MAY 19, 2021


I observe that in our society at large it seems okay to paint women as co-dependent victims. It is an accepted narrative that many do not see as disempowering.

The underlying assumption here is that the woman had no choice but to accept the abuse because she is too “weak” or too “co-dependent” to choose something else. But what are we teaching our sisters and daughters if this is our primary storyline?

This is exactly the bias that Mark Wilding has chosen to build on in his recent article about the school I am a teacher at. He created a story that is built on the premise that the women training at the school are essentially dummies who blindly follow the “bad” men who are leading the school. He uses no facts to actually prove that the men have done something wrong but instead insinuates, using hearsay to fabricate a story that is entirely incorrect and only works if you buy into the narrative that women are disempowered and easily manipulated.

In his reporting, Mark Wilding failed to mention that the men in the school – Gudni Gudnason, Dave Lanyon and Hideto Nakagome only teach a small subset of the hundreds of classes offered. Most classes are taught by women such as Julia Tiffin, Erin Wallace, Christina Lozano, Sarah Hauch, Shani Lehrer, Kity Maria Oliveira, Verla L Wade, Ariana Bain, Ashley Aron Craig, Emily Leahy and Alex Bynum.

Further, the school is led by a council of 12 women including Franca Lanyon, Liza Rossi, Rita van den Berg, Kate Bartram-Brown, Ann Donnelly and other women in Asia. Mark Wilding failed to mention that most of these women are PhD holders, doctors and highly educated discerning individuals who pursue successful careers and lead stable lives while contributing to their communities and yes, offering spiritual training.

However, to mention the above would not make the article suit a convenient narrative that is easy to sell – would it?

So Mark Wilding, I am calling you out on your disrespect. I now have backed-up evidence that you twisted the words of at least two of the four women mentioned in the article, that you used their testimonials out of context to build a narrative of female disempowerment.

So here are the facts:

· The school has thousands of students each year

· It took you two years to research and write an article for which you only got 4 actual sources to support your narrative – you ignored the countless other people you spoke to which had positive accounts (I have evidence for that)

· 2 of the sources you chose to include you evidently misrepresented given they have since written public statements explaining that they were misquoted

· The other two sources have highly questionable motives – which you would have realised after speaking to them (if you cared about balanced reporting)

· As a researcher, I call you out on your bluff. You would find way more negative voices about any other institution including your so-called magazine or any school for that matter. 2 people out of thousands, really?

I do not condone this kind of behaviour towards women. You want to paint yourself as someone who wants to help women – at the expense of portraying us as silly girls who need supervision. It is obvious that this is backfiring and I hope you will use this experience to reconsider your perspective on women and our ability to discern and to make decisions for ourselves.

I actually sat next to you with my husband at one of the meditation events that you chose to attend during your research. It obviously didn’t come up in the article because again it didn’t fit your skewed narrative. It would not sell your one-sided angle to say “I joined a Wiccan meditation event and we made bath salts, danced and had a chat” right? And that it was led by a confident friendly woman and was quite affordable – 30£ for the evening I think?

It also doesn’t fit your narrative that one of the primary teachers of the school – Dr Theresa Bullard – has a PhD in Physics, has a successful show on Gaia TV about how physics and metaphysics interrelate. Maybe it was too complex a topic for you to absorb? Or maybe writing about sex and money is more likely to sell?

You also conveniently didn’t mention Dr Kate Bartram Brown. She leads the Modern Mystery School in the UK and Europe is a successful businesswoman who has won several awards and is featured as a keynote speaker and expert on mental health and mindfulness in many publications. I guess she didn’t fit the narrative of a victimised women either?

Or myself for that matter? I represent the school in the UK and Switzerland, teach and initiate people into the lineage internationally. I am also a director of a consultancy, used to work for McKinsey & Company and have an INSEAD MBA.

Or my friend and fellow teacher at the Modern Mystery School in London, Sasha Siem, who is a graduate of Harvard and an incredibly inspiring musician that you have portrayed several times in your magazine.

But where I feel you definitely showed your true colours is when you failed to mention the amazing and documented support the school has provided to Women Shelters and women who truly need help, support and care by the community because they have escaped life-threatening situations – such as being held against their will. You failed to mention the Modern Mystery School’s donations to these organisations. In your actions, you have actually tried to sever the relationship we have with them by planting seeds of doubts through false accusations – which could well lead to less support to the women who really need it.

The question I am asking myself is – if you truly believe women are that weak or whether you just thought that this way of spinning your story would sell better?Either way, this should be a wake-up call for you, and you are about to experience the wrath of a lot of powerful women.

by Tanmaya George, London, 19.5.2021


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13 Responses

  1. Oh look, here is Modern Mysyery School Israel CEO wishing everyone a merry Christmas and explaining how much she enjoys the “material goodies” and just loves Christmas “in every way except the religious sense”. You can of course get in touch with her if you want more info on her spiritual beliefs, she says. She may refer you to her famous friends, the Bergs of the Kabbalah Centre in Hollywood, about which she often posts. Famous Hollywood stars such as Madonna and Demi Moore studied with the Bergs. Billionaire heiress Lady Sasha Siem found her way to Gudni Gudnason and the MMS by way of Shani Lerhrer. Isn’t it wonderful how MMS fits in with every religion in all the countries in which it operates? MMS is such a blessing to the world.


  2. The Earl of Dundee.
    The Standard Bearer of Scotland. Modern Mystery School guide Sasha Siem betrothed to the Scrymgeour-Wedderburn heir. Let’s see.
    But first, the disclosure. By chance, my mother’s side, the family also own 2000 acres of land in Angus. Oh yes, at Eassie, Glamis. They have no title and I don’t have a fancy pedigree or any money, but give me half a chance and I’ll tell anyone the truth. The Pattullos will tell you their is an ancient Pictish name. What trash! It’s Spanish and was first found in the 13th century …on Campbell lands. They were kicked out of Scotland and went to Holland to regroup and train up in Calvinism. I presume everyone knows Calvin was caauin was Cohen, and that his father did the books for the Catholic archdiocese at Marseilles. The family popped up again in Scotland just in time for the witch burnings at North Berwick and the rest is history. I explain because I thought it might be fun for people to hear what the truth sounds like for a change.
    The Earls of Dundee conversely are an extremely secretive bunch. There’s precious zilch on “Harry”, the only son whom MMS guide Sasha is 2nd wife. But what we do know is not particularly reassuring. He did a watch campaign for satanic-like Burbury a few years ago and is a director for something called Dundee Art Consulting, where he lists his occupation as “none”. His mother sponsored the Dundee Contemporary Art Trust and while his is of course highly speculative, when you have been researching suspect British hoi poloi, the link to “contemporary” art is there. It ties in with the degenerative satanic culture now reaching its pinnacle. Indeed, the art of Lady Sasha’s sister-in-law Lady Flora is quite disturbing as you can see here, so much so that I can’t really look at it and I don’t think children should look at it. Who knows, but this, the only photo I can find of Lady Marina, might offer some explanation.
    This was taken at the Crillon debutantes ball in Paris, a must on the calendar of the rich and idle, which is strange why the now “Mrs Thompson” is described as being so poor they were hoping to save up for a camper van to travel South America.
    The duplicity and misrepresentation in this article is astounding. Also, note the nod to genderless kids clothing because “when you’re a child, it doesn’t matter what gender you are.”
    Now it’s possible that Lady Marina got tired of her high fashion life in Europe and chose South America as a respite, however as any researcher into the lives of the rich and famous knows, ANYTHING to do with children and babies simply must raise a red flag. Here we have Bolivian children, some of the poorest in the world, being dressed up and posed next to The Scrymgeour offspring. If this link is unfair and slanderous, too berloody well and. The nest of child abuse and satanic Paedophile a in Scotland is so deep and so vast, it is beholden on the esteemed personages themselves to act. Which of course they don’t, instead maintaining their vile and disgusting stony silence. The Earl’s glowing speech in the House of Lords extrolling the virtues of Prince Phillip at his death recently is problematic enough. (Here is a comprehensive account of Freemason Phillip’s activities the haters of children would love to go away Otherwise, the company Waddlers is vague, stating that they pay fair wages and the supply chain is well paid but offering no proof.
    This brings me to Lady Livonia, MMS guide Lady Sasha’s third sister in law. She is horsey. Lives, breathes horses. Her husband is Dominic McCann, a director at Castle Craig and its affiliates. Castle Craig is a five star addiction rehab Centre in Scotland started by Dominic’s parents, Phillip and Dr Margaret McCann. It is NHS funded but hardly gets any NHS referrals and costs upwards of £18000 a month. Prior to joining the family business, Dominic did a stint with the Order of Malta. Phillip is a Knight of Malta and owns a property there, at Gozo. Castle Craig affiliate Castle Smarmore in Ireland, has a contract with the US Department of Defense, through Tricare, insurance offered to former servicemen. Further, US service men were treated at Castle Craig during the first Iraq war.
    Now something like this is puzzling and I don’t know. I can only offer the facts as I find them and allow others to make up their minds. Firstly, there seems to have been quite the shake up in the Knights of Malta according to this blog. However, this doesn’t tell us what was going for prior to the shake up and it would be a mistake to think it was all good before and now all bad. We don’t know.
    What’s troubling is the link of Phillip McCann to yes the Madeleine McCann story. There have been reports that Phillip is Gerry McCann’s uncleand that he was the Tapas 8, the one who could not be named, with a link to the house in Malta and possible trafficking there. This is is either false or the info on genealogy sites scrubbed, which is no trouble at all when you have Bell Pottinger on the case. There is a blogger, spidercatweb who says she’s a mum of five in Scotland who devotes every spare minute to rooting out child abuse crimes on Scotland, especially satanic ritual abuse. She has had both her blogs removed, directly by WordPress and by Google. Her material can be found on the link above as a pdf, and also on the wayback machine at She also openly posts now on, twitter and bitchute, so why were her blogs taken down. The answer to this is slightly alarming. Spidercatweb posted a blog: Clouds, Castle Craig, McCann & Aleister Crowley on December 11 2015. (Cloud house is another of Phillip McCann’s rebabs, in Wiltshire of which Kate Middleton is benefactress). At, spidercatweb’s blogs are available going back to December 22 2015. The cache is empty prior to this date and when this happens there has been a high level scrub. Again, it is probable that this scrub is related Princess Squeekyclean Goldsmith but what was said about McCann we don’t know. What I really don’t like is the butterfly that used as the logo for Castle Craig. The butterfly we know is the symbol for MK ultra is is used as signalling by satanists everywhere since it represents dissociation and multiple personalities. I can’t imagine it would be a coincidence but again people can make their own minds up.
    And that is all I have for you on clan Scrymgeour into which MMS guide and billionaire heiress Sasha Siem is married. Oh wait, one other point is found particularly sad. Lord Henry/Harry’s first wife, Eloise van Dee Hayden, who have birth to a son, is an artist. She has done a series of christening gowns, some quite ethereal and others slightly creepy. Eloise said she is very moved by the genderless nature of the christening gown as the child is introduced to the world. Yes. Not consecrated to God in Christ, but introduced to the world. Just the sort of thing smacks me in the face.


  3. Below I mention that modern mystery school guide Sasha Siem is married to a Scottish peer and I go on to deride the JudeoBritish aristocracy generally. In fact, there may well be some in the peerage who are not working on behalf of the judeomasonicsatanic cult generally, a pit into which all enemies of Christ eventually fall. So I am remiss. What allows me to disparage Ms Siem’s in-laws was a look into Mr Scrymgeour’s recent parliamentary activity when the unelected House of Lords chatted with their unelected Overlords at the Council of Europe in March 2021. Here he is: A. advocating for MORE resettlement of non Christian, non European migrants; B. Advocating for Covid19 vaccines; and C. Pushing the UN/Lucis Trust climate change agenda 2030. This are, by all accounts, the goals of the satanic cabal currently, the enemy of Jesus Christ and the nations of earth, and the relation to “lady” Sasha and “lord” Gudni (he also claims Icelandic mobility) is given. I just wanted to clear that up and point out that I am not being gratuitously snide and malevolent.
    “Opening the event, the Earl of Dundee emphasized that the purpose was to provide a forum for best practices in order to build strategies to provide humanitarian assistance to refugees and migrants in emergency situations. Humanitarian resettlements are an imperative, he said, stressing that it is unacceptable to remain indifferent to the plight of migrants perishing at sea or to children sleeping rough on the streets of European cities.
    Despite the global refugee and migrant crisis, with more people displaced around the world at any time since the Second World War, resettlements are at a near standstill, reported Rein Paulsen, Director for the Coordination Division at the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UN OCHA). People on the move must be given the assistance they need to survive, he said, and national governments must include refugees and migrants in COVID response plans, including vaccination efforts. He also stressed the need to address the drivers of migration, including by resolving armed conflicts and tackling climate change.”


  4. We are very happy for people to comment. The more the better.


  5. Hi Mike

    You don’t have to publish all of this if you don’t want to. Just FYI … when I focus on something I obsess till I’m satisfied:) Just interesting to see what’s going on lately.

    Quite a few of the guides have recently moved to London, which is interesting since it of course that’s where the money is. Further, another of the London guides here calls herself a Dr but she leaves off her education altogether on LinkedIn. Odd because if she had a doctorate it would surely be prominent. Instead we read that before MMS Dr Kate held lowly media and marketing jobs.

    Crazy if true yet another qualification lie. You’d think they’d have learned but then Julia Tiffin, another guide who moved to London from Cape Town last year, is now claiming she was Head of Department: Photography at Durban institute of Technology, back in the 90s when she was in her early 20s, but DUT doesn’t have a photographic department at all. They have an art department where one can take photo courses and I think she perhaps once taught one course.


  6. This is getting interesting folks. It turns out that Modern Mystery School guide Sasha Siem is married to the son of a Scottish Peer. Yes, the great tradition of the British aristocracy, in which, for the record, I too have a link seeing that my lineage was infiltrated by an Illuminist agent, a Dutch cryptojewish slave trader who posed an an anabaptist and went on to found the Bank of Ireland. Notorious money lenders back in the day and duly rewarded with entrance into the peerage, as is the MO.
    But it’s Sasha’s fiddle-playing brother Charlie that must have Gudni and his materialistic fashion designer wife star struck. From Wiki, “He has gained recognition in the past few years by playing alongside artists such as The Who and Miley Cyrus. Among his fans include Lady Gaga and Katy Perry. Siem also professionally models having been the face of Dunhill London and Hugo Boss.”
    Gudni Gudnason is a well known fan of Lady Gaga. I happened to watch a video of her myself recently where she expressed her admiration for satanist Maria Abramovich, gushing over her art where Abramovich paints sliced up dying children in red “paint” and lots more gore, which has made her the darling of satanists everywhere. She’s also famously connected with the Comet Pizza satanic art and has been pictured with Bill Gates – and Lord Rothschild himself.
    What a scoop for the Modern Mystery School to gain a closer association with such esteemed personages. Here’s Lady Gaga kissing Charlie Siem after one his his shows.
    This article describes Mr Siem as “musical collaborator” to MK Ultra Disney victim of satanism, Miley Cyrus, and also, out of interest, describes the Siem children’s father as a billionaire, “the Warren Buffet” of Norway.
    It looks like Gudni has hit the big time here. However, the lies are being exposed and the truth will prevail.


  7. More on She Who Does Not Condone.

    Here’s a video of She Who Does Not Condone with suggestible mood piano music where She says that after her stint in India, she was ready to explore her spiritual side because She had learned that life needed to have meaning and she wanted to heal and reach out to heal others. Because she couldn’t fit in with the people on the train going to work in Zurich. In fact, according to the timeline on her LinkedIn profile,
    … when She left India is the point where She moved to London to begin her four year stint with the whole$ome and healing McKinsey Institute. (You can see links below about how they helped to grow the opioid industry for big pharma in America and much much MUCH more). Funny that’s not mentioned in the video. Doesn’t fit the MMS “narrative” of She Who Does Not Condone. So I guess She needed to sell her soul to McKinsey before She could get the money required to wax lyrical about modern mystery school. To this day, She earns Gudni’s money using McKinsey techniques and the McKinsey name features prominently in her con$sulting work, which is another narrative altogether.

    As She states, she discovered that the peasants in India were already happy and did not need her. Does She not perhaps think our own western businesses were already happy before She arrived to run McKinsey style value extraction ops. Can She not fathom that perhaps people would be better off without cultists damaging more damaged people, just like Her?

    “Provide management consulting services with a focus on: – Commercial and sales excellence in B2B – Sales team effectiveness – Channel management – Transaction pricing – Value pricing – Value selling – Sales strategy – Change management”

    “Boo. Lies. Fake.”


  8. Well, since the Modern Mystery School “will not condone” people looking into their activities, exercising their God-given right to free speech and what not, I decided to look into Sasha Siem, the poor woman who has fallen into the MMS trap and is now named by She Who Does Not Condone because she has a pedigree. Ms Siem has attended very expensive schools her whole life. Yes daddy could afford to send her to St Paul’s Girls in London, Cambridge and then Harvard. Sasha is therefore well connected with daddy’s money behind her, which I is more the reason for her bio than any real musical talent. I listened to her song Hpley, Wholly, Holy and it was so terrible and childish had to turn it off. One thing I’ll say about Gudni is that his taste in music echoes my own. I don’t think anyone who appreciates The Highwaymen could like too much of Sasha Siem’s Holey, Wholly, Holy. Now this is not to bash the girl, she hasn’t been with mms for long and my point here is to show how mms operates when they manage to suck in someone with a pedigree and now she is held up because of all her expensive schooling such as the PhD in poetry from Harvard. What Gudni does like is her daddy’s money and here we couldn’t be less similar. As my own dear father knows, I am passionate about Africa and have had not a little to say about my own family engaged in mining and energy corporations that rape and pillage the continent. By coincidence, Sasha’s mother is from South Africa so you’d think there would be some resonance. Unfortunately, the opposite is true. Big oil has nowhere on earth disgraced itself more than in the Niger delta and surrounds, corrupting the government, destroying nature and turning Africans into desperate greedy scoundrels. Destroying hope and harrming the work of European missionaries, as ever. So, without our further ado, I bring to you the Siem Sasha, one of daddy’s big oil vessels operating in the African paradise of Nigeria.


  9. I note your use of the word cult and how you define a group as a cult of Christianity.
    You might find Ch 2 of my thesis of interest. I try to address your argument.


  10. And as my final comment, the Modern Mystery School and Gudni Gudnason denies the deity of Jesus Christ because, as I was personally told by Gudni: “Jesus failed in his mission on earth”.


  11. I have another comment about this cult. In spite of the cultists who huddle together to reassure themselves, if not others, that they are not in a cult, Modern Myatery School meets both criteria for a Christian cult, in the traditional ecclesiastical (and totally foundational) respect: they deny the deity of Jesus Christ and they certainly do not admit that you are saved by faith alone. Further, they meet the singular criteria for sorcery and wickedness, as I explain below (it’s super simple).
    “When people hear the word cult, they often think of a group that worships Satan, sacrifices animals, or takes part in evil, bizarre, and pagan rituals. However, in reality, a cult rarely involves such things. In fact, a cult, in the broadest sense of the word, is simply a religious system with particular rites and customs.
    “Usually, though, a cult is more narrowly defined, and the word refers to an unorthodox sect whose members distort the original doctrines of the religion. In a Christian context, the definition of a cult is, specifically, “a religious group that denies one or more of the fundamentals of biblical truth.” A cult is a group that teaches doctrines that, if believed, will cause a person to remain unsaved. A cult claims to be part of a religion, yet it denies essential truth(s) of that religion. Therefore, a Christian cult will deny one or more of the fundamental truths of Christianity while still claiming to be Christian.
    “The two most common teachings of Christian cults are that Jesus was not God and that salvation is not by faith alone. A denial of the deity of Christ results in the view that Jesus’ death was insufficient to pay for our sins. A denial of salvation by faith alone results in the teaching that salvation is achieved by our own works. The apostles dealt with cults in the early years of the church: for example, John addresses the teaching of Gnosticism in 1 John 4:1–3. John’s litmus test for godly doctrine was “Jesus Christ has come in the flesh” (verse 2)—a direct contradiction of the Gnostic heresy (cf. 2 John 1:7).
    So let’s be clear, from a Christian perspective, according to the gospel, you cannot mix the name of Jesus with the key of Solomon. The key is Solomon was written in the Middle Ages and has nothing to do with the biblical Solomon. Gudni admits this, using Salomon, and here is a nest of lies and doublespeak, for example he will also say it comes from his 3000 years old lineage, so then why do passages use the name of Jesus? Sheer blasphemy. In addition, for anyone prepared to do the work, other works used heavily in modern myatery school rely on translations of Babylonian Jewish texts done by Samuel Liddell Mathers. This really was his “claim to fame”, making a splash in English speaking world.) Of course, Gudni claims lineage from his non-existent son, “Harold”). Further, anyone reading about John Dee sons discovers that his source for the supposed angelic language was a spirit met in Babyloninan-infiltrated Bohemia appearing as a young girl called madini. Does this sound like the mighty Lord himself? I have only given these matters a cursory because I am not interested per se however anyone who goes into he materials for themself will soon be appraised of the facts of the matter. To me, it’s the proverbial house of cards falling to dust.
    Otherwise, we know from GG’s movie Theee Magic Words (they leave off the “k” for the viewing masses …) that the thre magic words are I AM God. This allowed me to makes sense of the elitist mindset of mms, something I found so distasteful. They are very scornful of lowly Christians altogether and by all accounts. And anyone reading Christian objections to freemasonry and the occult teachings generally over the centuries pints to this fact alone as the highest blasphemy. So now we all know the answer to the question, know thyself and why only yesterday GG posts a meme of himself done up in his garish homemade golden suit, enticing his minions with an allusion to his victimhood in the wake of this terrible attack on his integrity, then stating proudly that he will continue his wonderful work because “I am God”. Similarly, the Wiccan stuff is just witchcraft plain and simple with the addendum, “so as thou wilt, lest it harm no one”. Well, when you’re playing around with witchcraft it’s tricky to know what will happen and the Bible is categorically opposed to sorcery, in the New Testament too, which is all I care about at this point, and it makes no distinction between white and black magic because there is no distinction. Of course we know that GG refers students to Corinthians 13 as his nod to Christianity but I notice the reference to reading Revelation has been removed from their site. A bit too close for comfort now, I suppose.

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  12. This is pathetic psychobabble and does the school no favors. They have no power. Their power is based on threats from our corrupt legal system where he with the most money buys the best lawyer. And name drops “PhD” from our corrupt universities all owned by corporate interests with Harvard being one of the most satanic schools in the planet. This is their magic? This is their power? What a joke. Why not offer solace to people who have been hurt? Why not offer to host an open round table? No. That is how they maintain their power. Pathetic. Psychotic GG posts forgiveness on his feed in response but does nothing while his minion cultists run riot in stupid posts like this one, discrediting themselves more and more. I mean … that “we are not a cult” article on their site was full of lies. It said sleep deprivation isn’t part of it yet I was told personally to limit sleep. Everyone who has been in the school KNOWS this and that’s why I think they are psychotic. Who do they think they are kidding? Further, it’s gratuitous to say most people don’t meet GG or DL. True people wise enough or not wealthy enought go to teachers training or RM novice don’t meet them, but as soon as you’re on that rung of course they’re there. People who take the cheaper hook courses run by guides are considered to have failed since they refuse to progress but luckily for them, they got away. Truly there is nothing good I can say about the school at this point. I believe at this point that Gudni gets the power of the rays from some kind of magic that has nothing to do with God. Lucifer is a great being of light and is symbolized by the lightening flash so you’ll probably find this is what goes on. My research into the occult over more than a decade now shows me that some very bad people like crowley also had access to the rays. I think this magic is what scares most people and prevents them from healing. So what? God works in mysterious ways and at least I know right from wrong and I will stand at the judgment and witness to those injured here, so help me God. The more this goes on the sadder it makes me for those who are in it. I’ll tell you the problem at root. The problem is all this fighting nonsense. Fighting demons. When I first joined Julia Tiffin said to me oh I have been fighting demons at night and thats why I have bruises all over me. I almost fell over backwards lol. This is not spiritual doctrine. Not One Bit. I was so freaked out because I am a researcher and I had been diligent and avidly reading all the satanic books they recommended to me as an adept. It’s not on the site anymore but that Freemason satanist who is also Jewish and not Russian, Helena Blavatsky and the Bailey books and that psychopathic baphomey book by eliphas Levi, another satanist from the old blood priesthood as his name suggests. I was in such a state from just reading those books and then they told me well we work for Jesus and that will save so tra la la and up the yellow brick road. So I went to Toronto ONCE and was immediately coerced and bullied into some ritual where i didn’t know wth was going on. I was told I was clearing the evil of archangel Michael who is Julia Tiffin, the person bullying me no less. Well we can all se now that she is nothing but a complete cultist totally brainwashed, and the fact is that Gudni knew she’d be a gold mine for him which she has been and he was probably getting ready to “initiate” her because I know she slept with 2 guys already on courses because she told me and everyone knew and encouraged her. I can reach no other conclusion at his point and I suppose in all these secret societies people play these roles and the people end up believing it. Just last week she threatened “legal action” against me so Julia if you read this this, please be my guest and bring charges. You are archangel Michael after al 😂😂😂😂🤡🤡🤡 Anyway, it’s the duality they focus on, everything must be angels or demons and good and evil and black and white and they damage the mind terribly with this. Once you start believing this crap then it manifests, or your mind plays tricks on you, and so I think many people are scared to totally heal from mms because of this fear. All this is how they do the deeper damage to people. In fact, we live in kaleidoscope of color and every single little thought from this school can be purged with the help of Jesus Christ who is the only way, the truth and the life. I hope this helps other people who have been horribly maimed by the psychotic Mr Gudnason. And I’ll tell you what’s more. They all believe there’s a giant alien ship deep in the sea. I am of course thanks to this blasted mystery school, extremely psychic and I saw this in a dream after this recent contact with members. It makes sense because Gudni has posted how he’s waiting for the aliens and recently about what we don’t know about the deep dark see. Pity the cultists because the media is also likely to prank on this subject and they’ll all believe it and probably tell each other that they saved the earth !!! Of course according to Gudni, the vampires are also going to help out during the battle of Armageddon so that will be a good one:) One last point on the post above is how churlish it is so say some people have an axe to grind. True, a couple may be totally livid and decide to take it public but so what? Why not address valid points? Well, it’s because of the psychosis. Again, it’s more duality, you so bad, we so good. Utter banality. Truth is of course more subtle, prosaic and interesting.


  13. You are right David and Gundi do not teach the lower classes however they do receive a the money from the courses others teach. The apprentices in healers academy travel, hotel, food on their dime and not paid for their work.
    You also failed to mentioned that david is the solely instructor for the RM courses through out the school. You failed to mention that the ritual master classes are $5,000.00 US paid in cash at the end of the initiation. One two day RM david made over $300,000.00 cash for his pocket. You also failed to mention gudni teaches the school of mage that costs per student $100,000.00 for 10 classes.
    Sexual harassment is if big thing within MMS as part of the grooming. It is confirmed that in the ritual master classes students are told by david that it is okay to have sex with multiple partners. What does this have to do with being a ritual master.
    In any other company the allegations against david, gudni and rita these individuals would immediately be removed with further investigation.
    you defending the school, david and gudni are in fact defending sexual predators.
    I never got from Mark’s article that “woman are weak” what I took from his article is that woman within the school have been raped by deception.


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