am going to church or something really special. Someone once asked me if I was trying to make a statement and I said no, its not about that. I dress for myself, to make myself feel good. Now if you are admired for your dress code then that makes us feel good, any person feels good if they are given a compliment but I am not trying to make a statement with my Dandy Code.
    “Thinking of the Beach, Pebbles, Infinity… in my wives new design, a silk shirt and silk jacket with the same fabric used, wearing my new all real feathers bow tie, sitting at the International Jewelry show in Tokyo today, the largest private VIP Only show in Japan……
    And now we go deep down this rabbit hole – to the inner sanctum of this school’s existence…the Enochian Temples, Goethian Magick which is a practice that includes the conjuration of demons and – the what was in the past the Egyptian Temples, which now has a name change to Celebrate your Life…..
    Students who have now come into this school thinking they are to serve God, to be the vessel for the Light to flow through, for their own soul evolution, for serving their brothers and sisters are not aware of what is taking place behind the scenes between Teachers and selected students as these students, once chosen, will be sworn to secrecy – they have to take an oath not to tell anyone. Dave Lanyon (and others) – visit the students in the Astral planes – (Incubus and Succubus) – to begin their grooming of the students for sex….they will approach these students to gauge whether or not these students will be receptive to them in the physical. So if these students have sex with them in the Astral, then it is the green light for them to approach and prepare them in the physical. In fact, some of these students openly mention these visits in the classes and because of the brainwashing that has taken place – they are now conditioned to accept that this is “Tantra” and “Being in Service to Humanity”. But now that the secret machinations of what is truly going on is coming out – Dave quickly tried to distract everyone from the truth by telling the students that someone is pretending to be him on the Astral and having sex with the students…..
    And in the meantime, while and when the current batch students they are grooming are not quite ready to have sex with the Teacher in the physical, the Teachers will pimp out for the other Teachers- calling in prostitutes and dominatrixes the night before a big Temple. This happens at all Programmes in all countries – Japan, Toronto, South Africa, London, Brazil.
    So they are connecting to the lower, base frequencies of lust and porn, and not to mention the exploitation of these women and men in the sex industry, this is the low animalistic energies that is being created in the Temples possessed by entities working/feeding through them – desecrating the Holy and Sacred and making it profane. Sex between multiple partners, man to man, woman to woman, Teachers with Teachers, is encouraged in this school, regardless of whether this is your inclination or not, regardless if you are in a sacred relationship already, regardless if you have children. These behaviours are made out to be in service to God, to Humanity, to the Planet….In actual fact, what is really happening is an indirect form of psychic feeding and is used as a portal for interdimensional entities – (demons) to come through. A deep psychic feeding or communion with these entities is the permanent psychic link that will be maintained with the donor or unwitting partner.
    This is not in any way, shape or form Tantra ….if that was the case, then they would be bringing their spouses and or partners to these Programmes and having a night of absolute connection between Loved and Beloved, between God and Goddess – (whatever the outer form) – Sacred, Holy, honouring one another in the Sacred Sex Act…and this is clearly not what is happening between these students and teachers and not the Light Work that the students are conned into believing they are doing.
    My intent for writing this in such detail, is purely for those Souls and Seekers who are drawn to this School, to walk in with eyes wide open….so that you are now armed with full disclosure of what this school is really doing, or turn away, but at least you will be able to make the choice based on a clear understanding. Of course they will try and discredit this as “Satan working his Evil through me to try and bring this school down…A classic tactic that is commonly used in Cults (please revisit the paragraph in the beginning of the Cult and Mind Control definitions) – to deflect people away from what has been revealed. And you only need to google this school, you will find many, many people all saying the same thing. And for those who are in the school, you will know – your Soul will know when Truth is being spoken….to you I extend my deepest compassion and love.
    And ask yourself this – Whom are the Leaders (and you the students) – of this School really serving…..The Light as they say, or the Dark as they are!
    You be the judge, for by their fruits ye shalt know them.
    With Unconditional love and blessings
    Your sister in the True Light

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  31. Today, I want to share an article I came across that gives clear guidelines to detect the False Spiritual Organisations that are prevalent out there….

    “These areas of abuse have been identified which ‘poison’ or ‘pollute’ the relationship between a student and his or her spiritual teacher. Interestingly, the same abuses – power and authority, money and material possessions, and sexual misconduct – are prevalent in much the same form in the worlds of politics, business, entertainment, sports and many other fields of human endeavour.

    Power and Authority

    Power itself is a neutral objective force which can effect either positive change in others and the world or, when corrupt, be used for self-centered and harmful purposes. There is a marked difference between functional authority (doctor, accountant, architect) and authoritarian or fascist authority (dictator or cult leader). There is also an important distinction between mindless submission to authority (a condition of weakness and enslavement) and mindful surrender (a condition of strength and purpose).

    Most spiritual teachers, whether authentic or false, hold a great deal of power and authority in their communities, leading to the possibility of abuse and corruption. Misuse of power is most likely to occur in groups and communities where the teacher holds all the power and decision-making authority and when questioning and honest feedback is discouraged. A common form of abuse is when a teacher begins to control and manipulate the lives of their followers by decreeing marriages, divorces and lifestyles. When the abuse of power is joined with a teacher’s sense of self-importance, it can lead to fear, intimidation and the creation of a virtual spiritual dictatorship. When power is abused in this way, rivalry and sectarianism grow, leading to a cult mentality. This may express itself as “cliques and in-groups, secrets and power struggles”. In the last few decades a number of spiritual teachers have been accused of abuse of power and authority.

    Money and Material Possessions

    When people encounter spiritual teachings that have a powerful and profound impact on their lives, they often wish to give generous financial support to the teacher and community. Many teachers are also able to raise large amounts of money for their organization through media exposure, aggressive fundraising, and expensive lectures, workshops and retreats. If a teacher’s desires become inflated or they are unused to an abundance of material resources, it can lead to abuse of money. The popularity of spiritual teachings have been used to generate large profits, accompanied by secret bank accounts, fraudulent use of student’s monies, material excesses and high living.

    Sexual Misconduct

    In the past few decades there have been many disclosures of questionable sexual conduct on the part of teachers from many different spiritual traditions. The inappropriate use of sexual energy can occur when a teacher is largely unconscious in this area of life. In an attempt to understand the sexual behaviour of spiritual teachers, Buddhist teacher Jack Kornfield interviewed 54 teachers from a variety of traditions. One of the most striking findings of the survey was that spiritual teachers were not very much different in terms of their sexuality from the average person. For the most part the “enlightenment” of many of these teachers did not touch their sexuality. After the study was published many readers expressed surprise and disbelief that spiritual teachers were no more evolved than anyone else when it comes to sex. It is now recognized that a sexual relationship between a person in a position of power (doctor, therapist) and a person who is dependent on them (patient, client) almost always involves an element of coercion and a betrayal of trust. The standard code of ethics of universities and professional associations warn against “inappropriate sexual contact” which can range from verbal sexual innuendoes to a long-term sexual liaison with a student, patient or client. Sexual relationships have involved the exploitation of students, secrecy and deception and clearly contradict the moral precepts of the teacher’s spiritual tradition. Sexual exploitation may involve secret affairs, sex in exchange for access to the teacher, or serving a teacher with sexual favours in the name of “tantra” or a “special teaching.” Ősel Tendzin, told his unsuspecting partners that his special powers would serve as protection. At a conference of Western Buddhist teachers in 1993, the Dalai Lama addressed the problem of teacher-student sexual relations and stressed that they were very harmful for the Buddha-dharma and were due to a lack of inner strength and self-discipline on the part of the teachers. And when asked how many Tibetan teachers were qualified Tantric masters, he replied: “As far as I know – zero.”

    Indications and Signs of a False Teacher

    From Arthur Deikman, “The Evaluation of Spiritual and Utopian Groups” (41):
    •• Actively seek large numbers of disciples
    •• Attract students through their personality and charisma
    •• Rely on displays of spiritual power to galvanize or intimidate followers
    •• Spuriously claim transmission from a genuine spiritual lineage
    •• Inhibit and discourage critical thinking
    •• Encourage students to compete for the teacher’s attention
    •• Deliberately prey on students’ sense of personal inadequacy
    •• Rely on their spiritual authority as justification for exploitation and abusive behaviour
    •• Use their followers to advance their own personal interests and agenda
    •• Enrich themselves with their students’ money or free labour
    •• Order one student to harm another physically or psychologically
    •• Interfere with the student’s bond to children or parents
    •• Break up existing relationships by suggesting they are holding the student back
    •• Enter into sexual relations with their students

    False teachers and their students frequently justify inappropriate conduct with elaborate explanations. For instance, questionable behaviour by a revered teacher may be rationalized as “compassionate skilful action designed to benefit the student in a way that can only be understood from the perspective of the teacher’s transcendental wisdom.” Other teachers have claimed that they abused money and power “to benefit humanity” or had sex with students because it was a “tantric teaching” or was “in their best spiritual interests.

    ‘Mutual complicity’ occurs when a student projects qualities or attributes onto the teacher, and the teacher’s ego accepts these projections as though they are indeed true. An already charismatic teacher becomes even more powerful through the influence of the psychic energy generated by the student’s projections. Transference and projection make it easier to manipulate and dominate the person who is doing the transferring, leading to an unhealthy co-dependence.

    Transference and idealization create a climate of unreality, feeding the teacher’s narcissism. When students see the teacher as a ‘completely enlightened master,’ the teacher may become similarly deluded. The combination of unquestioning adoration by students and the susceptibility to ego inflation on the part of the teacher create an unhealthy and distorted situation. When power becomes corrupted it can lead to egocentricity and arrogance. Some tyrannical gurus have bullied, controlled and exploited their disciples in order to “destroy their egotism.”

    When a supposed teacher manifests ordinary foibles or weaknesses as part of his life’s pattern, and if the student has also done enough interior work to give him an accurate judging capacity, the truth will be evident……”

    Ask yourself….does this organization tick all the boxes

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  32. What you’re describing is typical of most organizations in our society especially sales oriented ones. The main difference is familiarity. Alleged “legitimate” organizations are referring to corporatocracy which are crooks to boot. The real problem is that people are taught to be herded where it’s “safe” rather than to think for themselves and successfully resist being taken advantage of. Of course leadership is going to use it for sexual and personal gain, that’s what life is all about. A better question is why isn’t leadership happily married? Which is a good question. And it’s the followers who enable these tactics to be effective not the leaders. Leadership is simply being effective. Look in the mirror to find the guilty.


  33. Absolutely. It’s time more people speak out this. Thank you for providing an avenue for people to do so.

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  34. A wonderful testimony Anonymous and it will be a free blessing caught in the web. Slowly does it. Out!

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  35. Whoever you are, THANK YOU for having the courage to post this. Reading this gave me the final push of courage I needed in order to cut ties with this group.

    I was involved with the school for nearly three years and was experiencing almost everything you describe. When I first got involved, I thought the people and beliefs were a bit quirky and “out there”, but the healing sessions were helpful to me at the time and I liked the idea of having a local spiritual community.

    It was not until about 2 years in, as I was advancing through the ranks, that I started experiencing the bullying, pressure to continue taking expensive courses to keep up with my peers, my guide attempting to financially gouge me and use the local RM’s as her minions to carry this out, and “friends” in the group turning on me and using sensitive information I’d revealed to them in confidence against me. My guide began repeatedly telling me negative things about myself that I instinctively know are not true. These negative “observations” would often be said to me right at the end of a healing session, when I was most vulnerable and suggestible. I believe this tactic was a desperate attempt on my guide’s part to sell me on more healings to meet quotas.

    Over the course of my time with MMS, I watched a friend who had joined the group around the same time I had become increasingly delusional, depressed, pious, judgmental, mean and intolerant of basically everyone. It was upsetting. The last straw was when I witnessed a very hard working RM completely out of money and about to lose their housing due to spending money on MMS, and believing it was their fault and knowing there was no recourse for help from the MMS higher-ups despite years of faithful service.

    Luckily I’d remained skeptical throughout my entire experience and had not severed ties with friends or family outside of the school, so when I was ready to leave I had a life to return to and build upon. I have been thriving ever since I left, and every day is a new blessing. Notably, every single friend who was not involved with MMS expressed a huge amount of relief when I made my exit from the school. They could see the toll it was taking on me.

    A few words to anyone reading this who is still involved with MMS – if your instincts are telling you something is wrong, SOMETHING IS WRONG. This is a group of people who are extremely off-track spiritually, and their egos have grown so large they are unable to recognize this. They are brainwashed and are working to feed the financial beast of this pyramid scheme and, just like Amway, Herbalife or Rodan + Fields, almost none of them will ever win this game. Their critical thinking skills are non-existent after a certain point. They are being spiritually abused. Send them all the love and compassion you can muster, and then run far and fast.

    True spirituality unites people and creates peace, healing, true wisdom and inclusion, not isolation and an “us against the world” mentality. Real friends will tell you the truth in an affirming, helpful way because they genuinely care for you. Real friends will also be mature enough to have the internal resources to support you as you grow and change.They will not use reverse psychology, trickery and blaming tactics, telling you that everything is automatically all your fault when things go wrong. These are manipulation tactics designed to keep you off kilter and questioning yourself. This is NOT advanced spiritual training.

    I cannot say this enough, you CANNOT truly grow when you are being abused, which is what I witnessed happening to people (and myself) when you advance to the higher ranks. You will just become more dependent on the healings (and spend more of your money), because your sense of feeling like something is wrong with you and the world will only grow stronger.

    People who have the courage to leave should feel lucky, because now they have an opportunity to stand for the light – the ACTUAL light, which involves transparency, inclusion, honesty, integrity, intelligence/critical thinking, humbleness and joy. Embodying these attributes is what leads to true confidence, happiness and positive social change – and you don’t have to pay a dime for it.

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  36. I was recruited into this group by someone doing my DNA activation for free and then I took the beginning course and it was so hokey — I did not get hooked but I did do the rituals for a while until I joined another “spiritual group”. In my 5 years in another “spiritual group” I experienced many of the things mentioned in this article. I am happy to see the writing of people being happy and moving on to real happiness after they leave the group. That has been my experience too!!!!!


  37. I was in the RMMS from 2005-2008- I left. There is life after the MMS as it is now called. I am pleased that you are choosing to share your experiences. I am not a wife of a leader of any member of the MMS or trying to groom or make pleasant anything about the MMS except to say that many light workers enter and are hurt. True teachings can and are manipulated. There are people out there who can help one to unhook should you need help. I apologise if you felt the need to remove my post – I could find no-way of editing it, so thank you for doing so. My comment about May 5th was – I wasn’t there in that school. I have heard from people in that place what they think went on. What went on in ceremonies held the world over celebrating 2012 was beautiful and not the BS I have heard spouted. Be glad you got out, thankful and grateful you saved yourselves and try to find a place in your hearts to help others who may need help untangling which was the purpose of my post yesterday. Many thanks

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  38. We had the wife of a leader try to groom people here yesterday about the joys of her interpretation of the MMS. We had to bring in a surgeon immediately.

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  39. So accurate it’s not even funny. I was in MMS for a decade and left for many of the reasons described in this post, especially the bullying.

    My Guide was promoted to leadership and quickly went power crazy, which sadly is a pattern as the school makes egomaniacs. I had a few of my own clients complain to me about her bullying, and the overall lack of professionalism from HQ. At least 3 people came to me complaining that they couldn’t register for programs because HQ wouldn’t reply to their emails or answer their calls (or was rude to them on the phone). MMS is unprofessional, yet it’s somehow our fault they’re losing money? Unreal.

    I left for good after a rape allegation was made at a program in Toronto. I didn’t witness this myself but I heard about it afterwards from witnesses. Apparently a student had accused another student of assault. Did management call the police? No. Dave and his people pulled everyone allegedly involved into a room and screamed at them for 12 hours trying to get to the bottom of it. During that time, no one was allowed to leave for food or bathroom breaks.

    Did a crime actually occur? Who knows? If it did, there will certainly never be justice, because leadership didn’t call the police and let the professionals investigate. If it didn’t, then innocent people were tortured under the guise of mob justice. No surprise, all these people left MMS after this.

    When I heard this, all the hair on the back of my neck went up. It reminded me of my own childhood where the family kept problems within the family and calling the police was considered snitching. It came down to me being unable to recommend MMS to anyone. My clients trust me. How can you send innocent people into the lion’s den, knowing what you know?

    To anyone who doubts, this isn’t about hurt feelings or people not making the grade. There is no gray area on this. MMS is evil.

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  40. There is life after MMS and it is a joyous and happy life. I take it as having experienced that which I do not wish to be in order that I may be that which I am.
    I met many loving and amazing people, kind and gentle people and watched many leave. I watched truth become half truth and decided this was not me. I went back to original source of the teachings And the original author of those teachings, continued my training there … and did what God asked me to do… Go teach and heal!! There is a joyous and happy life. There are true and valid Mystery schools. There are people who can honestly help the recovery process. May 5th was a beautiful day and night of celebration and ceremony, breaking bread and sharing feasts. Of give awaysnand calling ins!! Music, love and laughter. Love and Divine Grace. WHAT God gives, no man nor woman may take away.


  41. There is life after MMS and it is a joyous and happy life. I take it as having experienced that which I do not wish to be in order that I may be that which I am.
    I met many loving and amazing people, kind and gently people and watched many leave. I watched truth become half truth and decided this was not me. I went back to original source of the teachings Andrew original author of those teachings … and did what God asked me to do… Go teach and heal!! There is a joyous and happy life. There are true and valid Mystery schools. There are people who can honestly help the recovery process. May 5th was a beautiful day and night of celebration and ceremony, breaking bread and sharing feasts. Of give awaysnand calling ins!! Music, love and laughter. Love and Divine Grace. WHAT God gives, no man nor woman may take away.


  42. Thank you all for sharing. There is happy life after MMS and valid Mystery schools where true teachings and real work takes place. Where family come first, where love, honesty, truth and security – the overall well-being of the entire clan is the priority and focus. Don’t give up. Obviously, within all was a questing and a need to search out the nugget of truth and a spark of light. After the unhooking we can recover and use the tools GOD gave, not man or woman and do good work. Find others who can help a recovery processes if needed. We exist. There is no blindness except those who refuse to see. May 5th was the most beautiful day of celebration and dance, joy and breaking bread, sharing it, spread thick with honey. Blessings


  43. Thank you so much for sharing your story and experience. This is the most detailed and wide-ranging testimony I have come across and I certainly hope it is read by many people that are considering dipping their toe into the MMS. It is a pity those at the lower levels of the school will never read this or believe it, as the machine will already have convinced them if they hear anything negative about the MMS that is part of how the devil works against you.

    Samantha, I would love to hear about the events of May 5th. As the partner and funder of someone who was deeply invested in the school but who couldn’t travel to Japan in May 2012 due to the money running out, it was such a focus in the years leading up to it and caused many a fierce argument in my home. The money ran out after Canada the previous November, That was when my tolerance ended and I would not get into debt to fund the ridiculous egocentric extravagance of it all rather than concentrate on the kids needs. I know it was supposed to be a huge secret, on a ‘if I tell you, I’ll have to kill you basis’.

    Thankfully things have moved on for us but the years 2008 to 2012 for me will always be massively tarnished in my memory by the need to prepare for May 5th. Of course I was never supposed to know about May 5th or it’s significance but managed to glean a bit along the way through all the secrecy.

    Would love to hear your story of your experience of the school also.

    Thanks for sharing.

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  44. Thank you for your honesty. I couldn’t have said it better myself. You have explained things accurately. I was a part of the machine for 8 years, left after May 5th. I read this and it made my heart sad for all those I have known who were hurt so badly and all those who are there being used and abused. If I knew who you were I would shake your hand!

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